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Monolith M1060C Closed Back Planar Headphones impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by FastAndClean, Jan 12, 2018.
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  1. quisxx
    No, it won't fit.
  2. leeperry
    QC with planars appears quite poor because Tyll said that driver tensioning is very hard to keep consistent, yet this comparison between 1060 and LCD2 is looking good: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/audeze-lcd-2-and-monoprice-m1060-comparison-and-discussion.864734/

    OTOH this 1060C review looks scary: https://www.verumsonus.com/monoprice-m1060c-review/

    I've recently heard LCD2 but it's hell pricey, very uncomfy and only comes with 3y warranty so I want a 1060 or 1060C with 5y warranty, they apparently only honor it for purchases on their own website? Not even transferable apparently?

    I could use closed cups and I might as well roll the cups of 1060C for 3D-printed grills if drivers have been improved, still unsure but I know I'll have to wait for a BF deal of some sort anyway.
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  3. J-Fly
    I remember reading the Verum Sonus review and thinking this guy is trying too hard.
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  4. SnarfSnarf
    Are there any readers in here that own both the 1060C and TH-X00 that can offer some some advice and opinions?

    I would be looking at purchasing a new pair of 1060c or a used pair of TH-X00 both can be had for the same price. Current gear set up is for desktop listening off PC Modi Multibit + Magni 3 combo. My tastes in music are leaned heavily on R&B, Hip Hop, Soul and Jazz. I do occasionally like to listen to rock (classic and indie) and I dabble in the funkier side of EDM (house and deep house).

    I currently have HE-4xx and while I love them, they lack enough bass for my taste in music and I don't think I can push them any further than the 10 dB bass boost I have currently. I'm a fan of planar bass and how quick it is, but I want a bit more impact, my line of thinking was the closed backs on the 1060c would help that, or should I really just be looking at dynamics? Any opinions and suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks.
  5. theangelboy
    I'm a bit of a basshead myself and I had an issue with the HE4XX where it didn't have enough bass for me. If you partially lift off the headphones or add a gap between your jaw/neck and the pad with your finger does the bass output increase significantly? This was the problem I had and I switched the pads from the stock Focus-A pads to the regular Focus pads and that increased the bass by quite a bit. You can always return the pads if they don't help or aren't to your liking. The reason I say this is 10db of bass boost is a TON. I usually only do between 3 and 6 after switching them to the regular Focus pads.

    Anyways, to partially answer your actual question, I don't own the TH-X00 (but want to get a set) but I do own an M1060 and I can safely say it has more bass than the HE4XX. The bass is nice, textured and definitely that distinct planar bass. However, the M1060 aren't bass canons unless EQ'd and from what I understand the M1060C when left in the closed configuration can't EQ the bass up much without distorting. The TH-X00 is going to hit much harder. I haven't heard one but I did briefly audition a D2000 and the bass out of biocellulose is something else.
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  6. SnarfSnarf
    I forgot to mention I ordered ZMF Ori Sheepskin pads and they arrive today. Going to try a pad swap to see if it helps the bass situation on the he4xx, but I'm not expecting miracles.

    Appreciate the quick response and opinions, I think from the information I've gathered my perfect set is somewhere between a TH-x00 and a M1060. Maybe an E-Mu Teak would be a nice happy middle in terms of clarity and tonal balance while still having quite a bit of slam.
  7. OldDude04
    Sheepskin pads actually helped my HE-4XX in the bass department. But it still doesn't compare to my M1060 or M1060c. But as @theangelboy had mentioned, you can't EQ the M1060c too much in the lows without some distortion. I will say that in order of bass it goes like this: M1060 > M1060c > HE-4XX. I haven't heard the TH-X00. If I want crazy bass though, I'll break out my JVC HA-SZ2000, hardest hitting headphones out there. They are like putting your head inside of a subwoofer enclosure.
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  8. GenEricOne
    I own 1060C, TH-X00 PH, and HE-400i. For R&B, Hip Hop, Rock, and EDM for a semi-basshead, the TH-X00 is superior due to the quality and quantity of the bass. The other two are not in the same ballpark for bass (the 1060C may have a tiny bit more texture). Frankly, for R&B, Hip Hop, and EDM, everything about the TH-X00 is at least very good and the TH-X00 has very fun tuning overall without being fatiguing.

