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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. imackler
    That sounds about what I expected, especially with how revealing the Alpha Dog is. I always thought it was too dark for the HD650 but about right for the HD600. I was imagining it could be a good fit for the Alpha Dog, since I found the Magni a little bright. I thought about the Vali, but honestly, solid state is nice for how quick it is to turn on/off, which is good on those days I've got lots of meetings. Thanks for the input. 
    How does it compare to the Lyr 2 regarding detail? 
  2. torta
    At the moment and waiting for AD I have E07k/E09K + Fidelio X1, but that is PC setup ... I need amp for living room/tv. I tried fiio combo with hifiman 400i and didn't find treble very pleasing ... kind of grainy and strident. I hope the pairing with AD will be better ... but still - what abaout Valhalla 2 from schiit? Any impressions on that one?
  3. Wildcatsare1
    ^The Lyr 2 is an excellent match for the Alpha Dogs, HE560's and other planar dynamics..bass, spacious soundstage, rich, organic tone, extended, revealing, but not "etched" treble, excellent imaging, lots of headroom. The E17/E09k combination is not bad, a great level to obtain while saving to move up later. Overall it is darker, a little closed in, with a bit of grain across the spectrum, but to me a bit more audible in the treble.
  4. pdrm360
    The original Lyr is also great. 
  5. aamer23
    trying to get custom cables made for the AD's however getting the connectors locally is proving difficult does anyone know if std 3 min male mini XLR will work with the AD at the cup end. if not does any one have a part number for that type of connector as if I order it from Mr Speaker the shipping is more than the parts
  6. aamer23
    Using PC wins 8.1 > JRiver > Loki/Bifrost Uber > NuForce HA 200 into AD tested against Burson Conductor not really a major improvement for me. the Burson was smoother and more refined however, the Loki/Bifrost Uber > NuForce HA 200 for me was more involving and communicative
  7. Ableza
    The Alpha Dogs do not use a mini XLR they use a 4-pin Hirose push on snap lock connector: http://www.markertek.com/Connectors-Adapters/Video-Connectors/7-PIN-EIAJ-Camera-Connectors/Hirose-Electric-USA-Inc/HR10A-7P-4P-73.xhtml
    (I think 7mm is the correct size...)
    Edit: the actual version used by Mr. Speakers is a Sam Woo SN-8-4p:  http://www.evalucon.com/products_circular.html#sn
  8. Rudiger
    Wow. A very favorable conclusion about the Alpha Dog on Headphonics today : "If I were forced to offer an overall winner to you, there is no question that the Alpha Dog absolutely, brutally emaciated the 11 other models in this report."
    ==> http://headfonics.com/2014/08/12-flagship-headphones-compared-the-totl-guide/15/

    Congrats Dan!
  9. wahsmoh
    He came to the same conclusion I did. Stax setup versus Alpha Dog. Only the Stax setup costs thousands 
  10. Rudiger
    Me it is still not my conclusion, for example I prefer the HE-560 or even the HE-500, but these are open headphones.
    But as closed headphones, IMO Alpha Dog are one of the best for sure.
  11. wahsmoh
    Open headphones are superior in some ways, that is why I have my DT880 for gaming. But I have a fan turned on in my room and I honestly can't stand listening to open headphones with the fan on because it noticeably changes how I perceive the sound versus the closed Alphas
  12. MattTCG
  13. Rudiger
    That's how I understand it too. A closed headphone is better when you can't do otherwise.
  14. wowbvbv
    Buy 1 kit “Doggie Treats”from website.
    I can't use two dots both sides, because 4 dots have different sizes、heights.
    That makes difference distance feelings comparing both sides.
    Felt disc is not fit to early AD pad frame.
    Mine AD is black frame and has a bigger hole.
    Only can install disks in pads~
    Using one dot(same size) with two discs each side makes me love AD more~~
    Does MrSpeakers sell a sheet of “Doggie Treats”???
    Just want to cut by myself~
  15. MattTCG
    ^^ I have no idea what you are trying to say. 
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