My Short Denon AH-D2000 Review (Compared to HD650s)
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Feb 1, 2009

Originally Posted by Gurra1980 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
How high volume do you listen at
I can get good volume out of a Creative zen v

Ditto, when I tried them out, my iPod classic, iPhone and straight computer out all powered them plenty loud enough at about 60% or so volume. An amp helped give them a little more oomph, and it tightened up the bass quite a bit, but I didn't use it to make them any louder.
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Nov 6, 2009
I like it when these old threads get revived so you can see how peoples taste change.

Like the OP loving the d2000's, selling them to get d5000's, now has neither. And another person saying how great their sennheisers are and will have them for awhile yet, less than a year later they also have neither LOL.

I find my D2000's have fantastic bass but compared to my RS2i's I was a little disappointed with them, to me they are not as exciting as my grados and I can hear what people mean when they say about the recessed mids. But besides those 2 points they are very good phones and if I was starting out with them I would be very happy.
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I'm thinking about purchasing the AH-D2000 but can't stretch to a headphone amp just yet. Had the Grado 125i's a while back and my Cyrus 8VS integrated amp drove them fine. Would it drive the Denon's as well as it did the Grado's?
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I have just pulled the trigger on a used pair of D2000's, and havent really had a chance to properly listen to them yet, but on first impressions listening to some rock, they are great, but not as good as my grado HF2's (a little subdued). Whereas for acoustic/female vocals, they appear a little light/recessed in the mids, where I much prefer my HD650's. (Although these are balanced).

I am sure I just need to get used to their sound signature a little more before making any rash decisions. That said, do the D2000s improve much if you recable them with balanced XLR's?
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Hi troymadison,
You said that your x-fi was mudding up the signal due to it not being bit-matched.
What x-fi card is it?
I have a plan to match Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro Soundcard with my Denon D2000, what do you think of it? Could this x-fi card mudding up the signal just like yours? And how do you fix it?

The D2000 is a beast. Before it was burned in, the bass seemed overpowering. My original impressions for the headphones were that they were only good for softer music such as ambient, classical or new age. However, as time passed, I think the treble and bass lessened to the point where they seem quite listenable for any other genre. However, I still think the bass might be a-bit too heavy for some bass heavy D&B, trance or industrial music. In this situation, I’d just reach for my HD650s to solve this problem. For rock, the D2000s impressed the hell out of me. However, with some bass-heavy metal, there might be a problem with too much bass. Another issue I have with the D2000s is that at times, they seem to be too bright. I only find this an issue with I already feel that the mp3/flac file is already too bright. Then I just reach for my HD650s.

The Denons seem to lack the resolution that the HD650s have. If I were to listen to a recording, the Denons seem to stay at the same “volume” throughout the whole recording. Yes, the Denons have an incredible amount of bass/emotional impact but that impact is always there at any time. This makes the “peak” of a song less enjoyable. The HD650s tend to have less of an impact but has more resolution. It is quieter or louder during a track. The “peak” or loud part of a song would be more enjoyable on the HD650s. I think this is why people say that the Denons are more forward sounding. I would have to definitely agree. As for the HD650s, I can only find them listenable without the foam pad because I need that extra sparkle. I like to say that they give off a “fat” sound that isn’t so good for rock even with the de-foam.

I would rate all these headphones as such:
D2000: 9/10
DE-FOAM’D OR EQ’D HD650: 8/10
K701: 6/10
STOCK HD650: 5/10
KSC75: 3/10


Realized that my x-fi was mudding up the signal due to it not being bit-matched. All the imperfections given to the D2000s are void. The bass is much tighter and the high-end doesn't bother me at all. My new rating is 10/10. They are absolutely perfect now imo.

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I don't want to question anyone's taste, but the "wow" should be in the music, or the brilliance of the recording, not the phones. The job of the phones is to transduce the music to your ears as accurately as possible--that is, without adding anything, including "wow". "Wow" is often a sign of colouration--albeit pleasing colouration.
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Feb 24, 2011
> brilliance of the recording, not the phones. The job of the phones is to transduce the
> music to your ears as accurately as possible--that is, without adding anything,
> including "wow". "Wow" is often a sign of colouration--albeit pleasing colouration
Totally agreed.  I suggest people go check on Mr. Dave Rat's "The Mighty Headphone Quest" blog entries (7 parts as of this writing) and youtube videos for objective, measured comparisons between a bunch of high end cans. Real eye (ear?) opener.
Net result: D2000 rules.
Check out at least part 5 of the youtube videos and part 7 of the blog entries if you don't want to see it all, but I really do recommend seeing it all (and his other videos while you're at it).  Here are the links to spare you some some googling:
The blog entries:
The Mighty Headphone Quest Part 2
The Mighty Headphone Quest Part 3
The Mighty Headphone Quest Part 4
The Mighty Headphone Quest Part 5
The Mighty Headphone Quest Part 6
The Mighty Headphone Quest Part 7
The videos:

Have fun...

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