1. M

    DAC / Amp for Meze Empyrean

    Hi there, so I have Empys coming next week and thinking if my actual setup will pairs well. As a DAC I currently have RME ADI 2 FS hooked to SMSL SP200 and Topping A90. Based on posts here in various threads I bought Bryston BHA-1 (used for a really nice price). As my knowledge goes Bryston...
  2. T

    Meze Empyrean dead driver after 1 year

    Meze Empyrean dead driver, after 1 year, in the middle of a listening sessions the left driver died out of the blue. Cables, another source tried, nope. :( Have had to send back the factory to Romania. Now I am waiting and hoping...Very disappointing from a high priced product. Anybody here with...
  3. alxw0w

    [FS/FT] Meze Empyrean gunmetal ~2 months old price reduced SOLD

    Hello, today for sale I have Meze Empyrean gunmetal color. Set was bought 20.04.2020 so it's like ~2 months old. Very good condition. No scratches marks or anything. Package comes like original: - case, also foam "cheeks" and cardboard box - all paper work - leather and alcantara pads. The...
  4. ra990

    SOLD: 4' Corpse GraveDigger Cardas 1/8" Cable for Audeze or Empyrean

    Up for sale is a Corpse GraveDigger Cardas Cable that I purchased for the Meze Empyrean. They are also compatible with most Audeze headphones. These are my go-to aftermarket cables. They are very neutral, use high quality Cardas copper conductors and brand name terminations, good solder, are...
  5. ic3m4n2005

    New headset for competitive fps!?!?

    Hi guys, my situation developed like this, a long time ago (probably 15 to 20 years) i bought an Audio Technica A900 for gaming (cs 1.6 and 1st person shooters in general) since i didn't like the overpriced gaming headsets that constantly broke and wanted to hear music as well. For a microphone...
  6. LeMat

    SOLD: Meze Empyrean - Like New - PRICE DROP

    Letting go a pair of Empyrean in Gunmetal* finish with 1/4 jack Absolutely pristine condition (frame, pads, cable, case, ... everything!) 1st owner. Probably not even 150 hours on it. Comes with original cardbox, invoice, etc. Never registered. They're as good as everyone says but now that I...
  7. Homrsimson


    https://imgur.com/a/Xs9HZcf Up for sale is a pristine Danacable lazuli reference terminated with rean mini-XLR connectors, which will work with the Meze Empyrean, all ZMF headphones, and most if not all Audeze full size headphones. 2 meter length and 4 pin XLR termination. The cable retails for...
  8. azeral

    //SOLD// Meze Empyrean + 3 ft 3.5mm mini XLR cable

    //SOLD at 2050 USD// For sale is my well cared for Meze Empyrean. From a pet/smoke/pathogen free home. I'm looking to fund my transition into a full two channel setup now that my office rig will be getting less use, so I'm letting these go. They come with all standard accessories (shown)...
  9. electrathecat

    FS: Meze Empyrean in minty condition at great price! SOLD

    Due to getting a pricey new car recently (just before the pandemic hit so great timing :xf_rolleyes:), I unfortunately have to cull some of my lesser-used equipment to relieve the cash crunch I'm in or my wife will force me to self-quarantine on the couch for the next 12 to 18 months. My loss is...
  10. Wifiman

    WTB Meze empyrean/Abyss 1266 phi

    I am looking to buy a pair of Meze empyrean or abyss 1266 phi. Please PM me if you have one for sale, thanks!
  11. juanix

    [SOLD] Meze Empyrean

    Selling a pair of Meze Empyreans that I acquired from another head-fier here. They are in great condition with only 2 superficial blemishes that I could see. I took pictures under bright lights to emphasize the blemishes. Comes with the standard 1/4 inch cable and all its accessories (suede...
  12. mightytison

    Meze Empyrean Gold/Black **SOLD**

    Like new condition Meze Empyrean in the new Gold/Black color. I'm getting out of the headphone game and moving to beef up my 2 channel audio system. These are less than 2 months old and in perfect condition. They come with the 1/4" connector. Price includes PP fees and shipping to CONUS. Thank...
  13. xxx1313

    SOLD: Norne Silvergarde S3 for ZMF, Audeze, Empyrean, HEDDphone (EU)

    I am only selling this great flagship silver cable from Norne Audio, because I have no matching headphones left. The Silvergarde S3 cable is 1.5m (5ft.) long, with 6.3mm Oyaide connector and with mini-XLR plugs for headphones from ZMF, Audeze, Meze Empyrean, HEDDphone etc. I am the second owner...
  14. Free3

    abyss ab-1266 phi tc amp/Dac recommendations.

