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Metrum Pavane

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by goobicii, May 14, 2015.
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  1. goobicii
    Who heard this new R2R NOS 384khz dutch dac with new Transient module chips? It have new technology in chip witch gives it 140db dynamic range,the transient chip is sold separately so possible diy or other commercial dacs with same technology.

    For some reason theres not many people talking about pavane,It deserves more attention! :)
  2. coli
    I got one coming in a month or so, they are backlogged.
  3. realmassy
    I've been been very close to pulling the trigger on it, but i was discouraged by the lack of possible home demo. In the end I bought a different DAC to replace my lovely Hex, but I'm still curious about the Pavane
  4. preproman
    I'm still on the fence with this DAC.  I couldn't get a home demo, so I'm trying to wait for some user impressions.  
  5. MacedonianHero Contributor
    I absolutely love my Hex DAC, interested on some folks impressions here!
  6. Blackmore
    6moons posted their review, if you interested to read of course.
  7. goobicii
    Nobody? :frowning2:

    i like the pro reviews but I prefer from forum users becose they compare it directly to other dacs and say straight out what is better and in what aspect...... all these pro reviews are nearly same,hear things i never heard before,deep powerfull bass,mids great with vocals highs never harsh but they say it about everything and rarely compare to other dacs
  8. coli
    Well, I'll have it soon. It'll be compared with Directstream, DAC2, and Yggy. I'll be using speakers in a mid/large-sized room though.
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  9. windwolf447
    Can't wait to know about the result of YGG vs Pavane :)
  10. coli
    Finally got a perfect Pavane! Going to wait a few days before writing my thoughts.
  11. coli
    Simply put, the Pavane sounded real, like the real thing, perfect. No thinness, no harshness, nothing. The bass did not sound strong, nor weak, nor tight, nor loose, it sounded like the real bass instrument.
    Everything sounds good and correct. Tons of clear details instead of a mess of sound on other DACs. 
    No faults with the sound. Even at whisper level it still sounded good.
    This is how other DACs sounded compared to the Metrum Pavane :
    $6000 PS Audio Directstream: Thin and flat and incorrect, this sounded so bad that if you did an A/B with the Metrum you'd think it's defective and in need of repairs.
    $2000 Benchmark DAC2: Hints of thinness. Lots of bass. Shares traits with the Directstream sound.
    $2200 Emotiva XMC-1: This thing sounded surprisingly good. A bit veiled at lower volume, also hints of incorrectness from time to time.
    Pavane sound reminded me of the sound you used to get out of CD players of the 90s (except way better of course)... What happened to this industry...
    I may want to try cheaper dacs of this type, $4000+ is a lot to lock up in a DAC...
    Edit: just got to add, Pavane sounded good right out of the box, you don't have to burn in your brain for the sound signature.
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  12. preproman
    This is a very good and interesting point.  The burn in time required by the Yggdrasil is also burning your brain in getting it use to the sound.  The TD was ready to evaluate in 8 hours.  The M1 was ready to evaluate the next day.  
    Did you have the latest and greatest PS Audio Directstream OS (Yale)?
    Keep the impressions coming..
  13. windwolf447
    I also got my Pavane few days ago. Totally agree with coli. It does sounds awesome right out of the box, but the sound improved quite obviously after I run music to it for more than 24 hours. Compare to my friend's YGG, Pavane definitely sounds more melodic and beautiful. At first I think the micro details of the music from the Pavane is not as clear as the YGG(my friend has burnt in for more than 50 days and never turned it off) but after warm up my Pavane proofed me wrong. The clarity level is at least the same level with the YGG and sounds more open. But I don't really surprise about that consider the price :p
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  14. coli
    Yup, Yale beta sounded a lot more correct than Pike's Peak. Also, for the first time the DS actually got some bass punch... Still sounded like a broken DAC compared to the Metrum...
  15. coli
    Going to add one more word to describe the Pavane: beautiful. This is a most beautiful sounding DAC.
    This reminds me, I was at a live performance a few year back, unamplified, real instruments, real singers at an auditorium, it was breathtaking good, I was 100% into it. They recorded it on DVD, and upon watching it, it was crap. I could never figure out why. Now I may have a clue.
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