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Metrum Pavane

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by goobicii, May 14, 2015.
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  1. Energy
    I had a Pavane but preferred the Holo Audio Spring for it’s DSD capabilities which made it sound better than PCM when utilizing HQPLAYER’s upsampling feature. If comparing the two on strictly PCM music (without upsampling to DSD) then I’d say that the Pavane was ahead of the Spring by 10%. The Terminator however is a step up from both. It sounds neutral like the Pavane but offers slightly more sense of air and detail. The Spring on the other hand has a denser and more sweet sound to it with the cost of losing an itsy bitsy amount of sound stage. All in all, the lower, midrange, and upper frequencies extend much further on the Pavane than on the Spring and it’s wider stage makes it sound like a great pairing with speakers. The Spring is smaller and intimate which would pair well with headphones (although it does good on smaller speakers like studio monitors too). The Terminator extends even further than the Pavane and has the almost the same denseness as the Spring but not as lively or warm. The Pavane has a better low end than the Spring. It’s neutral but boy does that bass hit hard.

    Anyway, kinda weird for me to jump all over the place in sound explanations but that’s the main things I remember or at least was worthy of remembering.
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  2. Chopin75
    So it is actually more expensive to buy from the actual company than from a retail sales ? Does not make any sense. Sure one can bargain to price match HiFi Heaven. (but remember the Vat should not be charged but one may need to pay import sales tax depending on the US state.
  3. cj3209
    I purchased directly from Metrum because I wasn't sure the US sellers had any warranties.
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