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My AKG comparison K7XX, K712, 65th Annies and the rest! to stop this confusion!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ryanr1987, Jan 30, 2015.
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  1. FritzS

    Known you the current links to the service manuals of K812, K872, K271 MKII too?
  2. xxAMAROKxx
  3. FritzS
    My cumulative datas
    Frequency response: 16 – 30.000 Hz
    Sensitivity: 94 dB/mW
    Nominal power: 200 mW
    Impedance: 120 Ohm
    Kapsel: DKK45   2400Z0005
    AKG K701, K702, Q701, K702 Anniversary, K712 Pro
    Frequency response: 10 Hz - 39,8 kHz (Q701)
    Sensitivity: 105 dB SPL / V
    Nominal power: 200 mW
    Impedance: 62 ohms
    K701                       Capsule DKK45     2400Z0007  (2400Z00070)
    Q701                       Capsule DKK45    2400Z00080    (early at coming out 2400Z00070 but selected)
    K702                       Capsule DKK45    2400Z00080    (early at coming out 2400Z00070 but selected)
    K702 Anniversary   Capsule DKK45    2400Z00080
    K712 Pro                Capsule DKK45    2400Z00090
    K601                       Capsule DKK45    2400Z0006  (2400Z00060)
    K612                       Capsule DKK45    2400Z00060
    K501                       Capsule DKK45     2400Z0005
  4. xxAMAROKxx
    I have found bigger differencies in sound between K701 and K702 (both China 2016 models):

    Bass: K702 has a little stronger subbbas and bass, dryer and more detailed. K701 has softer subbbas and bass, still very detailed.

    Midbasses and Upperbasses: There is a major difference. K702 has them much stronger and in many songs are overwhelmed. The drummer becomes a frontman with K702. K701 has them just right for pleasant listening.

    Mids and Uppermids: On K701 they sound fuller with full body. On K702 they are thinner a little.

    Heights: On K702 they are stronger and in many songs exaggerated. K701 has them softer and always pleasant.

    Soundstage has similar width, but is more complact on K701.

    My recommendation is: K701 are much better for listening to different kinds of music. K702 are good for mixing and mastering.

    PS: I have tested these HPs on ASUS Xonar STX II, with muses01 and muses02 op-amps.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2017
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  5. dhruvmeena96
    I tried AKG k551 solderdude mod on AKG k550mk3 and it sounds like AKG k501 (mids mannn) with bass extension and gigantic soundstage(nearing to the AKG K701). No treble spike and way more linear bass approach without roll off of an open back. Plus I can travel with it because of close back nature
  6. SilverEars
    So, can we say K7XX is the most balanced sounding of the family?

    This is an interesting write-up, quite informative.

    I assumed K701, Q701, K702, and K7XX were nearly identical. How much of a difference are we speaking here?

    I actually would prefer the one with most bass and smoothest treble. Which one would that be?
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2018
  7. peter123
    Fwiw I just ordered a pair of K712 and I've got the Q701's already so I'd able to give you some comparison between those two. By all indications they'll both have more bass than the K701/702.
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  8. Me x3
    K7XX is the most v-shaped version. (Bassy K712)
    Current K701 is the least v-shaped version.

    The difference between these two is definitely big.
    With big I mean, they sound clearly different in terms of overall balance and character.
    Unlike going from HD600 to HD650 or from HD800 to HD800S where you have a slight difference here and there but all in all it's the same kind of sound.

    In my experience, current K701 has the smoothest treble response (not necessarily softer) and the least amount of bass. So you might not find the one with smoothest treble and most bass yet in existence.
    K712 is likely to be considered the most balanced sounding of the family.

    In case you're wondering, if you put original K712 pads to K701 planning to get the fuller tonality of K712 along with the smoothest treble of K701, you end up with an unofficial K711 which sounds pretty much like K712.
    That means, fuller/easier sound that's not as linear as K701 in the treble region.
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  9. SilverEars
    Which two are you referring to when you say difference is big? K7XX and K712?

    Going from HD600 to HD650 should be significant. They have different treble characteristics.

    This makes no sense. K701 the most balanced? What. I had the K701 from 2010.

    I thought K701 was quite boring with not much bass, and elevated in the treble region. I was just wondering if there is something with bass and sounds balanced across the spectrum (without being bright). LOL.

    How's the K812 in comparison to the K7 series family?
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2018
  10. SSandDigital
    Can we all just agree K712 is the best? K7XX was a mistake, should have been K712.
  11. Me x3
    a) There's a big difference between the opposite extremes of the K7-family.
    That's K701 vs K7XX.

    b) I've owned both HD600 and HD650. Still have the HD650 around. Although they don't sound the same, they are both tuned similarly.
    HD600 is more vocal oriented, slightly drier and more midcentric overall, while HD650 gets you pretty much the same sound on slightly roomier and more laid back fashion.
    But all in all both share a very similar character, which is expected as they do have a very similar design.

    c) I've said K712 is likely to be considered the most balanced of the family.

    d) K812 is a perfected K701, which means fuller sound (approx +3dB for everything below 1kHz region) preserving K701's treble linearity, unlike warmer K7-variants.
    It's also different in terms of presentation as it's slightly clearer and faster, leading to superior instrument separation/tracking.
    Keep in mind that despite being slightly warmer, the K812 preserves the incissive, tool-like sound of K701 that can get sibilant or even strident if the recording leans towards that side.
    In other words, K812 is not an easy going and relaxing headphone like the K712 can be.

    High grade AKGs are known for being bright, they are all relatively bright...
    K7XX is the one with more bass and likely the one that you'll find less bright. Not necessarily the most balanced, as all parts of the spectrum come into play when it comes to balance.
    As I've said before, K7XX might fall into the slightly v-shaped camp, with raised bass, recessed upper mids/lowest treble (3-4kHz region) and relatively highlighted 6-8kHz region.

    *Everytime I refer to K701, I refer to the current version (bumpless headband, made in china, with display box) which is likely to have updated drivers relative to early K701.
    According to some sources AKG has updated the K7-family drivers more than once in its long life in the market. So your 2010 K701 might be slightly different than current 2017-2018 K701.
    Same applies to K702

    I don't think so, because personal preferences, recordings and equippment involved play important roles here.
    K7XX is more of a consumer oriented version, nicer for gaming, movies, EDM, mainstream music.
    K712 is an all rounder reference headphone. Like an AKG version of HD600 and HD650 balance.
    K701 and K702 are more along the lines of HD800/HD800S in terms of tuning, so they are less warm, more expansive sounding and much more picky with recordings and equippment.
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  12. SilverEars
    Thanks for the clarifications and the wealth of information.
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  13. SSandDigital
    Exactly. K7xx was a mistake.
  14. skingg

    I like your sig. You described stuff stolen and even a gear you regretted buying lol!
  15. peter123
    Eh, maybe in the same way that the HD58X are a mistake from Sennheiser in that case: a less reference, more consumer friendly sound that loads of people enjoy......
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