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Millett "Starving Student" hybrid amp

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  1. nullstring

    As it turns out, the resistor connected to the positive voltage was cold soldered (I never reflowed this one, it was the best looking joint on the terminal strip >_<)
    Thanks again for the help.
  2. the_equalizer


    No problem! So it was indeed R2. Great to hear you got it back up and running again!
  3. AudioNoob
    Is there anyway to get a kit to build a ~100 millett?
  4. FallenAngel Contributor
    SSMH for $100?  Yes, easily possible, buy parts form Mouser, get tubes/sockets elsewhere.
  5. marcus76
  6. marcus76
    Hi there Head-Fi,
    First post, my name is Marcus and i'm from germany, excuse my bad english.

    After reading most of this thread (which took quite some time),
    I decided to go for a build even though some parts got me confused.
    I have some soldering experience and from the many great builds i've seen so far i thought it could be possible for me to do too.
    There's only a problem with sourcing the parts here in germany since i don't want the shipping costs to eat up my budget that much by ordering at like 4 to 5 stores. Another problem would be which bom to use for an 12au7 build?
    (Which of the modifications would be useful for my senn hd650 for example?)
    I already checked some online stores, most of them only had some of the parts needed, were to pricey compared to the orig. bom, some parts not available at all, plus i can't decide which comparable parts would fit.
    I'll make a list/bom at the weekend and post it here, maybe someone could check it and tell me if i chose the right parts,
    before i place an order.
    btw, already ordered parts are the power supply and some cheap nos tubes for 8 euro a pair.
    I took a look at www.jacmusic.com/nos/ECC82.htm and got me two jan 6189W sylvania.
    Hopefully these will do for my first try.
    Thanks in advance for any help/info ,
  7. livewire
    @ Beftus - Nice clean looking build you got there!
    And it works without problems? Good feeling, aint it?
    Ha-Ha! I hear you about the bowl of spagetti inside, mine is like that too.
    @ marcus76 - Your english is perfect! No worries there.
    Beftus and the_equalizer are two of the 12AU7 experts around this thread.
    (I'm not, mine is a 19J6 model, I havent taken the time to study other variants.)
    I'm sure they will check in to help with your B.O.M. Good luck!
  8. the_equalizer

    Those tubes will certainly do fine for your build; you also need to get 9-pin mini tube sockets (like these ones).
    As to which BOM to use, I believe there's no published BOM for P2P builds of a 12AU7 amp with Dsavitsk's improvements. You can either build using Pete Millett's original BOM (omit the tubes and tube sockets, naturally) and skip on Dsavitsk's improvements or use the diyforums.org BOM (again, omitting the tubes and tube sockets) and add three or four terminal strips (part number in Pete Millett's original BOM)
    Finally, regarding where to source your parts from, I hope some of the builders in the thread that reside in Europe chime in and help you.
    Good luck with your build and let us know how it goes; it's always nice hearing that a new SSMH has come to life.
  9. AudioNoob
    beezar doesn't sell pcbs/cases anymore, how would I get those?
  10. Ikarios


    If you want the original case, look for the Hammond model number. You'll have to drill holes yourself. You can use whatever case you want, but most likely you'll still have to drill holes yourself.
    PCBs have been gone for a while; most builds since 19J6 stock ran out have been 12AU7, and point-to-point air-wired or done on a perfboard. It definitely takes more work, but you learn some more in the process because you basically have to understand the schematic.
  11. Beftus
    Have you tried Conrad.de? I order from Conrad.nl regularly, IME most of the stuff needed can be found @ Conrad. The parts needed to make one is pretty much bog standard stuff. Since German and Dutch Conrad part numbers are identical I can even help you find stuff that's difficult to locate in their catalog.
  12. Beftus
    Thanks for the praise, but I don't consider myself to be an expert. BTW I really like spaghetti [​IMG]
  13. Secretninja
    Well, I got it finished but it doesn't work. One tube lights up, and produces sound, which I guess is a good thing.  It is however, very quiet.  The other tube fails to light up and the mosfet doesn't generate any heat.  Assuming I can figure out where I screwed up and fix the other channel, would removing the 50k resistors I put in between the rca jacks and the pot give it some more volume?
    Thanks for any input.
    Well, I tried re-flowing all the joints on the side that doesn't work, but no luck.  I'm hoping it isn't a problem where the mosfet is mounted, because that is epoxied in place.  Tomorrow I am going to pick up a piece of protoboard from radio shack and redo it on there.  I have more experience working with through holes, and I can check everything piece by piece.
  14. the_equalizer
    Low volume in the other channel is most likely an indicator of a miswiring in that channel too, if anything the SSMH is too loud, not too quiet. The only recommendation I can give you is to sit down and calmly trace your build against the schematic, wire by wire, pin by pin.
    Good luck!
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