    M1060C may be better for Soul and Jazz, especially with female vocals.

    My biggest issue with the M1060C is the lack of response to EQ using a Loki. For some reason, even cranking the 20hz knob all the way just doesn't deliver. When using a Loki, I'd say the HE-400i could even be better for borderline basshead than the M1060C. That said, I do really like the M1060C for more tranquil music or anything where I want the vocals to soar (though my Elex are a better option overall for those songs).
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  9. SnarfSnarf
    This pretty much helped me make my mind up towards a Fostex bio-dynamic set, thanks. Now the quest for TH-X00 vs E-Mu Teaks and the different types of wood for tuning.

    How much of a difference would you say the Lawton mod made on the sound signature? Now that I have Ori Lambskin's I would probably move these over to the Fostex.
  10. GenEricOne
    Driver dampening mod was noticeable and definitely worth the DIY effort and (relatively) small cost. Didn't really change the sound signature in terms of FR, but definitely improved clarity/detail and made the TH-X00 a bit more lively. It's not a night/day difference but it had no downside, just improvement.

    I never tried the full mod with cup dampening as basically everyone (including Mark Lawton when I ordered the tune-up kit) recommended against it due to it sucking the life out of the bass of the TH-X00.
  11. leeperry
    Wow we hear so much differently, to my ears both PH & MG X00 are just nasty-sounding D5000 with very bloated bass + poor dynamics and 400i has no sub-bass whatsoever(I heard 3 samples and 2.5mm is even worse due to a missing outer plate on the driver). I certainly expect 1060C to trump both big time. What headamp/source are you using for that matter?
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2018
  12. GenEricOne
    I'll agree to disagree on the X00 vs 1060C. Don't get me wrong, I like the 1060C overall and it's worth it to me to keep mine vs. selling it, but for someone who is already EQing 10dB of bass into a 4xx, the 1060C isn't going to cut it, especially when the X00 is also an option.

    Take the Loki out of it and the 1060C definitely has more bass than a 400i, by a lot even. But the 1060C has just not responded well to much 20hz boosting using my Loki, and that's with both the stock pads and suede ZMF Auteurs. 400i scales surprisingly well with 20hz boosting from the Loki (which can boost a max of 12dB). My daily rig is currently an Eitr > Mimby > Loki > Y-adapter > Lyr 3 and Magni 3 and I tried it with both amps. Until a few weeks ago I was running a D50 instead of the Eitr + Mimby, same lack of EQ response.

    The lack of EQ response is why I went in the other direction with the pads. Instead of trying to tweak and shoehorn the 1060C into my main personal tastes (sub-bass) at the expense of other things it does really well, I put suede Auteur pads on it and tried to focus on improving its non-bass strengths.

    EDIT: I realized I never explained what, exactly, is wrong with when adding 20hz to the 1060C with the Loki. Two issues: 1) past 4-6dB boost, it stops scaling as I turn the knob up and 2) the all the nice texture it can deliver at +0dB just becomes a gross mess at around the same point on the knob.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2018
  13. FireLion
    What would a good price for Audeze pleathers, adhesive rings and a copper/silver hybrid cable be for these?
    I have them leftover from when I had an m1060c and the pads were much better than stock.
  14. Harmonyx
    What amps have people found to pair best with their M1060C's?

    Damned happy for all the contributions on this thread BTW - helped massively in deciding to make these my first set of planars.

    Has anyone listened to them using the Magni 3?
    I've got a Modi Multibit and trying to choose a good amp to really make the M1060C's shine!

    I'm trying to get my head round how much power these require to approach their full potential... I'm a newbie but I've seen many talk about how much power some planars need (eg some HiFIMAN, T60rp, etc).

    Some even run the difficult to drive headphones via speaker terminals or through special 'direct power' headphone sockets (as found on the Emotiva BasX A-100). I'm pretty sure the noise floor would be unbearable trying to do this with the M1060C's (they're only 18 Ω) but extremely curious to know if anyone has? (You'd have to be careful not to blow them up either!)

    I'm a big fan of these cans... They've truly won me over. Also looking forward to modding mine to open and hearing the difference (new grilles arriving real soon!)
  15. OldDude04
    I've run them off of my Garage1217 Project Polaris and my Magni 3 and had no issues. I've even run them off of my portable amp the Cayin C5, on high gain of course.
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