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My AKG comparison K7XX, K712, 65th Annies and the rest! to stop this confusion!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ryanr1987, Jan 30, 2015.
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  1. DangerClose
    Get a Superlux EVO or 668b.
  2. money4me247 Contributor
    The K7xx is definitely bassier than the Q701. Sound signature to my ears is quite drastically different and I owned both.
    Whether that is simply due to a difference in earpads without any differences in driver tuning, I cannot comment since I don't have all the AKGs on hand to play with & measure.
    It would have been even more amazing if OP had a measurement rig to at least provide some contextual data with his personal impressions.
    AKG has undergone some silent revisions in their product line-up. I recall discussions about Beyer and Sennheiser also doing that as well. Truth be told likely be hard to really say at the end of the day as there is always some product variability with the tuning of the same headphone within a product. Overall sound signature should be quite close, but few dB differences between the same headphone that is not unheard of.
    I do greatly appreciate the work he undertook and it is always helpful to read impressions gleaned from direct comparisons.
  3. wwmhf
    I agree with this statement. K7xx sounds smoother, juicier, and seems to be easier to drive. 
    "The K7xx is definitely bassier than the Q701. Sound signature to my ears is quite drastically different"
  4. EinZweiDrei
    i already own a k701 and had it for some time already. is the difference in sound enough to justify the purchase of k7xx?
  5. Oktyabr

    I think so.  I preferred the K701 for really large venue music, full symphony orchestra and larger jazz ensembles.  The K7XX *definitely* has way more on the lower end (much better for hip hop, rock, electro, etc.) than the K701 but some of that "air" and "sparkle" will be overwhelmed to the point you may find them lacking.
  6. EinZweiDrei
    how do female vocals compare?
  7. Oktyabr
    I'm the wrong one to ask about that, probably, as I don't really prefer female vocalists.  Those that I do, Dianna Krall, Little Dragon, Stevie Nicks, all tend to sing in that relaxed, smokey lounge sort of way, in deeper registers than a lot of pop singers these days.  Those that I mentioned sound fabulous on either.
  8. EinZweiDrei
    i like to upgrade my source for my k7 series what would you recommend as
    an upgrade from a HRT Music Streamer II usb DAC + Matrix M Stage Amp
  9. CFGamescape
    Sorry to resurrect an old thread. Based in the OP, are the Q701 pads essentially the same as the rev1 Annie pads? I have the rev1 and want to have a backup pair of the same pads, not the K712 variant.
  10. stinkytofus

    Which one is best for fps games
  11. Frihed89
    Do the K712 Pro ear pads fit the K7xx without modification?
  12. stinkytofus
    which of these best for FPS positional accuracy?
  13. overhaze
    To surmise here. I have the k702 with annie pads. There is basically no point in me getting the k712 because they are pretty much identical?
  14. Gianluigib
    I read that there are difference Aldo with different pads
  15. xxAMAROKxx
    Bellow are links to service manuals for some currently marketed AKG headphones. With Parts Lists inside, where you can see different drivers (Capsule DKK45):
    AKG K612: http://cloud.akg.com/9352/k612pro_k712pro_service.pdf
    - has driver  part number (p/n): 2400Z00060
    AKG K701: http://cloud.akg.com/11272/1448017112315_674_6.pdf
    - has driver part number (p/n): 2400Z00070
    AKG K702, K702 65th anniversary: http://cloud.akg.com/8428/k702_service.pdf
    - have same driver p/n: 2400Z00080
    AKG K712: http://cloud.akg.com/9352/k612pro_k712pro_service.pdf
    - has driver p/n: 2400Z00090
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