Monoprice Monolith M1060 and M560 Planar Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wordfool, Sep 13, 2016.
  1. Purple Smart
    The 1khz sine wave should be as smooth as possible
  2. Ron Swanson
    I know I have my heart set on the M1060, but I can't afford to buy them at 300$. I have seen them on sale for 250 which would work but for some reason monoprice excluded them from the new years sale. Anyway I see that the M560 have been 25% off for a while now(which is half the cost of the m1060) and i'm wondering if the m560 is much worse then the m1060 or not?
  3. s2kPanda
    Just patiently wait around for a pair of m1060s to go on sale or find them used. I've seen some recently go as low as $200 used.
  4. Tysun
    SQ wise reviews have shown m560 is no m1060. Delay your purchase for couple of months more and get m1060 unless the form factor of m560 is what you desire.

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  5. Ron Swanson
    Thanks for the help I will wait to get the M1060s then. *sigh*
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  6. Nickapalooza86
    Like what was said by above from everything I have heard and read the m1060 is way ahead of the m560 in sound quality, I have read through this whole thread with a few people comparing them. On the other hand it would seem the m560 are some of the best built headphones available at any price and the m1060.... Well let's just say all the money for this headphone went into sound not build. I have tried the m565 and the m1060 side by side and returned the m565 in a heart beat. It wasn't even half of the headphone the m1060 was. If the HD650 is a dark headphone then the m565 is a pitch black headphone... Couldn't send them back fast enough imo.
  7. Jack-A
    Can somebody compare the M1060 vs Meze 99 Classics? I really like the sound of 99 classics but they were too uncomfortable for me so I gave them away to my mom. Ordered MSR7 pads last month from ebay. The main things I'm looking for is better comfort and wider soundstage, maybe a sub-bass extension as well. What are the M1060's main drawbacks compared to the 99 Classics? I know the build quality is worse but the Meze's I had were not ideal also (the headband broke after a couple of months).
  8. Ron Swanson
  9. fpantalone
    Ya ... you should :) :) :) :wink:
  10. Acke
    Honestly this is a really hard question to answer, as many know this is an extremely polarising headphone, you can look at impressions all day and its so mixed that you still wont know any better... anyway a pair is on the way and I have used the 400i , a direct competitor, in the past which I found too dry . I have faith in the m1060 and hope it will surpass the 400i. If it doesnt I will let you know, the 400i can be found pretty cheap now and 4xx is even cheaper
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  11. PockyG
    I had similar thoughts about the headphones when I initially got them but right now the M1060 and HD650 are my go-to. I agree there was that nasty 5k peak that rears it's ugly head when I was first using them. But either through mods, breaking them in, or just blissful ignorance, I don't really hear it anymore.

    I might be a bit biased but the frequency extension and soundstage on these headphones are truly exceptional for their price point even in stock form. As many have said, they're a very polarizing headphone due to their many quirks but if you can get past them, the M1060 punch and sing beautifully.
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  12. Nickapalooza86

    I have said this in many threads because it is always something that bugs me about people taking headphone reviews to seriously. Only you have your ears so they may be a perfect match for you or just meh. Also they have a 30 day money back guarantee so there really isn't a risk in trying a pair. I for one love them and mine are in stock, they are the perfect signature for me. I have no 5k peak and if you read through the forum you will see that this issue is also split down the middle so it may be that some headphones have it and some don't. One of the headphones he said would be a better choice I have it's the Beyerdynamic DT 880 and I can tell you for certain that these are a whole league above those and I really love those and listen to then a few times a week. So like everything just take it with a grain of salt because you really wont know until you try them for yourself! Hope this helps!
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  13. Ron Swanson
    Thanks that does help. I was just a little concerned about getting them because the 30 day money back guarantee seems a bit iffy.
    I know someone said that (I think it was on reddit) that it cost him almost "80 usd" to send back the m1060s! I know shipping isn't cheap but
    Anyway, thanks everyone for the help and I shouldn't take a few biased reviews to seriously lol.
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  14. DrunkSaru
    I'll throw in my 2 cents here as well. I bought the M1060 because I wanted a set of Planars for reference. I've always enjoyed the LCD series and my friend had the Hifiman HE500 but I was not about to spend that much money. I had considered the T50rp mk2 for a while but I never got it because this was the time for me when I was messing around with balanced connectors and I wouldn't be able to do that with the T50 unless I did some heavy modding. I probably pondered about it for a year and then one day Zeos put up the M560 review and I thought "Great! this is what I want, cheap planars" so I went to Monoprice's website and that was the day the M1060 was announced. A quick glance made it look like a copy of the LCD-2 so with out any research, I just bought it.. and I rarely do an impulse buy like this. Apparently I got lucky because less than 48 hours later, the headphones were out of stock. I still think the LCD-2 is better but for the price, it's exactly what I was looking for. It had become my daily for half of 2017 but I've recently purchased the Ether flow C because I needed something closed so my m1060 doesn't get as much attention anymore. However, I still like to recommend it to those interested in the planar sound that doesn't want to spend a lot of money.
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  15. LCMusicLover
    I saw that post on Reddit. I think he was international and had to eat some duty —if my old memory is not mistaken ☺️

    I just shipped mine to my son via Priority Mail, fully ensured, and it cost < $30.

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