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Matrix Mini-i Pro Impressions?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by senpai3330, Dec 19, 2013.
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  1. Von Braun
    I've been using driver version 3.28.0 on my Mini-i Pro (2015) for a couple of days (Kernel Streaming on Win 10-64).
    No issues of any kind; I guess which might be the differences from version 3.23.
  2. davemchine
    I have the Matrix Mini-I that I purchased in 2013 so that makes it the older model. It works well with the exception of OTA TV. All I get is very loud static. I've been doing some research but haven't found a definitive reason for this problem. I suspect the OTA is multi channel and the Matrix Mini-I can't handle it. Can anyone confirm if this is true? 
  3. burdie
    just to update that 2014 version works very well with driver 3.28
  4. Aves

    I want to change my Matrix mini-pro with M2tech Young, and i do not wanna fool.... It's worth it? is an upgrade ? or a downgrade.

    Please help! Thanks
  5. burdie
    I will save my money and waiting for new China made DAC with ES9038
  6. Incognito73
    Curiously, is anyone planning to move on Mini-i Pro (preferably 2015 version)? It may just be perfect for my new project. I did have original (firstly) released Mini-i at a time and was quite pleased with it. I'm based in the UK.
  7. ClintonL
    Anyone used this model with the hd800's and can comment on how they pair up?
  8. ClintonL
    Anyone use this with hd800's and want to comment on how the amp of it holds up to it?
  9. topgunsphd
    Just updated my 2014 with driver 3.28 and everything is fully operational. Might just be me, but anyone else hear a difference with the driver update?
  10. Bogatyr
    Would it make sense to purchase an older Matrix mini i 24/192 unit with red LED panel? If yes, how much should I spend? How much of a difference is it between newer unit?
    Would a newer unit be adequate for HE-400, HD650, & TH-X00?
  11. dellafago
    Hi. I am considering the new matrix mini pro2s version. Has anyone have thoughts or experince on this version. As far as I understand the main difference between pro2s and the former pro2 models should be sabre 9026 dac used in the new version. Instead of its dac feature ( I have a large hires archive including dsd), I will be using the dac's pre outs as well to control my power amp and also its headphone amp for grado 225 cans. I nowadays searched a lot to find a good and affordable dac/pre to suit my needs and came accross with this new version. The other option I read good feedbacks was gustard x20 but the latter (the new x20 pro version with 9028 chip) is 25~30% more expensive than matrix pro2s which I would like to avoid unless there will be a significant benefit of gustard over matrix dac. Thanks.
  12. ArthurPower
    Matrix has a new Mini-i driver (3.40) for anyone who has experienced issues with Windows 10 after installing the Microsoft Anniversary Update.
    You can download it here from our site. Anyone with the Anniversary Update please report your findings. This should fix any problems some have experienced.
  13. ClintonL
    Hi has anyone used the amp section of this with the lcd-x?
  14. ArthurPower
    We had the latest Mini-i Pro 2S on display at the NYC CanJam along with the Mini-i speaker amp. Here are a few pictures from the show.



  15. hidehide
    I wonder why there are so less discussion about the Pro 2/2S since the upgraded features seems quite attractive to me.. Bluetooth with APTX, upgraded chip to ES9026... Seems to be very versatile for people who are in tight budget..
    I'm thinking to get this or Gustard X20.. Wonder how ES9026 compare to ES9028..
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