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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by nomax, Sep 8, 2016.
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  1. greenmountain
    Maybe a curve published which shows maximum SPL vs frequency would be very helpfull. Actually 2 would be better one with low impact on sould quality and one with maximum levels before damage of VC or maximum travel.
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  2. dm24
    Helo, it would be nice to see here some measurements of 3.1/2 with actual flagships as Orpheus 2, Shangri-la, Susphara, 009, LCD4, Z1R, Utopia...
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2017
  3. analogsurviver
    Well, the measurements of all of the above should be done by exactly the same method/equipment - and even then, there is NO standard from which it would be possible to discern how different headphones present soundstage - even two headphones with perfectly matching frequency response ( highly unlikely in real world ) , but one with pads and other completely open like Mysphere, would sound completely different. So, do not rely too heavily on measurements; they are more proof of the quality ( control) of the product than real indicator how they will actually sound to your ears. Besides, no single "curve" is possible for true earspeakers; they can be adjusted both in response to the listener physical size and recording (techniques) - FAR more so than any other headphone design. Here just a quick take on K-1000 by Tyll Herstens of Innerfidelity : https://www.innerfidelity.com/content/akg-k1000-earspeaker-headphone-measurements
  4. hrklg01 Contributor
    About BxL:
    The Version 3.2 with an impedance of 110 ohms has much thinner wire and more winding leading to about 2.1 times higher BxL as the Version 3.1 .... This is because simply the wire is much longer.
    Due to the less current in the wire you end up with the same force enabling the same sensitivity. (at least within acceptable small tolerances).
    Important: overhung/underhung has to be the same, otherwise the complete behaviour in movement case change.
    BR heinz
  5. dm24
    Thanks for Answere, i saw this many times, but would like to compare MS with actual Products, while i have not yet chance to listen Mysphere.
  6. hrklg01 Contributor
    To post measurement data of different headphones - especially with different design concepts, I do not want to do. This is because those data look really very different and lead consequently to a lot of possible wrong interpretations.
    I know many are doing so, like Tyll at Innerfidelity. But just look to his latest measurements of the old AKG K1000 ... to be honest, it looks poor! But he said himself it sound great....
    There are other examples as well.
    Leading me to the believe: It makes only sense to compare measurement if the products use the same (or at least similar) architecture.
    As expample: To compare a HD800 with a HD800s ... it's fine with me.
    Or a SR700 with another one out of the design family.
    To me it's already a bit wrong to compare K1000 with Mysphere, as Mysphere is much closer to the ear positioned.
    Sorry for that! :frowning2:
    BR heinz
  7. analogsurviver
    You can always take advantage of the 1 week loan/trial offer by the Mysphere - but hurry up, as I do not believe that as many "trial MSs" will be available as many listeners willing to give them a try. The loan/trial is free, but you have to pay for the insured shipping both ways.
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  8. hrklg01 Contributor
    @ greenmountain
    "Maybe a curve published which shows maximum SPL vs frequency would be very helpfull. Actually 2 would be better one with low impact on sould quality and one with maximum levels before damage of VC or maximum travel."

    That's an interesting request as well! :)
    I strongly believe 1 curve is good enough, because you cannot damage the voice coil by high temperature (it withstand 8 watts when moving and got cooled by this), and mechanically it's also very well protected (it can touch the upper and the lower blocking parts for millions of time when moving with no damage).
    So the question might be: "How you want to define the limit of sound quality influence by power?"
    Please let me know! Hope I can provide this measurement.
    BR heinz
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  9. analogsurviver
    Maybe by the most acid of tests for excursion ; by a microphone/preamp with a triangle wave signal, the limit being when the "clipping" similar to real clipping of an amplifier is observed on an oscilloscope screen ...
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2017
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  10. qazxsw80
    Then why the maximum input power is only 60 mW- http://mysphere.at/specifications/ ?
  11. dm24
    But this is not new for me. This new compare measurements can be seen as information for potencial new customer.
  12. JaZZ Contributor
    I think harmonic distortion measurements – maybe displaying the different orders – would be the best indicator. Better than optical indicators such as oscillograms lacking the necessary resolution .
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  13. Matrix Petka
    No sense to compare Z1R (almost closed) and MySphere, I think. As well open headphones with pads compare with Mysphere.
  14. Matrix Petka
    For manufacturer's safety against court:
    1.For burned down listener's ears
    2.For burned down equipment.
  15. Matrix Petka
    Pitty, but there is no measurements which can represent main advantages of Mysphere:

    Soundstage (width end depth)
    3D imaging
    Transient speed
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