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Monolith M1060C Closed Back Planar Headphones impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by FastAndClean, Jan 12, 2018.
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  1. leeperry
    So I've spoken to mono's CS and warranty isn't transferable, anyway I got one headed my way so we'll see.

    If 2K rings like hell -even with EQ- it's going back to amazon anyhow ^^
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2018
  2. SomeTechNoob
    I have to use my Schiit Fulla 2's preamp out to my Magni 2 since my Magni 2 gives me close to zero volume control when connected to the full 2v line out. The M1060Cs are surprisingly efficient. Nevertheless I really do love these cans, and mine are unmodded. The only issue I have is their weight and look. Other than that, they've held up well so far.
  3. theangelboy
    From my experience with planar headphones, noise floor is rarely an issue. For example, I have a vintage Technics Su-z900. Pretty good amp but the noise floor on dynamic headphones is unbearably loud. On my HE4XX and HE-400 it's pure black and I can't hear any of the background hiss. My M1060s aren't quite dead quiet but it's low enough to not be audible when anything at all is playing. So that being said, I don't think you need to worry about noise floors with planars unless you are looking at vintage equipment.

    Anyways, I prefer my M1060 on warmer, smoother sources to enhance their big, smooth sound. They sound great out of my Emotiva Bass-X A-100. I run them non-jumpered, the risk of blowing up my 'phones wasn't worth slightly more raw sound but I did test it jumpered with my M1060 and the difference wasn't worth having a single millimeter of usable volume from the dial. I also really like the M1060 out of my IFI ICAN SE and my vintage Technics Su-z900. They sound good out of my Yamaha receiver although they are much less resolving then the aforementioned amps. My first Gen Magni 1 can drive them fine but I don't think they do the M1060 favors with their cold and thinner sound sig. However, I realize that the Magni 3 is a much different beast but to my understanding that seems to be Schiit's house sound for solid state. Tube, of course, is a different story. Interestingly, Monoprice just released an amp to compete with the Magni 3 but with a more tube-y sound. Initial reviews are pretty positive. https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=33304

    With all of that being said, I think the Emotiva or the IFI would be good choices depending on what your requirements are. For instance, if you are also in the market for a good desk speaker amp like I was the Emotiva is a no-brainer. I hope that helps.
  4. Harmonyx
    Good recommendation on the Cayin C5!

    I have one and the M1060C's run very clean from that using the Modi. I tried something a bit random yesterday and, instead of going from the Modi directly into the Cayin C5, I hooked the Modi into my Sony STR-DB790 amp (using for B&W speakers) and then the Cayin C5 via the amp's 1/4" headphone socket.

    I wasn't expecting it to sound great but I was surprised. It has a built in EQ and I was able to get deep, rumbling sub-bass, punchy mid-bass, vocals and mids came through strong and clear. It was great... If the M1060C's sound this impactful through a dodgy setup like this I cant wait to hear them on something more refined (with extra power).

    Sony don't say anywhere what the power output of the headphone socket is.

    Paul Simon's Graceland album (FLAC) sounded phenomenal.

    Incidentally, I had to have the Cayin set to low gain as there was a nasty hiss at high... proving to me this is not a good long term solution but a pretty fun short term one! (Until I find the right dedicated headphone amp).
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  5. SolaVirtus
    I really enjoy mine balanced on a Jotunheim.
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  6. Harmonyx
    Thanks for the info! I hadn't got round to looking at iFi yet. I checked out the iCan Se and it seems like it will suit my needs very very well. Ordered this morning!
    Plenty of power: 4W at 16 ohms!
    3 gain levels
    X Bass
    3D Effect

    I installed the open grilles today. I like the difference in sound quality... Can't wait to throw the iFi into the mix and see how that affects things.

    If I get a set of more demanding (and less sensitive) cans i'll be very tempted to get the Emotiva...
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  7. theangelboy
    Fantastic! Glad I could help. Let me know your impressions once you get it. I love that X Bass switch since I'm a bit of a basshead. The only drawback to the amp that I've found is a lack of a power switch. To get around that I use it with a remote controlled power plug that I bought on eBay for like $10 to turn it on and off.
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  8. leeperry
    For the record, when you need RMA do you have to send back only the phone or full retail box with all accessories please?

    I'm contemplating getting one during BF in the US and having it shipped to the EU by a friend but I guess it must weight a ton fully packed in original box so my saving over buying it in the EU would go down the drain after one single RMA pass.
  9. Harmonyx
    Yes, that X Bass function is something I will definitely have fun with. (Self confessed bass head over here too!)

    Been very keen to check out some iFi products as I've heard how well they implement their features such as X Bass, 3D Sound... I'm not a big fan of software EQ so this is brilliant for me. Thanks for the heads up about the remote power plug! Will try and find a UK supplier.

    I'm loving the sound right now with the open grilles, Modi Multi and Cayin C5 (via my Sony speaker amp)... When the iFi iCan SE is set up I'll give some feedback (i'm expecting some very positive results).
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  10. Harmonyx
    Thanks SolaVirtus!

    I was seriously considering the Jotunheim. Do you use the balanced connection on yours?

    I listened to one at the recent London CanJam with Aeon Flow Opens and it was extremely pleasing to my ears.

    I would have been very happy to use the balanced output to make use of the 5000mW of power to really push the M1060Cs! (Also curious to see if balanced would improve any other aspects such as instrument separation).

    In the end I chose the iFi iCan as i was able to grab one for £279 and the Jotunheim is £420.

    The other stand alone amps that looked like they may synergise well with the M1060C were:

    Audio GD NFB-1AMP: 8 watts at 32 Ohms - (£527)

    Schiit Lyr 3: 6 watts at 32 Ohms (£510)

    Emotiva BasX A-100: 200mW at 33 Ohms / 12 watts at 32 Ohms, Direct Mode! (£299)

    Enjoy the Jot and your M1060Cs!

    At some point I may add the Schiit Loki EQ into the mix for some final tweaking (and sub-bass thunder. lol).

  11. Harmonyx
    Just weighed the box (without the phones). Its about 1100g if that helps.

    I paid £280 from Amazon UK (Monoprice UK website has them at £295)

    If i'd bought them from US and imported it would have cost $330 (£250) + postage + customs duty + 20% VAT tax

    Might be worth importing during Black Friday but I'd also recommend keeping an eye on Amazon site (UK / Europe)
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  12. leeperry
    OK thanks but that doesn't answer my question.
  13. Harmonyx
    Their customer service replies are quick: UKSUPPORT@MONOPRICE.COM

    I don't know the answer. All i can tell you is when i had a problem with the cable they wanted me to send the whole headphone back to them and wouldn't just send out a replacement cable (they didn't specify if they wanted the box as well).

    I get the feeling they have a slightly awkward way of dealing with returns / faults so best to ask them directly. They were very fast at getting back to me.
  14. SolaVirtus
    I do use it balanced almost always. When I first got them I went back and forth a lot between SE and balanced. In the end, balanced I hear a slight improvement to separation, slightly more clean/full/saturated, though those words don’t describe it just right. It is slight though. The other reason is just that I like the balanced cable I have over the stock cable. The Jot certainly has plenty of power either way.
  15. leeperry
    Is it supposed to open up after a little while? Asking coz me no happy out of the box, utter dynamics compression, hazy SS that's quite annoying, metallic & thin mids....yikes, it'd better behave soon or it's going back to amazon on monday. And EQ ain't solving nuttin :xf_eek:

    I can name quite a few vintage orthos that sound a whole lot better to me.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2018
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