Most underrated and overrated headphone? For a bit of fun :)
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Sep 30, 2013
Soo yeah In your opinion what are the most overrated and underrated in your opinion and why?
I'll start
Overated: For years the M50 was considered to most over hyped. For me personally as of right now I would say the V-Moda m100. I own it, It's sexy stylish. The sound though when you break it down is pretty bad considering it's in the $300/£270 price point. 
Underated: Beyerdynamic DT770, Amazing headphone, powerful bass, musical sound and is quite balanced too. It's cheap as chips here in the UK at £120 which is the same price range as the athM50. I prefer it ot most headphones they sound like a old denon line phone to me.
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To me, the ATH-M50 used to be an excellent headphone at $150 and it holds itself comparing against headphones at $200. However, with the release of SoundMagic HP100, Ultimate Ears UE6000, Audio Technica ATH-WS99, Senneiser HD439, V-Moda M80 etc, the ATH-M50 now no longer worth anything more than $120? I don't know, there are too many headphones these days that sound better overall than the ATH-M50 at the same price range or/and at $200. Yet, there are still people who recommend these to some new comers. Indeed it's a good headphone for starter but there are so many headphones out there that sound better than it at same price. However, the ATH-M50 do has excellent build quality XD

The most underrated headphone to me would be Sennheiser HD439? They sound excellent for gaming and EDM but there's no appriciation thread for it :frowning2:

Billson :)
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Overrated: definitely a lot more but let me just list down three for the moment. 1.Westone 4R 2. Jh13 original 3.HD800
Underrated : same story here. A lot more underrated stuff than I will list down. 1. Fischer audio dba-02 mkII 2. Rhapsodio R2L 3, Phillips shs8000 4. Earpods 5. Shure se215/ se215 ltd
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Under-rated: altec Lansing im716 iems. Basically a rebranded etymotic er4p, though with an annoyingly large in line volume control. These were a great buy in college. I got them new for around $70. They cost a lot more now that they are discontinued. Too bad all of altec's ultimate ears clones had horrendous build quality.

Over-rated: idk. I've been happy with all my headphone purchases so far. Beats maybe? Lol
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The $80 AKG 240S. What an amazing sound for only $80. Yet nobody ever mentions these.
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Overrated: Too many. One that sticks out in my mind, as I was a victim of it, is the Heir Audio 4.Ai. Gawd..
Underrated: LFF's Paradox. Doesn't get much recognition in the light of the Mad Dogs. 
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K240 Studio is definitely very very underrated.
Beyerdynamic DT-235 - one of the best budget headphones there is under $60
Koss Pro DJ 100 w/M50 pads - if you haven't tried this with a good transparent desktop amp/dac and upgraded pads you haven't really tried it
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ATH-AD2000 - well duh probably because it was a Japanese only release. Too bad about those terrible pads..
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Overrated; LCD2 - I think its a great headphone and its one of my faves, but it is very limited with genre. When it first came out peeps raved and raved about it being the best thing since sliced bread. It has a very much love or hate sound. 
Underrated; HD600 - One of the oldest headphones on head-fi and probably the best value for money. Of all the so called advancement in technology over the last twenty years it still stands its own as a brilliant and very versatile headphone. It also has the most natural tonality that I've heard below the HD800.  
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Overrated: HD650 - It's not a bad headphone by any means but people have built it up so much that my expectations were perhaps unreasonable. It didn't blow my socks off as I had hoped. Again, a very good headphone but not mind-blowing by any stretch.
Underrated: Hifiman HE-300 - Constantly overshadowed by it's older, planar siblings but it's quite a competent can for it's price; especially since it can be had under $200 at times.
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Overrated :  Sony MDR 1R. It's a good headphone,but not so good for it's price.The sound should be better for nearly 200 euro I paid for them. When comparing with a good classic headphone,like the hd600,the sony sound clearly inferior,and it's obvious that you are listening a closed can.It has a beautiful sweet sound at lower volume though,that makes me like it when I'm to this listening mood.
Maybe the most overrated thing about these,is their comfort. Everyone talk about awesome comfort. My ears are 6.5 cm and don't stick out that much,and they are touching the driver covering causing a bit discomfort after some listening time.It's not that bad though(I had same problem with more discomfort with AKG K550).So I believe their comfort is overrated,although I guess it depend on the ears shape/size.
Underrated : I'm not sure here. I guess there are many good headphones out there that don't draw much attention.
Maybe AKG K240 and K271 that are classics at the headphone world and are a bit forgoten now due to so many new and very expensive models.
And I don't agree with an opinion above that the hd 600 is overrated.It's one of the best headphones after so many years,and doesn't cost a fortune.
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Lol. I'm guessing you like the hd650...

Of course I do,  and do many other folks .I have bought and sold numerous headphones but the 650's will always remain in my stable. They are comfortable for hours, sound as good as what you feed them, and are just plain smooth sounding.
Can the O2 or Magni drive them? Sure. Do they reach the SQ they have with my SA-31, Lyr, or DV337SE? Heck no.  So yes I like them very much, but they scale to source more then anything I own.

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