Monoprice Monolith M1060 and M560 Planar Headphones

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  1. SebastianThe___
    I just bought m1060s and I love them but I feel that I am in an urgent need of a dac and amp, Because I did try my friends schiit stack and they just sounded so much better compared to my Fiio Q1. I can't go back. Now I don't have much experience with dacs in general, so I don't know how they compare, I just know I want something neutral. I currently have three options on my mind: Schiit stack, o2+odac or aune x7s with some dac(not sure what to combo this with yet). Because I live in sweden all three cost about the same(excluding the dac for x7s). What do you think? I have heard from Z that the x7s sound fantastic but I have no idea how much of a difference we're talking about, is even worth it the extra cost?
  2. VRacer-111
    Round 2 after a few iterations through the night (did not get to sleep until late this morning), still have newest revision to print out but basically the same:


    Rail, third revision of hinge, and second revision of hinge plate (which is what will secure the leather strap to the hinges, 3mm gap to accomodate the MrSpeakers leather comfort strap thickness). I've placed order with MrSpeakers for 4 straps and with PRUSA for spools of Black and Copper colored PLA along with a XT-CF20 carbon fiber spool. Also have Olsen Ruby nozzle coming in which should improve print quality a little from my worn stock brass one and last a very long time. Revision 4 of the hinge and revision 3 of hinge plate to print this evening. The PLA pieces are really light, it's the kingpin that really gives it a little heft, will weigh everything once the design is all worked out.
  3. VRacer-111
    Waiting on the leather straps to be able to go any further....





    Have another shape I want to try out for the Hinge as well, simpler and may flow better if I can get it right.
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  4. Purple Smart
    I actually do not recommend the schiit stack, especially the modi, that thing measure like crap, look at some of smsl stuff, stay away from the FX Audio Dac-X6, The Fiio e10k is pretty popular and its measurements show that it is indeed excellent despite being only 200mW at 32 ohms, which is more than enough for the m1060 plus some.
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  5. s2kPanda
    I have the Magni 3 and Modi Multibit and they sounded great with the M1060s. I would suggest looking into Audio-GD NFB-11.28 or the R2R-11. They tend to be the best bang for the buck DAC/Amp combo and well regarded in the community.
  6. fpantalone
    So there you go ... You can hardly get more diametrically opposed. Make up your own mind, cause this forum is very much a multi-edge sword.
  7. Purple Smart
    That's a good thing. Also I was talking about the modi2, Because it's just completely outdone by the Topping D30 when it comes to measurements. I cant judge the modi mulibit yet...
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  8. OldDude04
    I love my Topping D30 / Garage1217 Project Polaris combo with my M1060.
  9. Nickapalooza86
    What's wrong with the FX Audio Dac X6? I use it in my garage when I am smoking cigars which I do daily and everything from the M1060 to the Beyerdynamic DT 880 sing on it. I don't think you can do any better for the price.
  10. BowWow
    First the obligatory sexy shot...

    And now for the pain...

    Yes, I dropped them. What's worse, the standard crack at the mounting point - which wasn't there when I got them - is also there now.

    I got these for Christmas, was patient for three weeks waiting to open them, and three days after opening them I did this. *sigh*

    Anyway, first impressions.

    The case they come with is stupid big.

    The cable is actually pretty nice, I like it. It's covered in a nylon cloth, is quite tangle-proof, and I don't really mind the 90 degree jack. They jack into the headphones with a satisfying snap, they'll stay put. Took me a minute to figure out which phone is left and which is right - the seams in the pads face front. Which puts the thinner side of the pads forwards. Duh.

    The headband is the wonkiest design I've seen in a long time. The phones themselves get more tangled up than the cable! There is no torsional strength in the metal band, it just twists around like a mad octopus in your hands. And there are no stops on either the hoops or the phones, so they just spin at random. Controlling these things is like trying to grab a slinky!

