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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by nomax, Sep 8, 2016.
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  1. hrklg01 Contributor
    A transport packing case will be offered as an option!
    Hope it can be shown at CAN-JAM Berlin already.
    BR heinz
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  2. drwlf
    @hrklg01 that looks unbelievably nifty. As I travel a lot, Audezes Pelican cases are out of the question due to their dimensions. Great for shipping/storing perhaps, but not the most convenient otherwise :p
  3. ruhenheiM
    me myself not really care into measurement, those numbers not really tell everything about the sound anyway, i also not learning acoustic engineering so that number practically useless for me, one thing i know for sure real life environment and laboratory conditioned environment rarely similar

    talking about measurement of mysphere 3.1
  4. hrklg01 Contributor
    Hello ruhenheiM,

    Fully agree with your statement and I allow to interpret:
    "The best and only judgement is the human ear".
    At least this is the way how we at LB-acoustics act developing Mysphere headphones.
    However, Finally measurements are important also, as I see this as the only and best way to guarantee contentious acoustic performance over the production.
    And last but not least, so see very good differences- to interpret it, that's the daily work by well experienced engineers.

    Best regards,
  5. ruhenheiM
    yes, fully agreed with that.i think measurement more useful for the designer/engineer of the acoustic. basically you guys set the goal about the product, measurement help to keep you in line. i think it was andrew jones who said if the speaker measured well but sounds bad then there's must be something wrong with the measurement... and when the development of the product is done and start going to the production, that measurement help to maintain the quality control. as i stated me as customer without any acoustic engineering knowledge, that measurement simply useless for me

    i wonder though with the nature of this float frame, what's the right way to measure it? conventional headphone design basically has the ear pad to condition the listening. getting the right fit for measurement wouldn't be a problem, but this is fully open and hover around the ears also the angle could be adjust. getting the right fit would be very hard and is there any right fit to wearing this headphone?
  6. hrklg01 Contributor
    To answer this very important question is not as easy as it should be.
    I believe strongly into well experienced listeners. Those can judge the correct sound and image to become similar to the original recording (according their imagination) depending on the positioning of the driver relative to the ear.
    Less trained persons (and I count myself to that one) just use a gliding sinus tone over 3 sec. repeating and adjust the hovering drivers so, that the sound pressure impression is just the same for all frequencies. When ready, just to note or remember the marked potions left and right (there are scales on the head-bow relative to the driver lever).
    This position is the best one for the most recordings. The angel to the ear is not so critical as it influence the lover bass level mainly and only.

    BR heinz
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  7. ruhenheiM
    i see. so there is the base sound listener need to go after, once listener reach that, they could adjust the bass level. my previous thought was the sound would be highly customize based on the fit. i have mb quart 85, it utilize the jecklin float design and the sound pretty much just like that no matter how the fit are

    btw mr. renner i read the journal analogsurviver wrote, shortly after you designed akg k 1000 you left akg. were you there when they released different batch of k1000? there were k1000 bass lite and bass heavy. were you supervise that?
  8. hrklg01 Contributor
    Hello, I was from 1990-2010 working for Philips for Miniatur Speakers for cellular phones. Pruducing up to 850 million speakers a year.
    Br heinz
  9. travis-bickle
    will it be possible to adjust the headband width and the distance of the arm holding the driver to the skull? in the video it looks like the front part of the driver/cushions will always have contact to the head. i'm looking for a complete floating driver design. does the mysphere allow this operation mode or can i stop waiting and go for a used k 1000?
  10. dm24
  11. hrklg01 Contributor
    If you do not like that the front part of the driver touch the ear (even it's recommended soundwise) you can wear the headband a little on different position... It will push the driver farer from ear.
    Br heinz
  12. james444 Contributor
  13. Dobrescu George
    I am quite curious to learn more about Mysphere 3.1 and will give them a listen and write abou them soon!

    People who heard it seem to have had a lof of fun with their sound!

    I'm sure that the headband can be adjusted for much better comfort!
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  14. Matrix Petka
    What the good news! Successor of legendary AKG K1000, designed by Legend - Herr Heinz
    Can I ask few questions?
    1.It looks that MySphere using unconventional rectangular drivers. Why you chose such form?
    2.Modular design and 3.1 means - in future we can expect easy upgrades?
    3.If I will order (I am near to pull trigger :) ) when I need to pay and can expect delivery?
    4.Is it possible to order option with autograph of Legend - Herr Heinz? :)
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  15. hrklg01 Contributor
    Thanks for lot of compliments, :)
    Add 1): the rectangular membrane shape is to get most linearity at extreme large excursion. The specific driver realise 4mm... No other driver in that size realize that.
    Add 2): the modular design is to enable:
    a) easy customization of cushions
    b) simple service if needed
    c) disassembly ease for transportation
    Add 3): when purchasing, the product will be made according to the specific order. Final payment (money flow) will be done after delivery.
    Add 4): no idea where to place my autograph.. :) If you like... I can do in the Quick Reference Guide which will be in the package.
    Warm regards,
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2017
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