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Monolith M1060C Closed Back Planar Headphones impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by FastAndClean, Jan 12, 2018.
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  1. SheriDublin126
    The closed back sound was retained when attaching it by using velcro instead of screws. I reccomend it for quick convertible style usage.
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  2. SomeTechNoob
    The monoprice 1/4" adapter is pretty garbo. I recommend the UGreen ones on Amazon, since they also work with TRRS connectors intended for android + mic.
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  3. Harmonyx
    Yeap, the adapter that came with mine was doa.
  4. jotaku
    This is interesting. I've heard alot of people complain about the adapter that comes with the M1060/M1060C, but I've ordered several 1/4" adapters from Monoprice over the years for different applications and people and never had a problem with any of them.
  5. Inoculator
    Recently added a Schiit Loki to my chain, and it is really taking the 1060c to another level. I am still toying with prefered setting, but biggest benefit seems to be bumping up the mid-bass knob, giving these cans a much fuller sound and more balanced/natural mids.. Also fun to be able to crank the bass knob and turn these into bass cannons with little to no distortion. Thought I would use it to tame the supposed ringing in the mids, but I think making them open back sorted out that issue for me. (probably why I no longer find them fatiguing). Fun little device that the 1060c respond very well to.
  6. jj69
    Just got my M1060C. First impression out of the box, with no mods and no burn in, is that these are in every way superior to the M1060 - it's not even close.

    Local public library has quoted me $5.00 for a pair of the open hex grills. Hoping they can print them tomorrow...
  7. Harmonyx
    So glad you have confirmed the Schiit Loki works well with the M1060Cs (another HeadFi-er reported they respond very poorly). I've been thinking about getting one to improve the sound of my set. I've got bass and treble control on my amp (which the M1060Cs respond to incredibly well) but I'm hoping the Loki will work even better, especially as they have the sub bass level control (20Hz!). Incredible headphones for the price.
  8. J-Fly
    There’s a new Schiit Magni that people are going crazy over. It didn’t match up well with my iPod classic in regards to line out connection.
  9. jj69
    image1.jpeg image2.jpeg I had a local public library 3D print grills for my M1060C using the SomeTechNoob file on Thingverse. Unfortunately, something clearly went wrong. See attached photos. Any idea of what went wrong and how to correct it?
  10. SomeTechNoob
    It looks like your local library prints with a "brim". This means that they print a thin flat layer around the piece as well to reduce the chance of print warping. If tuned properly, you should be able to just peel off the extra flanges from each hexagon. Might have to clean up the mounting holes as well with a xacto blade or something.
  11. jj69
    It doesn't look possible to salvage these. The extra material looks pretty sturdy.

    If I have them reprinted, should i just ask them to print without a brim? Will they understand what that means?
  12. OldDude04
    If it turns out they are unable to get it right for you, try 3D Hubs, that's where I got my grills for my M1060 and they arrived flawless.
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  13. Inoculator
    Really interested to hear what you think of the 1060c closed vs. open since you have owned the 1060 before. Once you get your open grills sorted out of course!
  14. jj69
    Anyone have a photo handy if what a printed grill should look like so I can send it to the librarian?
  15. OldDude04
    Here is a pic of mine from 3D Hubs for the M1060, but yours should look very similar.

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