My DIY electrostatic headphones

  1. 100VoltTube
    But that takes all the fun out of it :triportsad:

    And all of the "fun" when you do something dumb with the CNC machine.:wink:

    Seriously, though, those are very well-made stators. I'm curious about the cause of the difference in efficiency, and the difference in capacitance.
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  2. janosch simon
    hmmm im withyou 100volt :D but interessting that he finds a difference hmhmhmhm have to try my new cnc mill :wink:

    cheers janosch
  3. chinsettawong
    Well, frankly, I've been very busy with my day work and don't really have time to play much with my CNC machine anymore. Plus it's something that I have been wanting to find out for a long time after seeing the stators from Stax SR007 which are made from double sided plate through holes PCB. There is no way that I can make the plate through holes PCB by myself. :wink:

    Anyway, I'm glad that they turn out great.

    I've been A/B testing my headphones against SR007, SR009 and SR407 for several days now. These Stax headphones will go back in their boxes soon and I won't miss them at all. :)
  4. janosch simon
    HMMM i see what do you mean by double sided plate through? so the inside of the holes is coated too? :) hmmm and sounds better hmhmhm :D

    cheers janosch
  5. ts8051
    I know the method you need which i was tested it. You must buy very small magnets 10 x 2 mm circular in shape. You will use them insted of plastic bolts. In this method you dont need to drill and glue the tensioned membrane. After tensionning the membrane you must apply the conductive coating as usual. Then you can assemble the electrostatic tranduccer carefully and use the small magnets insted of bolts. Then you can connecte the system to the electrostatic energizer / amplifier and make your measurements with your preffered instruments. If the measurements are not as you like ayou must apply more or less tension and make your measurements again. At last you will disasemble the system and glue the two spacers on tensioned membrane.

    Theologos Sarafidis
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  6. chinsettawong
    Hi Theologos,

    I've just played with your idea of heat treating the diaphragms today. I tensioned the diaphragms to really tight. They were so tight that the spacer rings were pretty badly bended up. I put them in my headphones, and there was not much bass at all. I took them out and treated them with the hot air gun. I tried to see if I could kind of relieve the tension on the Mylar a bit. By looking at the spacer rings, I could already tell that the tension had gone down quite a bit. I put them back in my headphones, and diaphragms sounded very nice, The bass after the heat treatment was quite a lot more than before. What happened here? My idea is that when you heat treat the diaphragm, the diaphragm tension is actually relieved when it's hot. Then when it cools down it shrinks a bit. This doesn't make the diaphragm under high tension becomes even more tight. It's actually doing the opposite. You can try it and see if you find the same result as what I get.
  7. chinsettawong
    Just an update for my new stators. Yes, I also try my JF clone with the double sided plate through holes PCB. For this time, I use 1.2 mm PCB with 2 oz copper. Well, the result isn't very good. I think because of the thicker copper, I really can't use 0.5 mm spacers with them. I just really can't make the diaphragms stable enough with that spacer thickness. Eventually, I have to put in the extra 0.1 mm plastic to make the total thickness of the spacer to become 0.6 mm. But other than that, the headphones sound very nice. So, if you guys were to make the PCB like what I do, don't use thick copper.


    Here is to David. The 100 mm leather earpads as per your recommendation look and feel really nice. I really like them.


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  8. purk Contributor
    Your Float Klone is quite amazing sounding...absolutely love your Orpheus Clone headphones as well!
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  9. Muamp
    Just finished the Muamp Spyder.



    Connected to the Stax SRM-252s


    Connected to Kingsound M-03, battery operated energiser. This is good when I take it to work.


  10. chinsettawong
    I really like the way you make your headband, David.
  11. bigshoe83
    These look so awesome, wish I was creative enough to do something like that.
  12. janosch simon
    damn david that little battery thingy me like :D guess i have to make soon my stax connector to be compatible :wink: just made a test with new glue and licron spray sounds pretty good but still have the problem with too high highvoltage :/ and the my headband earcups only seal when i press them against head but then NICE bass :D

    cheers janosch
  13. wppk
    Hi !
    I found another pair. I am very lucky because it is really rare. Well, in fact , as you can read, I found it one year after.
    the headphones were presented as perfectly working. But they didn't work. But thsi time, I succeded in repairing them.
    The result is absolutely awsome. I must say this is a real marvel. I compared them to my stax srxII pro, which were and still ar my favourite cans, but this is just close to it !
  14. wppk
  15. jgazal

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