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Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Jan 13, 2016.
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  1. BunnyNamedCraig
    I think for the price/performance and also what you get accessory wise its really impressive. I accept it for what it is because of all those things (not saying you don't btw).

    Sadly what your describing is probably the Empyrean that they created. I say sadly because due to the technology and the R&D they had to put into makes the headphone $3K. They stepped it up BIG TIME from the 99 Classic and Neo but it isn't priced to the masses. I think the 99 Classic and especially the Neo are well priced for a larger demographic.

    Hopefully we can get some trickle down effect of the new tech of the Empyrean that will be the headphone you describe, at a much lower price in the future. Heres hoping :L3000:
    I looked up both headphones impedances and also sensitivities. They don't seem to far off of each other. I thought there might have been an impedance mismatch with your amps or something. Possibly poor synergy with the gear you have? have you listened to the Meze's off other amps, or even your phone? I would compare a bunch to see if its synergy related with gear. If thats not the case then maybe you just prefer the presentation of your M50 more. I honestly don't find the Meze to be a strong V shape.
  2. Lurk650
    I listen to a lot of sub bass music, the 99C perform great IMO. Switch to Sheepskin pads from Brainwavz, the thicker pads create more distance allowing the subbass/bass to develop more.
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  3. soundboy94
    Are you using the angled or the normal ones
  4. Lurk650
    Oval Normal
  5. davidcotton
    How is the isolation on these? After a pair of headphones for use in a noisy factory type setting. Atm I use the venerable sennheiser hd25-II's which are fine but find the clamp a bit too much for a full day. Also how are these for glasses wearer's? As I sit at a screen for around 7 hours a day I need to wear glasses a lot. Would be using them with a hiby r6 and listen to prog rock and metal.

  6. Bansaku
    First off, the 99 Classics excellent at rock and metal. Bar none one of the finest headphones for those genres. As for noise isolation, they are great. Nothing spectacular (average for a closed can) but in regards to myself when I wear them my 2 lovebirds and 1 parrot become damn near invisible when music is played. Clamping force is average as well; Like all headphones YMMV because no two heads are alike nor are the spring-steel headbands on the 99 Classics. Lastly, glasses. It really depends on the style. If your glasses have arms that are straight and hug the head you should have no issues. However I find that if the arms flair out the 99 Classics tend to put too much pressure on them. Like the clamping force, it comes down to the individual.


    It's early in my day, and I have a rant brewing...:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    Just a word of advice, and this goes for a lot of the users in the forums (and this thread), please PLEASE stop wearing your headphones for hours straight! While wearing headphones for hours ins't a problem, it's the fact that people forget to take them off every 1-1/2 - 2 hours to not only air out the cups but give your poor ears a break! This will not only promote better ear health, but make wearing the cans for long periods of time much more comfortable! I laugh (then give myself a face-palm) every time I read that X user can't wear their 99 Classics for 6-7 hours straight. Duh! You are torturing yourself! Take it from a 40 year old with ears rivalling teenager's, stop this madness! Oh, and one more bit of tied in advice. If you are listening to headphones many hours straight in front of a screen (gaming, work) with no break, think of what that is doing to not only your ears but your back, legs, eyes and more seriously your bladder!
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2018
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  7. Lurk650
    Switching to Brainwavz Sheepskin Ovals with help with isolation and comfortability
  8. Pott
    Ok after a few days my ears have accommodated to the new sound and while there could maybe be a smidge more bass or midrange, I have come to really enjoy the Meze 99 Neo. It's a different perspective on music than the M50s.
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  9. ostewart
    My silver plated balanced cable has arrived :D (the new one they just released)

    I'll keep you all updated
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  10. Dobrescu George
    I found a little DAC/AMP that really works amazingly well with Meze 99Classics :)

    I also have both of Meze's new cables in for review, and I'll be looking into sharing my thoughts on them as soon as I can :)

    If you ever need a really nice Desktop DAC/AMP to drive Meze 99 Classics, Burson Play does a sweet job :)

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  11. Lurk650
    Burson products are solid, I love my Conductor Air
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  12. Dobrescu George
    This is the first Burson product I had contact with and I'm absolutely blown by how much awesomeness they have in there for 300 USD. Really, I can't think of a better deal at 300 USD for a DAC/AMP right now, if you don't need portability. This is a desktop device after all :)
  13. loopfreak
    Can you explain a bit more why do you like the pairing ?
  14. Dobrescu George
    Surely, the control and authority Burson Play has over the entire sound :)

    If you listen to Burson Play driving Meze 99 Classics you'll feel like more entry level sources can sound a bit loose, while with this, the sound has much better control and detail. It is like the bass gets a boost in resolution, which is really welcome for 99Classics as their driver can keep up.

    I had a similar experience when using them with iFi Micro iDSD Black Label, similar bump in overall control and resolution
  15. rafaelo
    IMG_20180721_093028024_TOP.jpg I placed a burson audio V5i opamp in my little bear b4 tube amplifier and the sound is amazing as well and for less than 100£ total price (plus 89£ for the es100 bluetooth adapter). The sound signature it provides gives me the impression of a lot more expensive systems.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2018
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