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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. lurk
    shy to ask.. but is there any cheaper replacement cables for the alpha dogs vs the stock cable?
    do not ear USD, and looking to save a few $
  2. iamxLn
    Best in the verse cables.
  3. k4rstar
    I'm done my full review on these. Normally I would take more time but seeing as how I've been listening almost non-stop since Friday morning I felt like I had enough hours in to write it.
    Hope you guys enjoy the read. 
  4. musiclvr
    Great review! I enjoyed your perspective and insight @k4rstar
  5. Takeanidea
    For a closed phone with the obvious limitations of soundstage I have never felt the need to go any further than the Dogs. Tonally they offer a sound I just find delightful in all areas. I am spoilt with a huge First Watt F6 DIY build power amp which really gets the drivers moving. The TH900 was not my cup of tea when I had a listen to it in comparison to the Alpha Dogs
  6. neogeosnk
    Any update Dan on the upgrade from Alpha Dog to prime?  Still interested in this.
  7. Ableza
    Dan announced some time ago that this upgrade was not economically feasible. 
  8. musiclvr
    Dan got back to me on this same inquiry just yesterday. Here is what he said: "Hi musiclvr, sorry for the delay. We've not been able to keep up enough to do this yet. We will get to it but supporting ETHER sales and finishing the electrostatic are pretty all consuming right now.

    Sorry for the delay!"

    So maybe there is still hope for other AD owners. Unfortunately I sold my AD's as I couldn't wait anymore and bought something else. Good luck!
  9. Maelob
    You could always get a pair of used APs
  10. Takeanidea

    Have you listened to the AD's v the Primes? I have had a listen head to head so wondered if you had
  11. musiclvr

    No I haven't. I just ordered a pair of LCD-X's yesterday though. The AD's were sort of my "gateway" planar magnetic HP so who knows if I would have been content with the Primes??? Too bad I never had the opportunity to demo them. There are a lot of used Primes out there for sale right now which I considered buying but I decided I wanted to go all the way with Audeze HP. As much as I appreciated the voicing of the AD I just couldn't be happy with the repurposed parts of the AD so I am glad I didn't sell mine at a loss in order to help fund the LCD X purchase.
  12. Ableza
    I owned Alpha Dogs and loved them.  I got them upgraded as one of Dan's beta test set to Alpha Prime, and thought they were improved in significant ways that made them the best I had ever heard.  I've since sold them in favor of Ether-C, which I think are a step better than Alpha Prime.  YMMV.
  13. Byronb
    I was also one of the lucky ones to get in on the beta test of the upgrade process. Though I will likely acquire the Ethers at some point, I doubt I will ever part with my Primes, they are magical. 
    Ableza likes this.
  14. OSiRiSsk
    Would you say it's worth it to get used Alpha Dog's for 312$?
    Or is it better to get the Fostex T50rp MKIII with some replacement pads?
  15. penmarker
    Where are you getting the used Alpha Dogs?
    Yes, all the yes. I'm actually looking for one but short on cash. But $312, wow. Man that's tempting.
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