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Matrix Mini-i Pro Impressions?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by senpai3330, Dec 19, 2013.
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  1. Hellenback
    Honestly, I haven't gotten around to buying mine yet! 
    I really don't know if the Gustard would benefit the new model or not as it already has the USB hi res capability that was missing in the earlier units.
    I imagine the Gustard might have better USB/SPDIF conversion but I really don't know.
    I think I read there were some updates to the newer unit's DAC/pre section as well as the added USB upgrade but it could have been marketing as the AD1955 chip is the same.
    It's a fairly inexpensive experiment if you really want to try the Gustad as a separate USB/SPDIF converter and you could sell it if you didn't find it worth the investment.
  2. alex-dsd
    I guess do not need the Gustard U12, that I currently have, if I get the Matrix mini-i Pro+. By the way it uses ESS Sabre 9016 DAC according to their site.
    Thank you,
  3. socks mk2
  4. topgunsphd
    Just received a 2014 pro model.  Driver is version 2.24.0, firmware is the latest as noted at matrix-digi.com, using jriver MC20 on a surface pro.  Trying to upsample aif/flac to dsd but there's lots of latency, stuttering, etc.  When playing dsf files everything is fine.  Any idea why upsample of aif or flac doesn't work? 
  5. simig

    What about Mac users? Weren't Matrix supposed to provide a firmware update for the Matrix mini-i pro (2014) enabling 32 bit and DSD 256 (like does the V2.24_driver for windows users)?
  6. LenMargaux
    A new review for the 2015 model was recently published here - Matrix Audio mini-i Pro + 2015 Review. Too bad the review didn't include a comparison between the 2014 and 2015 model. If there's no significant change, specially no change in terms of audio quality, perhaps getting the older 2014 model (which is cheaper) could be the wiser decision.
  7. burdie
    The review still indicate the 2015 has different driver to 2014. I already used the 2015 driver in my 2014 model without any problem and those extra support such as 32/384 and DSD256 are unlocked.
  8. LenMargaux

    Well that's good to hear because many here are asking whether they can install the new driver or not. You installed Windows Driver 2.24 right?
    But just a clarification, did you update the firmware as well or just the driver only?
  9. socks mk2
  10. alex-dsd
    Hi, a quick update for the fans of Matrix i-mini 2014. I got an email from Arthur, Matrix-USA who said that they have a 2014 version (silver) available for $399.95. Cheers, Alex
  11. Fir33
    Will my Mini I Pro work on Windows 10 ?
  12. Von Braun
    I'm using the Matrix Mini-I Pro (2015) with Windows 10-64bit, and, since I have some issues in the ASIO mode (buzzing and crackling sound changing from 44.1 kHz to higher sample rates; restarting the track many times eventually solves the issue) I wrote to the customer care.
    Mr. Tseng replied that they know about issues of the XMOS driver on Windows 10, and, as soon XMOS will provide the required infos, they will send me the updated driver.
    Everything works perfectly with Kernel Streaming mode, at any sample rate (I don't use DSD).
  13. Fir33
    Hey guys .
    I have Mini I Pro 2014  .
    When i used Windows 7 i had some problems with stuttering on high PCM  music. 
    All my music in 44100 and i had no problems with it .
    After installing windows 10 i'm experiencing stuttering even on 44100.
    I've tried my old 1.67.1 driver - same problems.
    With new 2.24.0 the stuttering is even higher .
    Then i'm updated firmware and installed 1.67.0_DFU but stuttering didn't disappear .
  14. GaToMaLaCo
    Try setting the Windows 10 power plan to "high performance" and if that fix the problem then play around with the other plans or create one yourself based on the working one. 
  15. Fir33
    High perfomance power plan didn't help .
    I've noticed that Mini-i(Pro)_Driver_V1.67.1 works better than other :wink: less stuttering at all
    Ill try to change USB ports .
    Mailed to Matrix Digi , maybe they know the solution .
    EDIT :
    After four hours ++ of listening stuttering sometimes disappears .
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