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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. Maelob
    If they are brand new you might be able to sell close to the last retail price.  Not sure if people will go over but who knows they are a special headphone.  I am loving my Alpha Primes. 
  2. Goldlion973
    I've not opened them at all .lol. Building a good enough system first, was the plan at least. Not sure if I should keep them in the box now, maybe they'll be like star wars toys in the future? [​IMG]
  3. KillerX
    Sad to hear that stocks are going to run low on the Alpha Dog and Prime headphones.

    I've had these for quite sometime and they were my set of favourite headphones for the duration. 

    Over the last year, i have had to part with the headphones (along with other audio equipment) to fund for my dad's ongoing medication/operation and to get by.

    I can still visualize the sound and how it certainly brought certain darker days, brighter and when i had no outlet to let it all out, i would listen to some heavy metal or rock.

    Having read through some of the comments here and knowing that some of you have found joy in finding it makes me happy that this magical set of cans has found its way into other

    appreciative ears as well. 

    I still remember getting it a few months of its release with the stock cable. Excitedly, i plugged it into my amp (which is also gone btw :frowning2: ) and instantly it brought a smile to my face. Long

    hours of work was more bearable knowing that something special was waiting for me when i returned home. After burning it in, the sound was even more open and details were more

    apparent. It had the bass presentation and soundstage that i yearned for in a pair of closed headphones. This was something that spoke/sang to you, not a mechanical pair that just did its

    job. I was even excited to find that there were new cables (DUM) and new series (Prime as well as Ether) released although i wasn't interested in the new series but i was interested in the

    cables. Letting it go was the toughest decision i could make but it has now found a worthy owner who appreciates it and that is also good.

    I know that i might never make it in time for the remaining stock with the DUM cable with the little savings monthly (if any) that i have. Still i hope those who might be standing in the 

    middle thinking about taking the plunge, do so, its worth it. 

  4. k4rstar
    Anyone who made the jump from Mad Dogs to Alpha Dogs care to comment on the main differences? I'm pretty much looking for the same special mids and clean bass with an overall brighter sound.
  5. Maelob
    Exactly what you get with the Dogs...
  6. iamxLn
    Remove the doggy treats
  7. k4rstar
    Okay so this is a 601 page thread, and I've now read about 400 pages of it looking for every last review or impressions that I could find.
    Only one thing I'm still uncertain on, are the upper mids (~3k region) forward or recessed (if they are neither, then how are they presented in relation to the rest of the spectrum)? For example, while the 3.2s have a very full-bodied and special midrange, there are times I wish there was just a bit more energy in the aforementioned region
  8. Takeanidea
    A crisp balanced presentation that does not fatigue or have sibilance. A top tier sound in terms of sound signature
  9. k4rstar
    Managed to find a black pair brand new and bought them. Looking for a new SS amp to replace the O2 on my desk. I know a lot of people like Schiit stuff with the ADs but I personally dislike them as a company so I'd appreciate alternatives. Was looking at the Project Polaris.
  10. swspiers
    What's your budget?
  11. k4rstar
    No more than ~$400-450 I think. Also considering NFB-11.
  12. musiclvr
    It's interesting to me how I have found that I use the ADs as a palette cleanser for my ears, so to speak. I listen to a half album before I start critically listening to another HP. It has a non fatiguing yet detailed quality to it. Just really cool stuff going on with my AD.
  13. k4rstar
    Then how come it's up for sale? [​IMG]
  14. musiclvr
    Good question! Prior to packing/photographing them to place for sale I just got stuck listening to them. I was about to dig into some serious critical listening with the Cardas A8s for my upcoming review. I found that it acts as a nice reference closed back HP. I just have to raise funds for a different HP.
  15. Guerny
    I'd recommend the Lake People G103 or G109 if you can get a good price.
    Be warned though, I started with the G103 and have somehow now ended up with a Vio V200!! (my poor wallet)
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