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Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

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  1. TheAttorney
    Mostly in this and similar threads, plus some conversations in the Meze room at this years London show.

    In short, Meze trialled a variety of finishes on pre-production models. I'm aware of black, copper and silver for the grill colour, but there could have been more, (Black is my shorthand for a dark grey/gun metal colour that Meze clarified recently in this thread).

    For the production models, Meze chose black for the first 2 runs of 500 each. They haven't stated what colour the 3rd batch will be, so some of us are putting in our votes early for copper to help them make the correct decision :)
    It's only the grill that changes, not the whole headphone, so hopefully Meze will gain confidence to add different colours depending on how fast the first 2 batches sell.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2018
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  2. TheDuke990
    Ah okay. Thanks for the explanation. Maybe I will wait until copper is available. Looks sexy :relaxed:
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2018
  3. koenoe
    I hate to be the one to report the first negative comment about the Empyrean, but this is how my damaged Empyrean arrived:

    beschadiging-frame-1.jpg beschadiging-frame-2.jpg beschadiging-grill.jpg
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  4. JamieMcC
    Please keep us updated on your experience with Meze customer service in resolving this.
  5. koenoe
    Didn't buy them directly from Meze, but from my Dutch dealer. I've just contacted him and he's on it. He's heavily surprised as the guys from Meze are quality freaks.
    Anyway, even though I'm heavily disappointed I'm sure it will be sorted soon :)
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    Minus the gripe with the damage. What do you think about the sound?
  7. koenoe
    Haven't listened enough yet to have an opinion. I'm going to do a review this weekend with a comparison to the LCD-4 (latest drivers).
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  8. Oscar-HiFi
    Have you checked the white on the grill is definitely a scratch. Our pair had a tiny white spot which turned out to be some sort of dust or powder.
  9. koenoe
    Yes. And scratches/marks on the frame, 100%.
    Obviously I wouldn't post this without making sure it's not 'some sort of dust or powder'.
    Sweet, I used to own the 4z which would be pretty similar to yours.
  11. ciukas
    Totally agree. I've received the very best customer service from both Vlad, and Mircea these last 4 months. @koenoe I'm confident your dealer or the Meze team will take care of you.
    Question to all the owners, can someone do a nice little unboxing video of the Empyrean? and post it on Youtube or something. :)
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  13. SuperDuke
    Now that there will be several Empeyean owners out there - in addition to impressions of the HP itself I'd be interested to hear comparisons with different amps. I am glad to see more TOTL planars with higher efficiency coming to the market now.
  14. Nomax
    I think i can do this later this day i have more then one unit without my bad english lol

    Last edited: Nov 29, 2018
  15. musicday
    There is already one, but in Hungarian language.
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