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Monolith M1060C Closed Back Planar Headphones impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by FastAndClean, Jan 12, 2018.
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  1. FireLion
    Anybody want a pad and cable upgrade? New, pm me.
  2. AJZ0
    M1060C $290.06, limit 20, free shipping.
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  3. Shroomalistic
    Did a little more tweaking to my m1060c, I replaced the felt with the foam from my he4xx box and cut the foam identical to the felt pads, removed the white crap that covers the drivers and did the felt fuzzor mod to the driver side. On top of that with the Suede Eikon pads and open back grills these sound phenomenal. Super neutral, clean, open ..... just fantastic. I also added my zmf pilot pad to it. The comfort level is top notch also.
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  4. Inoculator
    While I am currently trying to sell my beloved 1060c, I may have to give some of these mods a try before parting with them. Basically have the same setup other than the felt fuzzor mod. Only thing I found with this setup is the need to bump the mids a bit with EQ, made them sound much more lively and full. The 1060c is a pretty ridiculously proficient headphone, ultimately just needs a few mods/adjustment to shine. Also love to crank the bass on these, I always test cans with James Blake, might have to fire these up one last time with his album this Friday. That planar bass doesn't mess around.
  5. jotaku
    Wait so you did a fuzzor mod on the grill side or the pad side? What difference did you notice?
  6. Shroomalistic
    So I had my pads off and figured screw it why not give it a try. The main thing I noticed it helping is a bass ringing that I was experiencing but only in a few certain songs. Listen to Aimee Mann - Save Me. You can kinda hear and echo in the bass strum.
  7. Kopfkraut
    Youtube reviews and demos have gotten me really hyped for the M1060C, but skimming through the most recent few pages I might be better off waiting for a new model with more consistent QC and a better headband.

    Excuse me for not wanting to read 47 pages of posts, but has anyone tried to mod these while keeping them closed? Tried some different pads, maybe played with some different dampening in the cups?
  8. 329161
    Will this work? I want to mod the m1060c with this headband and replace the domed earcups with flat enclosures. I want to use them portably and I think these changes will make it look more or less like an LCD 2 c , which I think is about the limit of acceptability appearance wise to be used in public. I understand the sound quality may be affected but think it will be fun to experiment with varying degrees of opening up the enclosures.
  9. 329161
    How do these compare with higher end planars eg el8, Aeon Flow Closed and LCD2c?
  10. SomeTechNoob
    I have demo'd LCD2C Closed backs. As much as I like my M1060Cs, they are a far cry from the LCD2Cs. The Audeze have a much wider sound stage with a warmer sound signature with mids that are less harsh.
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  11. jotaku
    I agree with SomeTechNoob. But let's remember that the LCD2C closed back also cost 2x the m1060c.
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  12. theangelboy
    Twice the price and twice as ugly. I'm really not a fan of the cup design that Audeze chose. Subjective looks aside, this doesn't surprise me at all since Audeze would have had time to buy an M1060C and make sure that their tuning sounded better than the competition.
  13. Jonathan Lerner
    Do you guys know if the audeze headband and rod adjustment system can work with the m1060c
  14. jotaku
    Yes it can. Someone posted a mod for the M1060/M1060C.
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  15. jotaku
    Found the Mod. It is for the M1060, but it should work for the M1060C.

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