    The clamping pressure on my head is good, comfortable, so no complaints there. The head strap cushion thing has little pillows, but only the center one contacts my head, right on the top. So far I've worn them for over 2 hours at a stretch and definitely notice the single contact point, but it hasn't been uncomfortable yet. If it becomes a problem I have a strip of black wool I'll make into a pad for them.

    The pads are thick, soft, comfy, and seal well around my ears. My relatively big ears fit inside just fine. The pads don't get particularly hot for me, either. I won't be doing the pad swap, but I do have some felt if I feel the need to damp the insides of the pads.

    My first impression listening was underwhelming. The highs are definitely rolled off, but the mids and lower end are pretty clear, so there's no real sense of muddy sound. I burned them in for three days, didn't notice much change. Now I'm burning in my brain, and starting to really enjoy them. My Beyer DT880 Pro 250s are very much brighter, and very analytic, so the M1050s seem quite warm, even dark by comparison. I do notice the shoutiness in the 5k zone, but for much of my listening it isn't particularly intrusive. I did take the backs off and removed the foam, but didn't notice much difference in the sound. I'll try the fuzzar mod next in the next couple of days, but I wanted to get a good brain burn-in with them in stock mode first.

    I've had them plugged directly into my phone (Samsung Note 4) and they sound pretty good, but max volume doesn't get terribly loud. I also tried them with a Fiio Q1 and an older Fiio E17 (phone is the source, using USB OTG). The Q1 seems a little congested, and not quite as clear as the E17, which has a pretty good sound. I bumped the treble to +2 on the E17, which helped my aged and abused ears a bit. The low end doesn't need much help at this point. Can't recommend the Q1 for these phones, but the E17 works pretty well.

    I also plugged them into my old harman/kardon 750 for a vinyl session - what a treat! My wife gave me a 180 gram pressing of Tres Hombres, and I swear I could hear Billy Gibbons actually turn his guitar from side to side in the middle of the tune! Amazing! I'm looking forward to rediscovering my vinyl collection with these phones!

    Finally I ran the M1050s through my Teac UD-H01 dac/amp with my music server as source, running optical from the server to the dac. Very nice sound, but again, I'm still in the brain burn-in phase.

    Overall I'm glad I got these, they have a pleasing signature, they're planar (which I've wanted to own for a while but couldn't afford), and they're a tinkerer's joy!

    1. These are open-backed and leak a lot of sound. Enough that I can't listen to them while my wife is watching TV in the same room. (I listen at louder levels)

    2. These are large and noisy phones. Not portable, not for quiet offices. I listen loud enough to block the outside noise, so typical office- or home-level sound wasn't very noticable for me.

    2. All my listening has been using FLAC, some hi-res, and Spotify Premium. Oh, and one vinyl record. Most have been sourced from my phone. Burn-in was done in one uninterrupted 72 (or so) hour block using the music server through the Teac UD-H01.
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  11. ourfpshero
    just fyi: any Sol Republic replacement cable works on m1060 rev2 with the 2.5mm connectors, so lots of options
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  12. Frank88
    I have been using this setup over the holidays: M1060 with xDuoo XD-05 and Shanling M1. I am liking the xDuoo with the M1060s. Ergonomics of the M1 aren't quite right in this configuration though. Can't really stack it due to the scroll wheel design. M1 has USB C connector which is nice. Makes it easy to flip around for scrolling.

    M1060 xDuoo XD-05 Shanling M1.JPG
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  13. Purple Smart
    Well lets just say it doesn't measure well
    FX-Audio DAC-X6 1 Khz -90 db linearity test.png
  14. Nickapalooza86
    I don't look at measurements for anything I buy, headphones or otherwise. I'm more of a ear guy. But I know some people really like those so to each their own. I just hope people don't miss out on a great headphone or fax because the measurement looked bad.
  15. SebastianThe___
    How can you spot which one of the yellow and cyan are better from the graph? Just curious.

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