MrSpeakers AEON Flow Open - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Sep 30, 2017.
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  1. swmtnbiker
    Yep, black here too.
  2. mrspeakers Contributor
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  3. jinxy245
    Congrats Dan...well deserved!!
  4. Nick-s-f
    I wonder if Headfonics will review the afo, I favor their approach to most others.
  5. mrspeakers Contributor
    They have a unit in hand now. Alas we were too late for consideration for their 2017 awards on the open. :)
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  6. subguy812
    I am really excited to review the will obviously be posted here but may end up being the first on my audio web site.
  7. koover
    If I didn't have to retire for the evening here in a few minutes, I'd get into a bit more.
    I received my AOF a day early and have gotten about an hours head-time so far. Interesting and VERY different from what sound signature I've been accustomed too. When you come from a TH900, TH-X00 modded Purpleheart, Meze 99 classic and a heavily modded AHD2000, you'd understand. Maybe you do?

    The first thing I noticed was just how smooth and relaxed these sound. It's hard to explain. Full bodied, filling, satisfying, sweet, creamy, liquidy? I should note I'm using the 1 notch white tuning pads and running with a LYR2 with some nice Amperex 1957 pinched waist tubes.

    The mids are crazy sweet and forward. Just sublime. So realistic it almost freaks me out how natural and forward they are. I feel like I'm sitting amongst the artist and they're singing to me. The treble is just absolutely spot on with zero hint of sibilance, yet having enough sparkle to satisfy the detail needs in me.
    Now the interesting part is the bass,. Now maybe these hit hard for an open back planar, but compared to the other HP's I predominantly listen to, they are somewhat light. Not saying these sound poor at all in the bass or sub bass, just not what I'm used too. It'll take extended periods of head-time to just lose myself in it's unique sound and not worry about the more bass heavy HP's I typically listen too. Nevertheless,the bass sounds good and I need to just give it some more time, that's all. With every passing moment I listen to them, I'm digging them more and more.

    Once I get some more head-time on them, I'll leave a more in depth take on what I hear. But for now, I REALLY like the sound of these.
  8. Phantaminum
    Welcome to the club @koover :wink:

    What you're going to find interesting is that later on, once you get used to the AFO signature, sub bass from the Fostex headphones may distract you. I thought I was having some issues with my ears but I realized I just enjoyed the sound sig of AFOs and most other headphones sounded too bassy. Then they sounded thin. It's really strange the way your ears adjust.
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  9. King CATalyst
    Congrats @mrspeakers on all of the rave reviews on both headphones! I've been enjoying my afo a lot and they're my favorite headphones I own at the moment, so much so that the zmf atticus that I just recently bought are likely getting sold soon simply bc I'd rather have the afo on my head when I want a warm sound. The Atticus are good but to dark for my taste and the treble to me. Just my 2 cents though
  10. Nick-s-f
    @koover It always takes some adjustment coming from Ori and Alpha Prime and listening to AFO. Its more a thing with the AFO than any other hp I've used.

    Its a more relaxing sound, but never too far away from neutral. Once I notice that the entire bass spectrum is not rolled-off or missing, and add to it the best mids I've heard in a headphone + inoffensive and competent treble...well, its hard to take them off my head at that point.

    I love when I notice low-bass presence in a recording that does not intentionally contain sub-bass; its usually a room reverberance or error that floods your ears with an eerie sense of pressure, Its hard to describe any other way.
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  11. koover
    Bro, I already can see that. I slapped on the 900’s and I just didn’t? them like I did before listening to the AFO. They sounded soooo bright and extremely thin. But it’s a reverse roll. Its no different going from AFO to TH900 then going from TH900 to AFO, it’s reallly not a good thing to do. I’ll still keep the Fostex variants (at least I think I will :triportsad:) and just discontinue the back and forth between HP’s.
    I gave them another hour before going to work this morning and man, I’ve gone from really liking them to loving them. I’m REALLY looking forward to listening for many hours on end.
    Then my personal excitement will kick into high gear when I start rolling like a madman to really see what I can get out of these. Im also looking forward to the Ember 2 and what the difference in SS’s between it and the LYR2 with AFO. Thanks bro for your words of encouragement before I purchased them. You influenced me and I’m glad I listened.

    I agree man. It’s such a big swing in the sound and will be quite the adjustment. As I stated above, I need to stop A/B’ing HP’s and just sick back and take it in.
    I listen to a lot of progressive metal and Djent and I already hear they can handle the speed of the kicks while staying clear and concise. And those mids. Wholly Schiit. Im thinking these are gonna be my go-to’s.
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  12. KESM
    I agree...this is sobering & sage advice for all. I too made the mistake of A/B’ing the AFOs against the familiar sound signature of my Sennheiser M2s (big mistake IMHO). The best experience is to judge these on their own merit. Dan inidcated these are tonally balanced & resolving. That’s exactly what I hear & that’s what makes the AFOs a uniquely competent & awe inspiring vehicle for listening to any genre of music.
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  13. Mark Up
    You have the HD650 I think, and from what I hear it has more bass and sub extension than those. Those have good highs and true mids for me, I always found the low mids less warm and full than people report, same for the mid bass. Some call it bloated and they must have hearing issues. The sub bass of course lacks on those. From what I've heard, direct comparisons of those, by folks here, on good systems, has the AFO sounding a bit more detailed on top (no veil) similar great mids, slightly more warmth in the low mids and bass, and more sub bass too.
  14. gearofwar
    Hi guys, Is it worth spending extra 300-400 to get a used Ether Flow over AFO? wonder if it's worth it. Thanks
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  15. koover
    You’re asking the group to spend your money for you and you may not like it. If you can, see if you can test them both out before spending that kind of cash. You’ve been around obviously And you know we all have different tastes and likes so only you can make that decision, not me.
    Any meets in the area where you can test drive them?
    I’ve never heard the flow and just got the AFO and all I can say is I love um already. I Blind bought them on a leap of blind faith. I’m glad there was water in the pool before I dove because it turned into a perfect “10” dive.
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