    Hello all. Recently I've been thinking about picking up a new pair of cans. Ive been leaning towards the Meze Empyrean or the Abyss ab-1266 phi tc. The problem is I only have an Oppo HA-2 Amp to drive them with, i was thinking of maybe picking up the chord mojo Amp for them but I'm not sure if...
  15. justin w.

    @ HeadAmp: Meze Empyrean in Black Copper and GS-X mini

    Now shipping at HeadAmp: Meze's lush Empyrean in new black copper finish. We have a few in stock, ready to ship today! A great pairing with our GS-X mini amplifier. (Empyrean ships to U.S. addresses only; GS-X mini ships worldwide).
  16. MoonAudio

    NEW - Meze Audio Empyrean - Black Copper

    $2,999.00 Just Announced - Meze Empyrean in "Black Copper." Arriving next week at Moon Audio Check out the new color scheme here: https://www.moon-audio.com/meze-audio-empyrean-headphones.html Read our review of the Empyrean to see why it's "the ultimate endgame."...
  17. MoonAudio

    NEW - Meze Audio Empyrean - Black Copper

    Just Announced - Meze Empyrean in "Black Copper." Arriving next week at Moon Audio Check out the new color scheme here: https://www.moon-audio.com/meze-audio-empyrean-headphones.html Read our review of the Empyrean to see why it's "the ultimate endgame."...
  18. xxx1313

    SOLD: Norne Einvaldi cable for Audeze, ZMF, Meze Empyrean, etc (EU)

    Selling an excellent condition Norne Einvaldi reference headphone silver/copper hybrid cable. Original box/case as pictured. 5 feet length (about 1.5m) with Eidolic Rhodium terminations. With 6.3mm plug (1/4") and mini-XLR (for Audeze LCD, Empyrean, ZMF, etc). Only selling because I also sold...
  19. HiP1

    SOLD Meze Empyrean

    Hi guys, I got these from another member here that bought them last July. Really enjoyed quite a bit of time with them, but it's time that we go our separate ways :) Gorgeous build and materials. Sound wise, they have been called the best in the world and overrated, at the same time. So, I'll...
  20. mightytison

    Meze Empyrean **SOLD**

    FS are my Meze Empyrean. I am the second owner. I bought them from a user here. They are in excellent condition, work perfectly and come with the XLR balanced cable option. I have put around 100 hours on them myself. Price is with PP and shipping paid to CONUS.
  21. iamalex

    **SOLD** Meze Empyrean WITH Wireworld Platinum Eclipse

    Bought at Stereotec in Zürich (Switzerland) in July 2019. Used around 10 - 15 hours, so it's almost like new. Comes with all the standard accessoires PLUS a 2m Wireworld Platinum Eclipse all silver cable with 1/4" jack (6.3mm). Selling all my gear due to personal reasons. Discount can be given...
  22. kumar402

    sold : Meze Empyrean - Sold

    hi, Up for sale is my Meze empyrean. I have babied this headphone to a degree that I never put them on headphone stand. I am no longer able to use Open back headphone at home and as a result I have to let go of this wonderful headphone. This is packed in It's suitcase for past 1 month. Will be...
  23. xxx1313

    FS: Meze Empyrean with Meze upgrade cable (EU)

    Selling a Meze Empyrean in very good used condition (pictures below), no dents, no scratches. It comes in the original metal case and cardboard box. Manufactured in November 2018, got it delivered in December, so it is under warranty. The Empyrean comes with the official Furukawa PCUHD copper...
  24. xxx1313

    SOLD: MEZE EMPYREAN in excellent condition (EU)

    Selling a Meze Eympyrean in excellent condition (pictures below). It comes with the original headphone cable, in the metal case and cardboard box. Manufactured in November 2018, got it delivered in January 2019, manufacturer warranty is at my name. Very little use only. I will let this great...
  25. italiandoc1

    SOLD! (Please Close) - LCD4 - Cocobolo - Mint with Full Kit!

    Hey all, These are in near flawless condition and functioning perfectly. Comes with Amplifier Surgery balanced 4 pin XLR. See pics. Best bass response I've heard in a headphone, but don't get enough head time as I've been on an electrostatic kick and listening to 2 channel. Have good...