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Monolith M1060C Closed Back Planar Headphones impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by FastAndClean, Jan 12, 2018.
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  1. theangelboy
    Wow! That's nice! I have never seen stained woodfil before. That turned out awesome!
  2. jj69
    I have a pair on the way to me from Rakuten, but having trouble finding someone to do thee 3D printing for me. Anyone here able to dry o a pair of grills for me?
  3. OldDude04
    HERE is where I had my M1060 grills printed. They did a phenomenal job and I paid like $26 shipped.
  4. Inoculator
    Same here. The woodfil ones I had printed were done by someone just 30 miles from me, had them the next day.
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  5. AudioManNewb
    Can anybody here do a comparison between the M560 and the M1060C?
  6. J-Fly
    I owned both and the M560 couldn’t handle the bass in the type of music I listen to. The M1060C is definitely superior when it actually works. I’m disappointed that the snap on ear pad design from M560 didn’t carry over to the M1060C. Also I honestly couldn’t tell the difference from closed and open options of the M560 but I thought it was a clever idea. I returned the M560 because one side would only work if the cable was halfway inserted which didn’t make sense.
  7. Shroomalistic
    can anyone recommend a decent cable for the m1060c that has a 1/4 inch end. I cant for the life of me find one on aliexpress. I'm looking for something inexpensive but decent quality. I have found some nice cables on there for dirt cheap just not sure what will work on the m1060 since they have the single pole 2.5mm ends.
  8. OldDude04
    What is the budget? That might help us so we don't suggest you something too expensive.
  9. Shroomalistic
    under 100 for sure, closer to 50 if possible. Main thing is what will work. from what ive read the he400 cables will work but the ends are different so its got me confused. I have the cable thats from monoprice that is OCC copper but it feels cheap. After getting some new cables for my ibasso it01's and for my tin audio t2's, they feel amazingly built. I wanted something like those for my m1060c's
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2018
  10. OldDude04
    I got my cable that I use on my M1060, and it worked on my M1060c, from Periapt Cables. It's a great 7ft cable and I paid $70 something shipped. You can get a 5ft for a bit less too. Here are some pics:

    1.jpg 2.jpg
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  11. SolaVirtus
    I'll vouch for periapt too. I'm using a 4 pin balanced version similar to the above with M1060C and it's great.
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  12. AJZ0
    Currently I have this US$12 1.2m cable attached to my HIFIMAN HE400i, whick has the same connectors. While cheap, it's well constructed, has good strain relief and the soft rubbery plastic has negligible microphonics.


    I'm still using the original US$14.99 Monoprice cable on my M1060C.


    For US$29.99 Monoprice has a clear plastic coated braided cable which looks pink in the picture.


    You'll need a US$0.75 ¼" TRS stereo adapter. You can have one of mine free.
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  13. J-Fly
    Man, I have to give Monoprice customer service a thumbs down. All the hoops I've had to go through just to get a RMA status update is insane. I'm still in limbo with no information.
  14. jotaku
  15. jotaku
    How did this end up working for you? What did it do to the sound?
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