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Metrum Pavane

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by goobicii, May 14, 2015.
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  1. gvl2016
    I can argue that listening to NOS is dumb and probably be more right as there is nothing more in NOS than EQ. And I don't need to take a second mortgage to buy an MScaler when there is HQ Player.
  2. George Hincapie
    As Ken said, this isn't the thread for you.
  3. gvl2016
    This forum is so predictable.
  4. George Hincapie
    Because people don't like you talking badly about components they like?

    So instead of being negative about Metrum, why don't you find what makes you happy?
  5. ken6217
    MIT Oracle.
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  6. ken6217
    No. Oversampling is not dumb. Buying a non-oversampling DAC and then oversampling is dumb.
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  7. gvl2016
    It is really not for redbook, but arguing here is futile.
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2019
  8. ken6217
  9. CreditingKarma
    Has anyone compared the TT2 with the Metrum Pavane Lv3? I just got the tt2 but am curious about the pavane I had one on order and ended up canceling the order due to a long wait period.
  10. ken6217
    I think that's like saying has anybody compared a dog to a cat. Two different animals. literally. One is an amp and DAC, and the other os a DAC. Also one is a NOS DAC and the other is not. The Pavane is detailed, musical, and somewhat laid back compared to Hugo products. I'm not saying one is better than another. It depends on what you like.

    Where did you order the Pavane from that there was such a long wait? Did you try Hifi Heaven?
  11. Chopin75
    It would be more relevant to compare a pavane with Audio-gd R2R DAC or the Terminator, or a lampizator - all are R2R DACs. but no one has done so, except a few excellent reviews with Holospring and Schiit.
  12. CreditingKarma
    I did order from hifi heaven it was an issue with metrum. Metrum lost the order. I have talked to someone that was dealer before. Apparently after Cees left there have been some difficulties at metrum.

    I just sold my onyx to help fund the upgrade to the tt2. The onyx is damn good itself I feel like I get a bigger sound stage with the tt2. The tt2 is more musical than the hugo 2 that I used to have. I am on the fence whether i should return the tt2 and get the pavane that just shipped from metrum. There is nowhere that I can go listen to a pavane or borrow to audition in my system. My speakers and headphones are very revealing of the upstream equipment so an audition in home would be incredible.
  13. ken6217
    I always try to audition at home. Everyone else room and equipment is different.

    Did you try ordering from Metrum in the Netherlands? That's what I did. They gave me 30 days, and I could return it if I didn't like it.
  14. CreditingKarma

    There was someone here that had an issue when they went to return a unit to metrum. The current price direct from metrum is also almost $500 more than from hifi heaven.

    I agree it would be great to see a comparison bnb with the terminator as well.
  15. ken6217
    I would have to check, but I think Metrum gave me 10% of at the time. The girl that I worked with on the phone is no longer there.
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