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Matrix Mini-i Pro Impressions?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by senpai3330, Dec 19, 2013.
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  1. Von Braun
    I found out that the problem with ASIO driver of the Matrix Mini-i Pro (2015) is due to the DRC software Dirac Live Processor (whose layer is between J-River and the Matrix).
    When used as plain output device of J-River, the ASIO driver works fine.
    There's a new version of the driver (3.23), based on the last Thesycon XMOS driver: I've received it in email from Matrix customer care, since I complained about previous version (2.24).
  2. burdie
    do you mind the share the latest driver here?
  3. Fir33
    I received 3.23 driver too
    Out of home
    Ill share it later
  4. Von Braun
  5. Fir33
    New driver didn't fix anything :frowning2: 
  6. burdie
    thanks guys, will try the new driver on 2014 model.
  7. thomaz
    Has anyone compared the Matrix Mini-I Pro with smsl m8?
  8. Fir33
    Hey guys .
    I found a solution for my problem .
    I 've tried a lot of stuff to fix stuttering .
    On Windows 7  everythign worked smooth . Windows 10 brought stuttering .
    I found a programm called LatencyMon .
    After couple of test  noticed that i have tons of problems with drivers .
    My ISR and DPC were high , but when i started to work the level of ISR and DPC went to critical level .
    I updated my BIOS to latest version .
    Updated My firmware on SSD .
    Installed all latest drivers .
    After all this operations my ISR and DPC dicreased drastically  - i still have some problems with it , but stuttering has disappeared.
    I hope it will help someone. 
  9. burdie
    Are you using foobar2k with latest super audio CD decoder?
    I have some clicks/pop on pcm based audio file with SACD decoder 0.9.x, switch back to 0.7.x back to normal. I am using windows 10.
  10. Fir33
    I don't have DSD and DXD files .
    Using MP3 and Flac files .
    For now i'm using AIMP3 , but when i had stuttering i've tried Jriver , Foobar , Aimp3 , iTunes .
    I will try DXD and DSD on Jriver . 
    Will post results later .
    EDIT : 
    Took DSD files here 
    Everything works great .
    One year ago i had a problem with DSD files on Windows 7 .
    I guess firmware update helped to me .
  11. burdie
    The problem i faced is on PCM based audio file (flac, wave etc), DSD no such problem
  12. Fir33
    Want to say sorry for my english :) Looks like i'm doing a lot of mistakes . 
    Actually i had a reversed problem on previous firmware . PCM base files such flac , wave  , etc worked well
    DSD and DXD files are experienced constant stuttering .
    I would try on another computer.
    If problem still occurs , i would contact Matrix through support@matrix-digi.com
    I had a conversation with Matrix support and even after 16 months of using they said : 
    If it is like this, I think you need to send it back to us for repairing.
    Please send it back to us by EMS and decleared the value at ******. You need to pay attention to the package to aviod the damage during the transporting.
    Please pay for the shipping cost first and we will give the shipping cost to you later when we received your shippig receipt.
    I was sure that device is working properly .
    Fixed the problem by updating drivers , bios .
    Have you tried to use LatencyMon ?
  13. SCLIM
    Hi there, i am thinking for an upgrade of my Aune X1 Pro
    Been searching around here and some DAC/Amp come to my mind as below:-
    1. Matrix Mini-I Pro
    2. Yulong D200
    3. Aune S16
    4. Audio GD-NFB28
    My current cans in use are Sens HD650, Beyer 770Pro and Beyer T90
    IEM Westine 4R
    Anyone did come through among those DAC/Amp stated above and willing to share here?
    Thanks in advance.
  14. burdie
    Just noticed that the latest driver for mini-i pro 2015 is version 3.28, the last one posted here is 3.23. Anyone try it yet?
    Just downloaded and haven't try it on my 2014 version.
  15. sstyle
    I had Mini-i and have a HD650. I bought Mini-i, used for a week and wish to change it to D200, so I went to the store. And I was shoked. Mini-i + M-stage has a same price as D200 but mini-i has a more transparent,clear sound. D200 has a muddy sound compares to mini-i and scene was smaller. 
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