aeon open
  1. boschtb

    Back after 10 Years - Aeon Flow Open DAC+Amp Recommendations

    I am getting back into headphones after 10 years away. My last rig was a modified Jolida JD100 + RSA Raptor + HD650 and ATH-W11JPN. This time around, I will be using my MacBook Pro as a source, with both lossless and compressed files, and I have settled on the AFO as my headphones. I...
  2. shenanbay


    so I am planning on getting one of these three headphones (FOCAL ELEAR, AEON OPEN OR LCD 2) maybe next month. I mostly listen to metal, jazz and classical music. I currently own the HD6xx with a Schiit uber stack. I love the hd6xx, but I kinda want something that is more revealing. the hd6xx...
  3. XERO1

    MrSpeakers AEON Flow Open - Impressions Thread Well, here they are! And they are $799, same price as the AEON closed-back. Specs: Driver Type - Planar Magnetic Driver Size - 62x34mm Impedance - 14 ohms Weight - 326 gm Ear Pad Material - Synthetic Protein