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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. wowbvbv
    Thanks hans030390!!
    This information is useful for me!!!!
    By the way, how amazing toilet paper!! Gotta try it~
  2. aamer23
    Also Audio GD use 9018 DAC 
    there is a review somewhere on Headfi i think 
  3. wowbvbv
    No doubt of size!!!! Maybe I am a unlucky guy. I'll take photos of my DOTs in detail some day. I put other two smaller DOTs in home and won't go home in short period of time.
    Oh!! So... there is only one way to put the discs!! 
    I didi it right~I did put the discs like the video although the discs slide easily with black ring [​IMG]
    I don't care about the appearance. I just care about the sound[​IMG]~~AD+DT fit my taste!!!
    It's a pity i can't use two DOTs both side[​IMG]. Want to buy one more kit!!!!
    Here is why  I am a unlucky guy!! I swear i didn't hurt my AD!! I found the tiny imperfections the day i got my AD.
    But the sound is definitely great!! I don't want to pay international shipping cost just for the look[​IMG].
  4. aamefford

    The Soloist SL is a really nice pairing.  I had it for a while.  It still is one of my favorites.  I change amps and dacs often, no reflection on sound quality of the SL.  Just found something new and shiny to try.  Bifrost Uber is nice.  If you can get a good price on the Northern Fidelity NF Dac (Norway maybe?) it is a really nice Dac.  It was reviewed here on head-fi.  I ended up with the review unit thanks to the generosity of the reviewer.  Look for Project86's review.  A really nice dac, though I think it is fairly priced at the equivalent of about $500 to $600 US, and seems to retail for about $750 US.  They never made it across the pond in large numbers, but they are a nice dac.
  5. metaldood
    ADs pair great with Burson Soloist SL. I have the Bifrost Uber which as mentioned before is also good. 
  6. Tony1110

    I owned the Conductor but sold it when I thought I was done with headphones. I got the Soloist SL at a price that was too good to refuse and my choosing the AD was partly down to my belief that it would match up better with the mini Burson than the HE-560, which was the other headphone I considered. DACs are difficult. The Bifrost has a great reputation and it is on my shortlist. Audio GD stuff looks like great value but I'm cautious of buying from China because of previous bad experiences. I'm wondering if a simple USB DAC like the Music Streamers would do the trick. I'm also looking at the Meridian Director. Having read up about the AD's signature, am I right in saying that too warm a DAC wouldn't be a great match?
  7. aamer23
    for me i needed 2 X DT before AD were rocking, I think the AD are very transparent, if you have poor quality heavily compressed data then I for me a super smooth DAC would be needed, having said that I have just ordered the Audioengine D3 Transportable DAC will post on how it works with the AD
  8. Tony1110
    Excuse my ignorance, but what is 2 X DT?
  9. EraserXIV
    dog treats https://mrspeakers.com/product/doggie-treats-tweaking-kit/
  10. Ableza
    Wow, I certainly don't understand people thinking the Alpha Dog is too bright.  To me it's very nicely tonally balanced.  To each his own.
  11. tehsprayer
    I don't have much knowledge with analyzing headphone data but from the freq reponse of the AD is rolls off the higher treble range and is considered more of a darker headphone. 
  12. aamer23
    They are felt discs that help tune the high frequencies
  13. Wildcatsare1
    ^Captain Obvious here, DT=Dog Treats....
  14. Lohb

    Well you got to factor in the entire audio hardware chain, not just the cans.
    Edit.... and software music player if any...its back-end settings, music mastering....music style.....and doggie biscuits.
  15. Tony1110

    That's true but lets assume that we're talking flat EQ. With previous headphone purchases I've always read up on the signature and had a good idea what it will sound like before it's actually on my head. I doubt I'll find the AD bright but it's strange that some people do and others find the treble to be rolled off. I mean, nobody called the LCD 2 bright.
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