Monoprice Monolith M1060 and M560 Planar Headphones

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  1. allhifi
    A recent (re)entry to the headphone market had me forking over for some 400i's. To me, there's no point in considering anything over its (current) $300. price point. Not until, that is, I discovered this $500. (price-point) reference.

    So I thought "Monolith" who's that (3-months ago, it was 'Hifiman' who's that?). A quick Google search clearly reveals its origins -or at least inspiration.

    The frame is clearly HFM inspired (very early models/prototypes I suspect. The "can's" Audeze or HFM-like. Although there may be some validity to your claim, I doubt it since it is sourced through one (or a combination of those) suppliers/manufacturer's.

    A recognized/experienced audiophile/reviewer's analysis (even better collectively) would have seeking the Monolith for evaluation. Simply to see what all the "talk" is about.

    Anyway, moving on you state: " Once your brain gets familiar with your headphone characteristics like transient response, your brain comfortably fills in the imagery. I like to change/refresh/reboot that brain imagery by swapping headphones and dac/amps and doing A/B comparisons."

    If only so simple, I'd have the cheapest stuff -and let my ear/brain fill in the "missing" superb equipment requirement.
    Sadly (for me), once one has heard truly exceptional sound quality characteristics (over decades), that becomes the 'reference' -indelibly ingrained.
    That one would use a Sennhesier HD-650 as a "reference" is rather interesting. It's clearly "slow", a bloat-y, colored mid-band and sorely lacking transparency, speed, resolution and articulation, nuance and finesse -in no small measure.

    Yet, point taken with respect to maintaining a harem of can's. It will enable interesting observations to surface over time and with various equipment combinations.

  2. VRacer-111
    I have a peek at design in the works for different headstrap mechanism with a custom leather strap... critical dimensions worked out. The rail is pretty much finalized, just need to work on the shape and proportions of the hinge (will look different from this rough design...)

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  3. Ron Swanson
    One more thing I must ask before I buy the M1060s, On the ath-m50s the highs are so harsh or sharp sounding my question is are the m1060s highs sharp? And i'm not talking about the 5k thing.
  4. VRacer-111
    No, the highs are kind of rolled off compared to all my other headphones (TH-X00PH, HD700, SHP9500, and even the ESP950)... the highs are kind of like that of HD6XXs.
  5. theangelboy
    The treble is definitely more tame on the M1060 than my ATH-M50.
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  6. theangelboy
    I'm excited to see the end result!
  7. VRacer-111
    What DACs and amps have you listened to an HD650 /HD6XX with? The HD6XX I listened to on my system (Gustard X20U balaced DAC and Gustard H10 amp with Burson V6 Vivid opamps) was not lacking in anything except for clearness (had sound quality akin to listening to an analog tape recording versus live performance). Has exceptional detail and finesse, no bloat anywhere from subbass to highs, and speed was very good.
  8. Ron Swanson
    Thanks for the help.
  9. Kulgrinda
    Waiting for the end result and online 3D forms of course :wink: Cheers, like your youtube channel!
  10. Pahani
    Wise man. Even though my HD600 and HD6XX get almost no head time anymore, they will forever remain in my collection as a Reference point to measure others against :)
  11. Frank88
    Not so simple of course, which means I have done a poor job summarizing Tyll's presentation. Sorry about that. Best to go listen to Tyll's talk on youtube. It's one hour long. If you don't have time to listen to the whole talk, check out his discussion of square wave transient edge resolution near the end (starting at 52:53). There he hits on the reason why the cheaper stuff (and some expensive stuff) falls short of providing the time arrival cues necessary for our brains to localize where the sound is coming from (I am paraphrasing Tyll here and probably botching it again). Then take a look at InnerFedelity's frequency response pdf for the HD650. The square wave has good transient edge resolution. So despite the veiled-ness shortcomings of the 650, it serves as a familiar reference point for me in placing instruments on the soundstage.
  12. Acke
    yes the 600/650 are special headphones which do so much right and so little wrong, getting a good chance to listen over the holidays make me wonder if theres any point picking up the m1060 or venturing to the next level even (LCD2C).
  13. koover
    What YouTube channel?
  14. allhifi

    The amp was the Sennheiser (with side top window). Connected source was a Yamaha CDP (using the Senn DAC's and/or direct)
    -powering te Senn's, Grado's and HFM's.

  15. scapeinator1
    I have LCD2s coming in the mail for me. I will let you know how they compare to the m1060 though they may not get here until after the promotional sale is over. TBH though if you have the hd650 or 600 you're not really missing that much in the headphone world. They do a lot right.
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