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Monolith M1060C Closed Back Planar Headphones impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by FastAndClean, Jan 12, 2018.
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  1. frizfnatic
    Just want to throw in that I love a British sense of humor :L3000:
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  2. jcho
    Are you using the vali 2 with 1060c?? How do you like it compare to a solid state? Most people seem to say dislike powering planars with tube.
  3. rgmffn
    Well, I for one don't. I can't stand powering my 2 planars with a solid state amp. One of them being the M1060. It might just be that my tube amps are that much better though.
  4. stoke1863
    Just got these headphones today and here is my initial impressions.

    Ok so i have always had starter gear here is a gear of stuff i have owned.

    * HD600 (current)
    * MSR-7
    * DT990
    * DT770
    * K712
    * Hyper X Cloud
    * HD598

    I will be comparing the HD600 as these have been my fav set and my reference for what is good.

    Ok straight of the bat.. WOW! that low end is amazing coming from the sharp MSR7 and relaxed low end of the HD600, like seriously the sub bass this thing can manage is pretty amazing, especially on a track like James Blake 'Limit to your love' it really feels like there going to vibrate off my head!

    But the best thing about the low end is that it feel so snappy and responsive and really does not bleed into vocals at all. The bass is so tight absolutley no feeling of muddiness.

    Soundstage and imaging again is absolutely top notch, absolutely destroying the HD600 (which is famous for not great soundstage) really really impressive for a closed set of headphones.

    Highs are also very nicely handled, they certainly do not have the crunch or sparkle as some of the Beyerdynamics i have tried but still sound very nice, I personally prefer the way my MSR7 handles the highs though.

    Details are very nice i can pick up lots of subtle cues in the tracks that can be missed on lesser headphones, it doesn't quite beat the HD600 for that but it's not far off.

    **Overall i absolutely love what these headphones can do, they have a balanced sound signature with an absolutely slamming low end which adds great fun, and i know it might be new toy syndrome but i think i prefer it over the HD600.**

    I wish they were sold more easily in EU, i had to import from Amazon, but they sound awesome for the money they cost. I needed closed cans for an open office and they tick the sound box but....

    I REALLY hate the headband and cup design, yes this is already well documented but i hate how the cups swivel around and twist up all the time it really does but a downer on the headphone but its worth living with. I was worried about the weight when i picked them up but the weight honestly melts away when on my head no issues at all.

    Hope this can be of use to someone, im not technically minded and for sure dont have the most anaylitcal ears.
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  5. J-Fly
    ^This is a good review. Despite my opinion on the quality, I was still saving up to buy a pair of M1060Cs. That was until I caught a deal on the Audio Technica ATH-WS1100. I’ve been so impressed with the performance that I’m willing to hold off and wait for a proper M1060C revision or replacement from Monoprice.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2018
  6. Sekka
    Anyone own the M1060C that has also owned the M1060 in the past? I'm curious as to whether or not the M1060C when modded to be open sounds better than the M1060 due to the improved drivers
  7. theangelboy
    Well, it looks like Brainwavz will be making micro-suede earpads. I just got an email announcing them. Other announcements include two new headphones. A $600 planar called the Alara to release in October and the $250 HM100 (a upgraded version of the HM5) in September.

    Anyways, the micro-suede pads will be their oval and the XL Rounds which might be a good fit for the M1060/C and for only $30. Here is a screenshot of the email.

    Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 8.01.05 AM.png
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  8. SheriDublin126
    Has anyone had any luck transforming the 1060c into an open back convertable? When one can put the cups on and off in seconds?
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  9. SomeTechNoob
    I like mine in stock form too much, so I haven't bothered modeling anything beyond the open grills.
  10. SheriDublin126
    Aah I see. Well I've actually made an attempt to mod your open-back grilles SomeTechNoob, into a convertable design with velcro. I was wondering if anyone has tried and could share their results?
  11. SheriDublin126
    Here are some pics:
  12. SheriDublin126
    40209942_182971875838454_4809214785595899904_n.jpg 40240048_335189713890229_7854470108834430976_n.jpg 40284604_436804803475513_6804438209410367488_n.jpg
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  13. SheriDublin126
    Did anyone here attempt, and had any luck, putting the 1060 cups on an Audeze LCd model? I'm wondering if the size would fit the cup size of the lcd-2c? Would be a fun project.
  14. FireLion
    Anybody have an unmodded pair they would like to trade for a tube amp?

    On tuning material maybe the mayflower t50 kit might be a good option.
  15. FireLion
    Anybody looking for a gorgeous OFC copper/Hybrid mix cable and Audeze pleathers with adhesive ring, if so pm me.

    I sold my m1060's and was going to buy them again but ended up getting something else.
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