My DIY electrostatic headphones

  1. Muamp
    Hi Theologos,

    I think the use of hanging weights is more accurate for repeatability. When using a tyre stretcher with marker points, getting the same tension is very difficult.
    Also, I know lots of people use Licron Crystal, I've used it, but still prefer the RS antistatic spray.

  2. ts8051
    If you read my previous message i mentioned the method to check the frequency responce after tension before apply glue.

  3. Congo5
    That is after you learn to use them... :smile_phones:

    So I drew this up and printed some parts to tryout.
    will make some changes but it will work just fine.
    tried ABS but even at 50% infill it was very brittle
    so back to PLA for now as its very strong
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  4. Muamp
    Hi Congo5,

    You’ve been quiet recently.
    I have still not got into 3D printing, but have looked into buying a 3D printer,.... I guess the one you have is capable of printing some big pieces. Is your headband printed?
    I still CNC everything, but probably consider a printer at some point. Any recommendations?
    Are the headphones in the bottom photo wood effect PLA or real wood?

  5. Congo5
    Yea mostly building amps

    those are printed on a Tevo Tarantula, build area is 200mm cubic
    The headband just fits on the build plate.

    it was $200 and now they have a bigger one called Tornado and its much easier to assemble.
    Many Youtube videos on 3DPrinters, that's how I chose that one.
    its the headband / mechanism that I have struggled with, this solves that.
    the bottom ones are CNC MDF from a couple years ago, (still work)
  6. ts8051

    I my case the membrane shrinks when heated with air gun, so the resonance frequency rises. Please can you tell me what type is your membrane ?

  7. chinsettawong
    Very nice work Congo5. I really like the way you make your headband.

    By the way, on my side, I've upgraded my headphones with professionally made stators and spacer rings. The stators are made from double sided PCB with plate through holes. Now it's very easy to solder the wires on either side and the copper trace doesn't get in the way of the spacer rings anymore. :)

    For some unclear reasons, after the upgrades, my Orpheus clone and Omega clone are quite a bit more efficient. They sound as loud as my Stax SR009 now. I have to remake the diaphragms since using the old ones and they are not able to keep stable. The dynamic and bass also get much better. You guys should try.


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  8. chinsettawong
    I also put the new stators and spacers into the Hifiman HE-5 housing with the 100mm leather earpads from Ebay as per David's recommendation. Now I really like them.

  9. chinsettawong
    Yes, using the air gun would shrink the membrane a bit. Your resonance frequencies would rise too. However, if your tension isn't enough to keep the diaphragm stable, using the air gun can't help it (in my experience).

    I have tried 1, 2, 3 and 6 micron Mylar. And I really like to use the 3 micron. Some of us here might prefer other thicknesses. But, that's just personal preference. Please share with us what you like better.
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  10. Congo5
    Those look nice!
    what is hole size and spacing?
    1.5mm holes, offset spacing, 2.5mm on center?
    Gonna try having them made,

    I do double sided because they stay flat better and then only connect one side electrically
    that way the outside does not contribute to capacitance
    and coat the stator with electrical varnish
    also helps with noise as it can't short bias to stator
  11. chinsettawong
    The Orpheus clone now has 1.5 mm holes. The vertical spacing between holes for me is always half of the hole size. So, in this case 0.75. I can't remember what the horizontal spacing is though. But, I guess it's pretty similar.

    For the Omega clone, the hole size is still 2 mm. The vertical spacing is 1 mm. I can't remember the horizontal spacing either.

    I haven't measured the difference in capacitance from the old ones to the new ones, but they sound good so I don't bother to do that. :)
  12. chinsettawong
    And yes, with the proper solder mask, the headphones are very quiet.
  13. Congo5
    nice, very nice, thanks
    I haven't tried anywhere near as many things as you have
    So when it works I move on to the next problem
    only have 2um film
    staticide has worked for 2years on one set so guess its stable
    hole size didn't seem to make much difference
    I mostly copied your work adapted to my skill and methods
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  14. janosch simon
    hey chinesettawong :) what you mean by professional manufactured? better cnc machine? or eteched? :) looks great anyway :)

    cheers janosch
  15. chinsettawong
    I send the Gerber files to a PCB maker and have them make the stators and spacers for me. :)

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