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Monoprice Monolith M1060 and M560 Planar Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wordfool, Sep 13, 2016.
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  1. atilllla
    I have designed some additional grills for m1060. I really like the hexa hole one, but it makes the headphone even more bulkier. So i have made my own version. Its a bit slimmer. Smaller holes and rounded edges.
    The ther one is simpler.

    My bigger plan is to design a (hifiman susvara/LCD X style) headband from TPU. What do you think how wide should be on the widest point? I think 65mm is enough.
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  2. ArgBoston
    Can someone describe the sound of the m565/give me their opinions on it? I'm having a hard time finding information about it with so little reviews.
  3. Frank88
    M560 oval pads!
    I finally got around to making a new set of M560 plates that enable the use of HyperX oval pads. Much better than my old 3-D printed plates, which were simply the same dimensions as the original plates. These new plates extend a little above and below for oval pads but don't look bad at all, actually integrate with the overall headphone better than I thought they would. The plates are a two-piece design so more complex to print than the old ones. There is an inner flat plate that snaps into an outer plate. This sandwiches the four magnets in place without the need of tape or adhesive. The outer plate has a raised grooved lip. The HyperX pad is fitted in under the lip and is held in place without the need for adhesive. This new design solves the M560 fit problem for me. The HyperX pads I am using are velour so some bass is sacrificed in exchange for the roomy, comfy fit. I was going to give up on the M560 due to fit issues if this didn't work, but I am happy with the fit now, so I'll hang on to them. They are my only closed can, or should I say open/closed can.

    image1.jpeg image2.jpeg image3.jpeg image4.jpeg
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  4. Tony51
    Let me try. I have the m565, 560 and the m1060c.
    The m565 are my favorite planar magnetic. However, they sound their best with the shure1540 pads so swapping pads is almost a must if you really enjoy great bass that is fast and present without getting into the mids. The treble is all there except it is not as refined as the m560 but since the m560 are so refined and shoots pretty high, above 8k, the m560 can lead to ear fatigue while the m565 will flourish right through. Also, we all know the the source is very important and varies to each listener.
    You will not be using them with tubes right? Because solid state is where they shine. There is an execption if using with tubes. Make it a hybrid with two tube driver no power drivers should be used, they just don't sound their best with power tubes.
    I sometimes use my Little Bear B4 tube amp with a swapped out opAmp chip to the burson v5i and my m565 sound so beautiful and crisp. Anyway, if you get them make sure you listen to at least 320kbps mp3 and via a dedicated player, not cell phones unless they are paired with portable amps like the Fiio E12 or A5.
    The vocals are just right or a step ahead. IMG_20180123_201200.jpg
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  5. Tony51
    I'd love to purchase a set from you if you've make them yourself. I have the same issues with m560s.
  6. Frank88
    We do make them ourselves. (It's "we" plural because another guy does the CAD work.) Depending on pads you would prefer, we could figure out how to make them. I chose the HyperX pads because another M560 owner glued up HyperX pads on his M560s and reported no loss in fidelity, and also turned the M560 into a great closed can for gaming. He concluded that the M560 planar speakers needed to remain close to the ear. The HyperX pads are fairly thin and accomplish that, but remain comfortable. I agree with him. I tried other cushy fatter pads with my old plates and they ruined the sound.

    We already do support fellow headfiers with some 3-D printing. The best one we've done so far is a collaboration on a fix for the M300 and iSine earhooks. Those flimsy earhooks break easily. It was a point of frustration for me as well as other owners. The earhook is a design flaw on an otherwise great planar earphone. I did some prototyping with a couple fellow owners and we came up with a good mod solution. Now, we each buy ear hooks from amazon/aliexpress/ebay and I print and mail the horseshoe clips that fit into the ear hook and mount onto the M300s and iSines. It's a simple solution and it minimizes shipping cost. About two dozen of us are using the combo with good results in both comfort and sturdiness.

