MrSpeakers AEON Flow Open - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Sep 30, 2017.
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  1. gearofwar
    I'm simply asking opinions here because Ether has been out for a while and they share a similar design and so similar sound; however, the decision is to be made by me. There is no ways to test both in my area so this question is not hard to ask
  2. koover
    Hey man, was this directed at me? If not, I’ll still respond. :L3000:
    Yeah I do have the 650’s and I can say with the utmost confidence, I’d take the AFO over the 650 any time even though I’ve only had them a day. Personally I think the mids on the AFO surpass the quality of the 650’s from the short time I’ve heard them and I always thought the 650’s couldn’t be touched.

    I probably shouldn’t be commenting so much seeing I’ve only had them such a short amount of time. It could all be the new toy syndrome but I have a sneaky suspicion I won’t be changing my mind. I’m just stoked to have these in my collection now because they have such a unique SS.
  3. koover
    You’re right. I apologze man. I retract my comments. I’m just getting a little carried away.
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  4. skyline315
    Ether is a more analytical headphone. It really depends on your sonic preferences.

    Some people swear by the Ether and others never really cared for it.

    It's only a question you can answer based upon what you like.
  5. gearofwar
    I definitely don't like the word "analytical" here. Does it mean AFO have more natural sound, sweeter tonality?
  6. skyline315
    Cleaner. Leaner. Sharper. Etc...

    AFO is warmer and has a meatier sound.
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  7. gearofwar
    Someone sold his Ether and happy with other hp and actually a few friends of mine who have actually listened and owned Ether, said that it was too diffused.
    Does AFO sound as diffused as Ether or less so?
  8. skyline315
    Less so, if I understand your question.

    AFO sound has some depth, but is fairly compact to the left and right.
  9. musicphotolife
    With this review, my mind is finally decided to go for Closed. Thank you, Dave (Headfonia).
  10. BunnyNamedCraig
    I find the Ether to be an upgraded Aeon. The difference is there, but its difficult for me (or anyone else) to say that the difference is worth it to you. That make sense? Not to mention, it matters what genres you listen to or if weight is of concern ect ect.

    With that said the Aeon is an incredibly capable headphone. It checks a lot of boxes off from fit to finish and also SQ... I will be posting a video once it gets edited involving all 4 headphones (AFO,AFC,EFO,EFC). I missed a lot from my notes I took so I will include that with the video link as well. We shot it in one take so there are ideas I missed.

    Currently I am listening to the AFO with the Questyle 400i. That will probably be my next video I suspect.
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  11. mrspeakers Contributor
    MrSpeakers Make every day a fun day filled with music and friendship! Stay updated on MrSpeakers at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    @funCANS MrSpeakers
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  12. Hedonism
    After going back and forth between the black and one-notch white tuning filters, I think I've settled with the one-notch white filters. With the black foam filters, I feel like it pushed the vocals too far back in the mix, and made the treble a little too hot. I also felt like I missed the extra warmth that the white tuning pads gives.

    But the overall sound with the black foam filters was excellent too. It took away most of the (very slightly) muffled/veiled characteristic in the mids that the white tuning filters give, and there was a bit more air behind the vocals, giving an overall more transparent experience. I can see why a lot of you guys settled on these filters instead.
  13. BunnyNamedCraig
    Here is a YouTube video comparison between the AFO,AFC,EFO,EFC. Also I am writing some notes down that I forgot to say here at the bottom of the link. I will illustrate some of the differences between the Aeons and the Ethers that I didn't touch on.

    Aeon Flow Open,Aeon Flow Closed,Ether Flow Open,Ether Flow Closed Comparison

    * You get 3 pairs of notches with the Aeon Flow Open
    I did the majority of my listening with the black notches in with the AFO, and one notch with the AFC. I would take them in and out to see how they compared to either EFO or EFC and once I found them similar in sound I would do my A/B between AFO versus EFO ect. Like Dan Clark has said before, you should allow a long period of time with the notches in or out, that way it will be easier to figure out your tastes. He couldn't be more right in this regard because with the notches in or out, to me it depended a lot on the genres of music I was listening to for preference.

    *AFO compared to EFO
    Using the 600i + Tidal, listening to "Woman in Chains" by Tears for Fears, the woman's voice is more pronounced out of the EFO. The micro detail that I get with her voice makes it sound more open and free. In other words, It sounds smoother and more realistic. I feel like this would only be noticeable out of direct comparison that I did. I don't think there is anything wrong the AFO in this regard.

    The soundstage is slightly wider to my ears, and separation is better. I also get more realistic drum "Thwaks" out of the EFO.
    The instrument separation is more of distinct difference between the EFO and AFO then it is with the EFC and AFC.

    I felt like I was able to listen at a lower volume with the EFO and get more separation of instruments, and need it louder to get closer to that with the AFO.

    *portability of the Aeon due to its weight is a selling point compared to the Ethers. I must say though, the Ethers were still able to "vanish from head" due to their comfort.

    *Chord Hugo 2 was excellent synergy with the Ethers and Aeons. Due to its detail retrieval it's a perfect match for these cans. I preferred it to the 600i which doesn't dig as deep as the Hugo 2 can. The 600i sounds a little more rounded off, comparable to what a tube amp can do to the sound. So the Hugo 2 has the chance to make the Utopia some what fatiguing sounding, but with the Ethers and Aeons it is near perfect...
    *The AFO with black pads OUT makes it sound closer to EFO tonally to me.

    ** I hope this helps you all! I must say volume matching these 2 and putting the notches in or out to try and review them all made my head spin lol. In the end though, For the build and sound quality compared to the Ethers you are really getting a lot for your money...

    Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions and I can go back and specifically listen for you. I can also try my best to answer anything else you might want help or advice on. I, and MTME are here for you.

  14. Palpatine79
    @MTMECraig thanks fore the video, it's helpful.
    I have two questions if You don't mind:
    1. You mentioned yesterdey about CMA400i. What do you think about synergy with MrSpeakers HP speciality Aeon Open?
    2. Coud you please compare Aeon Open and Focal Elear (the same price range) on this device (Questyle CMA400i)?

  15. BunnyNamedCraig
    Yeah I can totally do that Patrick! Right now I am getting a feel for the 400i and seeing how it responds to different headphones. I have only listened to it for about an hour I would say. It’s my next priority though! I want to see how it fairs next to the 600i as well.
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