My DIY electrostatic headphones

  1. bui501-tech
    I’ve been spending my spare time over much of the last six months first learning how to make drivers for electrostatic headphones, and then trying to optimize and make my design consistently repeatable. I’ve finally settled on a couple of combinations (diaphragms, spacers, stators) that I really like. I still don’t have housings yet, but here are a couple of of the final divers (similar, but different).

    The first version has an active area with a 70mm radius, 0.5mm thick spacers, and I was happy with it.
    B60F1FC8-6337-47D2-8C24-C48BC7F0904C.jpeg AFE01E9C-DFEB-42D2-869A-28C856633DD9.jpeg CC489BB0-3ADB-4CE0-8795-D993A7054F4E.jpeg

    After over a dozen iterations, my final design has an active area with 75mm radius, an unperforated center on the stators, and 0.53mm thick spacers.
    I was blown away by the transparency and soundstage the first time I heard it close up.

    Time to start on the housing and frame to hold these babies...
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  2. chinsettawong
    Very nice. Looking forward to seeing and listening the phones soon. :)
  3. Muamp
    Hi bui501-tech,

    Really nice work on the stators, spacers and dust shields.
    Why do you close off the centre of the stators by using no holes, this is the first time I’ve seen this.....
    And, what are you using to drive them? From the video I tried to see the energiser, but didn’t figure it out.

  4. bui501-tech
    On one of the iterations, I had used just slightly larger diameters for the holes on the stators and the max volume I got out of the drivers was lower than the ones I had made that had smaller holes. So I thought I’d try a version where I’d leave even more surface area on the stators with uncut copper to drive the diaphragm. It worked better than I had expected: dramatically higher volume, much faster. As a matter of fact I had to increase the spacer thicknesses because the diaphragm kept getting stuck to one of the stators because the force was so high.

    I’m using a KGSSHV that I built to drive them. Funny thing was, I had built that amp specifically because I had run across Chinsettawong’s thread (this thread) and saw the headphones he had built from scratch. His work was so awesome, I wanted to try to build my own headphones, but I needed an amp first to test and drive them, so that started the deep dive down the rabbit hole.

  5. janosch simon
    Nice Build Vinh :) which hole diameter you use? and what is the stator thickness? Cheers janosch
  6. bui501-tech
    I’m using 1mm holes, and my stators are 1.575mm thick. I had tried 1.5mm holes in an earlier version and didn’t like it as much. I also have a bunch with 0.813mm thick stators with 1mm holes that came out well.
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  7. EssentialEDM
    Hi, I have just started designing my own headphones, here is the (hopefully) finished cad file for the stators and spacers:
    Width 103.5mm
    Height 82.5mm

    Is this any good?

    Thanks, Matt
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  8. chinsettawong
    Hi Matt,

    Is your dimension the outer dimension or the active area's? If it's the active area's, the width is a bit too much for the 0.5 mm thick spacer.

    I think the active area of around 70 x 100 mm should be just nice.

    Wachara C.
  9. EssentialEDM
    Hi Wachara,

    Those are the outer dimensions, the active area is:
    Width 70.5mm
    Height 91.5mm

    The outer dimensions are determined by the earpad I'm choosing to use (brainwavz), would you suggest me to change the active area to what you said?

    Thanks, Matt
  10. chinsettawong
    70.5x91.5 is good.
  11. zzhetanay
    [QUOTE = "bui501-tech, post: 13878053, участник: 451060"] Я потратил свое свободное время на протяжении большей части последних шести месяцев, сначала узнав, как создавать драйверы для электростатических наушников, а затем пытаюсь оптимизировать и сделать свой дизайн последовательно повторяется. Я, наконец, остановился на нескольких комбинациях (диафрагмы, проставки, статоры), которые мне действительно нравятся. Пока у меня еще нет корпусов, но вот несколько из последних дайверов (похожих, но разных).

    Первая версия имеет активную область с радиусом 70 мм, прокладки толщиной 0,5 мм, и я был доволен ею.
    [ATTACH = full] 2416568 [/ ATTACH] [ATTACH = full] 2416569 [/ ATTACH] [ATTACH = full] 2416570 [/ ATTACH]

    После более чем дюжины итераций мой окончательный проект имеет активную область с радиусом 75 мм, неперфорированный центр на статорах и прокладки толщиной 0,53 мм.
    [ATTACH = полный] 2416571 [/ ATTACH]
    Я был потрясен прозрачностью и звуковой сценой в первый раз, когда я это услышал.

    [MEDIA = YouTube] n2d7USCwI2E [/ MEDIA]

    Время начинать с корпуса и рамки, чтобы держать этих детей ... [/ QUOTE]
    Какое покрытие диафрагмы вы использовали?
  12. chinsettawong
    Hi zzhetanay,

    Can you please use English?
  13. zzhetanay
    Ok.What layer of diaphragm cover did you use?Graphite?Nylon + phenol?
  14. EssentialEDM
    Neither, he uses anti-static gel screen cleaner or floor cleaner.
  15. zzhetanay

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