    I suppose we could do something similar with these plates for the M560s. We would each buy our own pads off amazon/aliexpress/ebay, and then I would supply the plates. You'd probably need to buy your own magnets too, again to minimize overall shipping cost. The guy who does the CAD work for me does not permit me to share his CAD files, so that option is off the table. I asked previously - he said no. As a first step, I probably should buy a set of Shure 1540 pads since they are a highly regarded pad option for many headfiers. I would then verify that they work in the plates, and if not, modify the CAD file for the Shure pads. That would give us two pad options.
  7. Tony51
    Interesting indeed, I guess I would only need the plates? They will be removable in case I want to revert back to stock or try a different pad?

    Also, I will tell you that I attest about the shure1540 pads both in sound and comfort. It only improves on the sound, especially bass. However, I can tell you that these pads Excell in the m565 and not in the m560. The ones I tried on the m560s and actually got the same sound as the m565 we're by using the Sony big huge fluffy pads, I believe they were the Sony pads 700s or 500 on Amazon, they are cheap and will turn the m560s to a pounding bass machine while still sounding great.But it will tame down the upmost high frequency. 8k? To some it we be welcomed to others maybe not.
    I use my m565s when I want to listen at higher volumes because it maintains a great degree of detail and yet it's not offensive, so loud it goes.
    My beyBeyerdyna dt1990 it's in a whole different league, not for pounding, rather for micro detailing.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2018
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  8. Frank88
    Yep, just the plates, and yes they are removable - no adhesives, no damage to pads or headphone. Being able to return to original is always a design objective for me, although not always possible.

    I tried the Sony pads on the M560s but it was not my cup of tea. I'm not sure regarding the 8K peak. Would like to hear others' impressions with those HyperX pads.
    I don't listen at high volumes, which is probably why I wasn't really bothered by the 3k peak on the unmodded M1060s at low volume either.
  9. wazzuppi
    Just got a Mogami W2534 OFC custom cable, compared the stock to these ones. Its more sibilant and treble heavy and the sounds are more forward, is this a characteristic of OFC? I'm more of a fan of bass encompassing rich but laid back sound of the original cables. Might try the monoprice OFC and see how it sounds.
  10. Tony51
    It's not an 8k that is bothersome unless one listens at high volume. I'm fine with the treble on my m560 just want a bit more bass. When I listen via my tube amp, I don't use EQ so I want that extra bass.
    Ok, that sounds great about the plates. When you are ready, please let me know what to do. My intensions is to try different pads without butchering the original design.
  11. Frank88
    OK. Will do.

    I think if you want more bass, avoid velour and look for a pad material that will provide a better seal. Sometimes I just want the comfort of velour for a long non-critical listening session while working. Could be why I still have an old set of HD600s and haven't sold my 400i's yet.

    Mmm tubes. I love classic jazz through tubes on my home hifi. I don't have a tube headphone amp though.
  12. Tony51
    Well, if and when you decide, the Audioromy M6v6 has plenty power and I have many tubes as I have been rolling for a bit. I have different sounds for several tastes. It not to expensive and you will surely enjoy the amp.
    I also have the hd600 slightly modded and the hd58x jubilee.
    Anyway can give tube points so you don't go crazy like I have ..lol
  13. jotaku
    I would love to get a set of those earhook adapters do you have a thingiverse model and a link to the aliexpress earhooks that you use?
  14. jotaku
    I feel like of all the mods outside of pad rolling, the fuzzor mod did the best job of taming the transience in the highs while not impacting anything else. I think the fuzzor mod or something equivalent is a must if you are going to remove the foam behind the grills.
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  15. pngpng
    Thanks for the response. It was difficult to assess how much the pads vs fuzzor mod contributed since most people review them with both mods done. I think the 1060 or 1060C will be a future headphone for me. I used to have the he400i and enjoyed them a lot. I found that even with the grills removed the soundstage wasn't as big as I wanted. How much more do the 1060 improve on this?
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