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Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Jan 13, 2016.
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  1. Phronesis
    I continue to be impressed with the 99 Classics. For someone on a tight budget, decent smartphone + 99 Classics may be one of the most cost-effective paths to get hi-fi.
    Last edited: May 26, 2018
  2. koover
    That’s so true. I’m still amazed every day how good these sound along with the Neo. I always seem to be reaching for these when I get home and fire up my desktop setup even though I have supposedly better and more expensive HP’s. These punch and prove themselves way over their price point. Their measurements don’t stack up against other high end gear (if that’s important to you versus sound) but I don’t care, they just tick off most of my sound signature wants.
    Love to get some open back 99’s if they’re developed then sold.
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  3. tskeng
    Have been burning in the 99s for about a week. Sound has really opened up.

    Reminded me of the time I first listened to the demo pair at the stereo shop. I couldn't believe I walked out without purchasing a pair.

    But of course after deep deep regrets, I went back 3 days later to get them.

    No more regrets!
  4. thisisaman
    Hi guys. I am looking for the exact sound that the first gen pad 99 classics have. I would describe what I want as very real sounding timbre. Big bass not touching the mids, lifelike natural mids and natural non sibilant highs. I'm coming from rather different headphones right now but this is what I'm looking for. So should I go with the classics with whatever latest pads they are providing now? I read one of the members saying that with the latest pads, the neos actually sound more like what I want. I don't know :no_mouth: I don't think there are any other ones with this type of sound in this price range. Help!!
  5. mbwilson111
    My Neos sound to me like what you are describing. You may or may not agree. Also in this price range you might consider the 1More Triple Driver Over Ear H 1707. I love mine and they are a bit more portable.
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  6. thisisaman
    Thanks for the quick reply! I was considering the 1more quad drivers(supposedly a slightly refined version of the 3 drivers) but while all reviews are good. No one praised the mids as being particularly special. So held off that decision. I love my soundstage so it was a tough decision not to buy them though along with that portability. Btw when did you buy your neos. You know... for the pads.
  7. mbwilson111
    There is no quad headphone. I am talking about the 1More Over Ear headphone.

    I know of no pad change to the Neo. I bought mine when first available...long after the Classic was introduced.
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  8. thisisaman
    Oh Sorry I misunderstood. Those look interesting too. I'll read up more on those.
    That is very comforting. One less variable lol. Have you heard the new pads on classics as well? If yes how would you compare the neos and classics with both having the new pads?
    Last edited: May 26, 2018
  9. mbwilson111
    My husband has had the Classic since they first came out. I tried them with the original small pads and found it too painful to listen to any music so I didn't. Later he was sent the larger pads and that made them much more comfortable. I spent some time with them before ordering my Neo to make sure that I would have no issues with the comfort. Now that I have had the Neo for serveral months I have compared them a little to the Classic. I prefer the Neo. I cannot really go into any more detail because it has been a while since I heard the Classic and I do not enjoy doing such comparisons. I prefer to get lost in the music. The Neo allows me to so that. So does the 1More Triple Driver H1707 that I mentioned.
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  10. sauronmordor756
    Try getting the Dekoni earpads if you want to completely replicate the sound of the original pads
  11. Mhog55
    How much big bass? Neo definitely digs deeper. Probably better mids too imo. Neither is sibilant, but the Classics have the better treble imo. It's even a touch more laid back in the Neo. I think the Neo images a little better, and the Classics have a bit more stage. As for timbre, wood is good.
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  12. rafaelo
    Oh yeah...does not dissapoint for sure...it took a burn in time of 3 miliseconds to notice the difference...:)

    Thanks so much ifi you made my day today...(or my night in order to be more exact...)

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  13. thisisaman
    I am reading up on those. Love the talk of soundstage on these.

    Which pads exactly? Can you provide a link please?

    I love stage and timbre so I think I would gravitate more towards the classics then.
  14. kdoof
    He's referring to the Dekoni m50x pads. To provide a counter opinion (and I've actually tried them), they do not improve the sound of the 99 Classics, and render them mostly incoherent and muddled sounding. I highly doubt any of the earlier Meze pads made them sound like that at all.

    The 99 Classics have nice imaging and excellent instrument separation, but soundstage isn't their strong suit. There aren't many closed backs with a strong soundstage anyway though. I can't really speak to the Neo in comparison or anything has I haven't heard them.
  15. thisisaman
    I take it that you have the larger pads as well? Any suggestions about pads from your side? I will take as many opinions as I can.
    Yeah I do have open backs for home listening. Was just talking about the soundstage being good for a portable closed back. though I'm reading that the 1more triple driver headphones are outstanding there. But their mids are probably not as good as the Meze.
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