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Monolith M1060C Closed Back Planar Headphones impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by FastAndClean, Jan 12, 2018.
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  1. theangelboy
    That sounds like you could have very well gotten a defective pair. But a little burn in certainly doesn't hurt to see if it improves.
  2. leeperry
    There's just no resolution to the mids, bright & thin is all I get. LCD2F sounds a million times better.
  3. ConcreteSnake
    I happened to own a pair and disliked matching with Burson CV2+, bass sounded muffled and highs seemed to be very unnatural. Probalby Output impedance did not want to cooperate. I matched cans with Shanling M1 and it got a bit better but nów enough for me to keep it So I sold them, lol.
  4. leeperry
    Sounds to me like FOTM and/or poor QA but I'll let it burn-in over the week-end at high volume for the hell of it :)

    300 bones for such weight and poor resolution sounds far stretched to say the least :D

    But then again, vanilla 1060 supposedly needs a day of burn-in so be it.

    PS: anyway yeah, 1060C sounds like open drivers that were never meant to be closed. Sending it back to amazon.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2018
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  5. quisxx
    Terribly sorry, I read this wrong. I thought u mean the back grill part. Were you referring to the wooden ring instead?
  6. J-Fly
    Just a heads up. I tried the BFNOW sale code that was emailed to me. The discount on the 1060C headphones with this code is..........$0.00
  7. Hippocamp
    The shouty mids don't go away. But mine responded quite well to EQ:
    Band Mode="Peak/Dip" Frequency="500" Gain="1.5" Bandwidth="1.39"
    Band Mode="Peak/Dip" Frequency="1700" Gain="-4.5" Bandwidth="0.71"
    Band Mode="Peak/Dip" Frequency="3500" Gain="2" Bandwidth="0.41"
    Band Mode="Peak/Dip" Frequency="6300" Gain="2" Bandwidth="0.41"

    BTW, at a similar price, I find the Argon MkIIIs superior. Comparable soundstage and imaging but better mids.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2018
  8. leeperry
    I simply forgot how untrustworthy and misleading those headfi appreciation threads can be, lesson learned even though I got a full refund from amazon this time :D

    I guess open grills for 1060C are a pre, forget about its closed cups altogether.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2018
  9. theangelboy
    Yeah, that's the problem with this hobby. What sounds awesome to one person sounds terrible to another. Going off of anyone else's review is always risky.
  10. leeperry
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2018
  11. bhazard
    Best price ever on the 1060C today at Monoprice.

    Yes, run the headphones open modded. I have not found better, using balanced, at ~$250. I did not like the HE-560 v2/v3 and it's lack of warmth/bass.
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  12. HorseKnight
    1060C is now only $249 at Monoprice.com. I just ordered one with free shipping to NY. I like my 1060 and now expecting 1060C's arrival. I also using the combined shipping discount to order two thick glass computer monitor stands.
    1060C has been at $329 for long time. A BIG drop in price for sure.
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  13. Inoculator
    After going back to my HD 6XXs as my daily drivers, and these gathering dust, I finally decided to try out converting these to open backs. Falling in love with these all over again. Also am currently using the Dekoni Elite Velour pads.

    These just sound so much more natural and way less fatiguing to me as open backs. I always was a fan of the bass on these, but find it even cleaner with the change to open backs. Still incredibly detailed and finding the soundstage much more enjoyable. I originally bought them as my collection lacked a good pair of closed backs, but they had poor isolation so really will not be missing using them closed back.

    With just the tweak of the pads and changing them to open backs these might finally dethrone my 6XXs as my daily drivers.
  14. Harmonyx
    I've had enough time to evaluate the M1060C's (open modded) with the iCan SE and it is a pairing I really like: smooth, detailed yet very relaxing and non-fatiguing.

    After converting these cans to open and running them via this hybrid tube amp they perform very well and punch above their weight - providing you give them enough juice.

    I first tried this set up: Schiit Modi Multi > iFI iCan SE (Listening mostly to FLAC files through J River)

    I liked it. Very clean sound. Bass extended low (nothing missing). Mids were pleasant (Do not find mids shouty or hear any ringing). Vocals pushed slightly forward but i like that.

    Then, out of curiosity, I incorporated my Sony STR-DB790 again as a pre-amp feeding the iCan SE.

    Not as black a background as before but... Goddam! the overall result was a lot better.

    I was happy with how it was before but now, with the Sony's extra power, combined with the smooth / warm sound signature of the iFI iCan, these M1060C Opens suddenly came alive. I've test driven some LCD2 Classics and ZMF Atticus recently and really liked their impact and how they make you feel the music in a tactile way. The M1060C's are now getting closer to that experience (but a little less thickness and a bit more brightness).

    Instrument separation, placement, imaging, detail and micro-detail are all improved. The music has become more holographic. Sometimes the sounds are happening around me and I am sitting in the centre of a performance.

    What also increases the realism and enjoyment is that my open M1060C's can now dish out bass with authority. The detail and texture is outstanding. If i switch the iCan X-Bass on (and eq bass up a touch on the Sony) it is pure bass bliss. Clean, fast, detailed, extends way down low and makes my skin vibrate. Its not bloated and doesn't bleed into other frequencies. (I don't like overly bassy closed cans because of weird resonances that make my ears ring). This crap was clean though, completely controlled with no distortions.

    The headphones have suddenly come to life and in turn brought the music to life. It allowed me to listen to my music collection in a completely new light. I heard details i didn't realise were there even though i'd heard those songs many times before.

    I love the sound signature of the Modi Multi & iFI iCan combo. It just needed a touch more power to make the M1060C Opens shine.

    I will replace the Sony in the future with a better, cleaner solution. But keeping me happy for now...
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  15. theangelboy
    I'm glad you are liking the combo! I do have a question for you though. When you say you are feeding the iCan with the Sony how are you doing that? That Sony is a receiver, right? So is it through the headphone jack, speaker terminals, or is there another output on it? The Sony might be doing a little DSP to the sound even when set to straight through or maybe it's just the DAC chip it uses. My M1060 sounds very pleasant out of my Yamaha receiver even though it hasn't got very much output power out of the headphone jack (I think it's only like 150mW) but it sounds different from my other amps. Whatever the amp does though, the M1060 responds well to it.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2018
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