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Monoprice Monolith M1060 and M560 Planar Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wordfool, Sep 13, 2016.
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  1. SomeTechNoob
    I used stereo 2.5mm plugs to make my own cable. Sleeve for ground, tip for L/R channel depending on what side you are hooking up. Ring was left untouched.

    You can probably ask monoprice for a new cable if you nicely explain to them what happened.
  2. Dan DRC
    Would an Asgard 2 be a good paring with a 1060 or 1060C? (I use Meridian Explorer 2 for DAC)
    I have read it pairs well with a 400i so I thought it could work well with a Monolith
  3. fpantalone
    I use both an Asgard 2 and a Mojo to drive mine. They both do a great job.
  4. Dan DRC
    Thank you
  5. nishan99
    The clamping force of the m1060 is too strong for me, it generates pressure behind my jaw.
    It's weird headban design doubt me about any possible stretch fix to alleviate that strong clamp force.
    now i am leaving it clamping on wide box i have for a night then well see if it gonna fix it or not.
    Any tips for that issue ?

    i don't think the m1060 have strong clamping force, my head is just huge :)
  6. AJZ0
    The band is steel and steel is highly elastic, i.e. it tends to return to its original shape after being deformed. You might have better results if you warm each of the bends and gently pull the top and sides out to slightly increase their angle.
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  7. nishan99
    thanks god i didn't have to heat them, i just stretched them on their maximum for 2 days + hand stretch the angles and now it's much better but still a bit strong tho.
  8. nishan99
    When i first got the m1060 i removed the dampening foams and it was much better sounding and basically a free mod
    i have permanent tinnitus so i didn't hear any 5k ringing before and after the moding, but there was a 5k-6k annoying peak that causes sharp S sounds, i EQed them and was fine, after 5 months i disabled the EQ for experiment and there was no sharp S sound at all !

    i don't know if my hearing got damaged more so that S sibilant is no longer audioable or the 5 months burn-in just fixed it ?

    i really need help if i need to avoid these headphones for my safety if it's damaging my ears or it's just the burn-in that fixed the peak.

    (during the 5 months of usage after EQed them i did not hear any sibilant or harshness)
  9. jotaku
    How much did you use them in those 5 months? I found that burn in did help them, but if you are worried about the 5-6K peak you can do the fuzzor mod which helps smooth out the treble.

    I love my M1060s, but finding the right balance in the treble has been an adventure. I too removed the dampening foam, then did the fuzzor mod. I then did fazzors, but once again the treble was just a tich too sibilant. So I applied the fuzzor mod onto the fazzors. That has been perfect for me.

    Oh, I also use them with MrSpeakers Lambskin Alpha Pads.
  10. nishan99
    maybe 3-6 hour/day
    their treble for me is perfect without any actual mod.

    after the first month i felt their bass become more impactful also, so yeah i definitely believe in burn in
  11. jotaku
    Yeah, burn in definitely helped. I played mine overnight for a couple of nights after my initial day listening to them, and everything got better in my opinion. But the bass was the most noticeable. After modding them I like them better than the M1060Cs. I had the LCD-X for 6 weeks and while they were definitely better in every category than my modded M1060s, they were not crazy better than my M1060s. The fact that I could buy 4 M1060s for the price of 1 LCD-X or 2 M1060s for the price of LCD-2 Classics made me realize that I had arrived at the point of diminishing returns. I am perfectly happy with my modded M1060s!

    Plus the fact that they as so cheap in comparison makes me so much more excited about modding them and seeing what kind of sound or other improvements I can get out of them. I'd never do that with the LCD series! If something went wrong all that $$$ down the drain...
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  12. Kulgrinda
    I have a pair of 3D printed closed cups for M1060 for sale. They are lined with akasa dampening material and have added felt strips for driver ventilation. This gave best result. If interested, PM.
    20180228_194128.jpg 20180228_212227.jpg 20180612_173650-1.jpg 20180612_175627.jpg
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  13. FireLion
    Anybody looking for a gorgeous OFC copper/Hybrid mix cable and Audeze pleathers with adhesive ring, if so pm me.

    I sold my m1060's and was going to buy them again but ended up getting something else.
  14. atilllla
    Hi All,
    I have the m1060 v2 for about 2 weeks. I really like it, but in factory state the mid-highs were too much for me. I have tried the paper towel mod, but it became too muffled. (I kept the factory grill and foam) I have started to play around with it and I found that if the paper towel round is smaller then it gets more airy and less muffled. I started to cut the paper towel round piece smaller and smaller. Now the sweet spot is around 45mm diameter round. Right behind the grill to the center. Now the bass is impactfull the highs are not harsh and the highs are ok as well. So Im happy with it. I will try as well the printed fazzors and grill.
    One question: Has someone experienced wood cracking with the version 2?
  15. SSandDigital
    HE400i or 1060?

    My collection in my sig if curious what I like for sound.
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