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Massdrop x Liquid Carbon X Discussion

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  1. sheldaze
    How are people finding this amplifier? Likes? Dislikes? Comparisons to equipment you have used in the past?

    I'll start. I personally recall there being something slightly strident in the treble on the original Carbon. I enjoyed the sound of the Carbon, but when compared to Gold, there was clearly something not as nice, not as sweet - and I heard this more in the treble frequencies. It has been a long while since I had a Carbon (or Gold). And I have changed many other parts of my setup. So this is why I'm particularly curious what people, who are listening to the LCX, think of its sound.

    I'm simply not thinking much, at all, about the music or sound. I'm just using it, everyday, all the time. I'm not really having much desire to listen to anything else, which is strange for me, given how many other systems I have. Curious what you guys think - or what you are hearing?
  2. abvolt
    I'm enjoying my LCX very much, great amp for the price..
  3. thebkt
    I'm digging mine! Added a little extra detail to my iDSD BL. It's faded into the background now though. I just hear good quality music and don't feel like I'm missing out on anything, so thumbs up from me sound wise. The only thing that I'm still conscious of is the overall finish of the unit itself... the cost saving measures don't give me that reassured feeling of top quality construction. Still, given the price and the sound, it's still a trade off I'm not even remotely upset by, just aware of.
  4. Stjerna
    I enjoyed my LCD-X connected directly to my Questyle QP1R DAP. Adding the LCX in between gave a more solid bottom and little more rich sound overall. But to my suprise it also improved the detail retrieval and layering. Probably due to much higher output power improving the control of the drivers.
    Have anyone tried the LCX with a linear power supply? Impressions?
    If I remember correctly the included switching power supply outputs 30V and 1.25A. Most of the well known brands like Sbooster don't seem to have any linear supply's up to 30V. Any recommendations?
  5. Raphael DeLaGhetto
    I'm in between this (if Massdrop ever sells it again) & a JDS Element for a solid state amp to compliment my CTH. I don't need balanced output & the specs are similar on paper single ended. I wish there was a way to demo them.
  6. Bazirker
    How much did Massdrop sell this for when it dropped? Thanks!
  7. Raphael DeLaGhetto
    Bazirker likes this.
  8. abvolt
    I've just noticed that this amp is not that nice with my 560's it's too bright, the 560's are not bright hp's, strange this amp sounds great with my Elear's & the AFO's all my hp's use balanced cables with a balanced dac, yet the 560's sound best over my other hp's at gaming with this amp..enjoy
  9. snip3r77
    Is it bright w.r.t LCD -X ?
  10. djj65
    Sorry if this sounds like a newbie question, but I am trying to understand when to use the gain switch and how it works. I just started using the Audeze LCD-2C headphones and I was a little underwhelmed with the bass impact that you hear so much about. When using the LCX amp, I generally land on the 9-o'clock or 10 at most for volume. Last night I turned on the gain to see if there was an impact, and yes there seemed to be more bass. But, is that purely because the volume is higher? Does using the gain just multiply the volume by 3? or is there more to how gain powers headphones?

    Just curious.
  11. sheldaze
    I heard the same as you. At matched volume, there was significantly more bass (I would say a better bass/treble balance) on high gain.

    Topology or cause for this - I do not know. I have owned other solid state amplifiers with gain settings that did nothing but set the gain.
  12. abvolt
    I always use the high gain with this amp, I'll say my AFO's sure sound good on this amp, haven't tried my LCD3's yet..
  13. snip3r77
    if one auto level the volume for both SE and Balanced, is there a significant difference?
  14. abvolt
    Yes their is a big difference with this amp you'll want (need) a balanced cable..enjoy
  15. snip3r77
    Anyone can compare it with mjolnir 2 ?
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