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Massdrop x Liquid Carbon X Discussion

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  1. jonman1
    I agree we will see a collaboration anytime soon. But there is a lot of corners you can cut when you go from American made boutique amp to a mass produced. Considering that within a few months it dropped for $6000 to $4000, I wondering what their profit margin was. With these new collaborations, on average there is a 50% drop in price. I doubt you can make it under $1000, I have no doubt you can make one under $2000 or possibly $1500. But I think thats too high for a collaboration. I dont think monoprice has enough consumer confidence to sell a headphone amp over $1000.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2018
  2. PopZeus
    That's fair. I should've been more clear-- I think the price efficiencies that a Massdrop or Monoprice could introduce to a revised design of the Liquid Gold might not be enough to sell at mass market given the price would still be well over $1000, and that is beyond most consumers' budget.
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  3. jonman1
    Yep. That sums it up perfectly.
  4. Zachik
    Hey - one can hope and dream... :wink:
    Besides, how many here thought the Platinum would make it to production, and at the price it is (supposedly) going to be offered at?

    Anyhow, back to LCX discussion, before the admins would slap us all on the wrist...
  5. abvolt
    I'd sure like to have one of those..
  6. SamusAran
    I already have the CTH and an LCX is currently en route. I'm excited to A/B them with the Elex and decide which one I want to keep. I'm also joining the R-2R DAC tomorrow, and that's endgame for my setup for me unless MD releases a balanced DAC in the same chassis next year, or maybe the THX 789 drops again. Lamentably, MD probably hasn't seen the last of my wallet.
    themuna likes this.
  7. philk34
    Let us know result of your test :wink:
    doggiemom likes this.
  8. Bazirker
    The LCX + SDAC is on Massdrop again, for anyone who is watching...

    I'm thinking of picking one up just for the LCX portion (already have an SDAC in my CTH.)
  9. Zbell
    Just curious, what do you think about the SDAC when comparing it to the Mimby?
    EDIT: Sorry wrong thread for this, probably should have been a PM, but I know a bunch of people are on the LCX + SDAC drop, so maybe it's relevant for some.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 12, 2018
  10. Aradea
    Anyone here has ever heard the version that comes with the SDAC yet? Its coming up again on Massdrop
  11. Bazirker
    That's a great question, and one for which I unfortunately don't have a great answer...my Mimby is misbehaving and I'm having problems with noise, which I think is coming from a poor USB connection. I just got a new cable which I'm hoping will clean it up, but my Mimby is boxed up as I just moved and I haven't found it in all the boxes yet. If I get a chance to A/B them at some point, I'll let you know.
    Zbell likes this.
  12. Zbell
    I had a lot of noise with my Mimby too that I suspected was related to some kind of groundloop, especially when using it with a Bottlehead Crack amp. I ended up getting the Eitr and it fixed the issue for the most part, although I was playing around with the Bottlehead and it's making some strange noises again that may or may not be related to the groundloop. You might want to consider getting an Eitr too. Although it kind of sucks that you potentially have to buy another Schiit product just to get the first to work properly.
  13. Bazirker
    Yeah there's no way in hell I'm buying an Eitr, as I've owned at least a dozen other USB DAC's and not a single one of them has had this problem. The Mimby will get sold long before I consider an Eitr. Gotta see if I can find it though for A/B'ing, you've got me curious...
  14. UNOE
    I would like to hear some SE vs Balance impressions on this amp. SE is half the power I believe.
  15. doggiemom
    For what it is worth (which may not be much), I bought this amp for use in an earbuds setup......... as much as I love full sized cans, sometimes I don't want the weight on my head or am too lazy to get the computer going or whatever.......

    Most earbuds are 3.5mm SE, but lately more models have become available in 2.5 or 3.5 mm TRRS. Using the same TRRS-terminated earbuds with this amp in 2 configurations:
    - TRRS>3.5mm SE>1/4" to SE out
    -TRRS>4-pin XLR to balanced out
    results in the balanced out being more rewarding: fuller soundstage and more 'musical' sounding.

    In either case, admittedly there are adapters involved and the earbuds cost is <$200, so YRMV.

    I've also tried the ZMF Vibros with balanced cables on the Massdrop x Liquid Carbon as well as with the Liquid Gold......... nod to the LAu (though using a different source, DAC, interconnects etc), but for the price point the LC is respectable and is very, very enjoyable. Law of diminishing returns. :)
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