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Massdrop x Liquid Carbon X Discussion

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  1. Desmohifi

    I can offer my opinion here as I currently own the HD700, Liquid Carbon 2, and the original Valhalla.

    Both amps are great, but very different. The LC2 really does require a balanced cable to sound its best, so if you are leaning this way, the cable is a must. My current headphones include Elear, HD700 and T1. My favorite combo is the Elear from the LC2 balanced. Very close second is the HD700 from the Valhalla. The Valhalla really brings out the low end and adds some air to the sound. The Elear however gets overly boomy with the Valhalla, but is very controlled with LC2. The HD700 is a little thin on the LC2 but still sounds decent (I do not have a balanced cable for this) but comes very close to the Elear/LC2 combo when plugged into the Valhalla. The T1 is similar to the HD700 in relation to the amps but is a bit brighter headphone overall.

    If I was auditioning these amps with the HD700, I would favor the Valhalla. my 2 cents YMMV.
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  2. Marlowe
    Thanks for the help. I would definitely get balanced cabled for both Sennheisers if I get the LCX, I was planning to get a new cable anyway for the 6XX from the same supplier who made a beautiful braided cable for the HD700 and the XLR termination is the same price as the TRS. (The HD 700 cable also works with the 400i.)

    It seems likely that the LCX will still be able on Wednesday morning when I have funds, but I am leaning toward the Vahalla 2 ATM, although I will like change my mind in an hour. Although I understand that the Valhalla 2 is less warm than the original Valhalla, it should still do as well, if not better, than the LCX with the 150 and 300 ohm Sennheisers and allows me tune the sound a bit by rolling the driver tubes (I've seen a lot of good suggestions in the $50-100/pair range). And TBH, they are both great amps and I really don't want to wait until March.
  3. Cet1
    Valhalla 2 is not balanced - LCX is!
  4. CarlosUnchained
    I did. It seems they pair nice, but the LC v2 has a price I don't want to pay. It's more power than needed for the efficient LCD-X, and the reason I bought the X's is to get a more neutral sound than LCD-2 and save some money on the amp section.

    The LCX could be a good match too.
  5. forestitalia
    Uh! What is this a Deja-Deja vu?
  6. jimpx10
    I realize few people have heard the LCX and/or the CTH but the LCX is probably close enough to the Liquid Carbon that people may be able to make some guesses.

    I currently have a Grace m9xx and the following headphones:
    1. Kx77
    2. THx00 Purpleheart
    3. HD6xx
    4. HE400i

    I am in the Cavalli CTH drop but am thinking about the getting LCX instead. I have the following questions:

    1. if you are familiar with the Grace m9xx amp section, how would it compare with the LCX since both are solid state amps? from an amp standpoint would this be an upgrade or a sidegrade?
    2. for each of the above headphones, which amp would be the best match, the CTH or the LCX? This may be a solid state vs hybrid question, but any help here would be great.

    I will also try putting this in the CTH forum in case there are people not following both forums and might be able to provide some assistance.

    Thanks for any help you can provide...
  7. Cactus108
    Anyone think this a worthwhile wait to pair with an ldc-x?
  8. PopZeus
    I have the grace m9XX and I'm also in on the LCX drop. Mostly I want to experience a proper balanced out, and the original LC version were known to play especially nicely with the E-MU Teak and Philips Fidelio X2, two cans that I happen to own and have trouble parting with. Getting the LCX for those headphones, as well as the Focal Elear. I think the grace's DAC line out function should be good enough for the LCX but it's started an internal conversation about which DAC is best to feed the LCX.
  9. rhbecker
    I'm in on the CTH and trying to decide whether to switch to the LCX. I'd be using primarily with HD650.

    I don't have a balanced cable. I understand that people are saying one is needed for LCX to sound its best, but will it sound bad without one?

    I wish I had a well thought out strategy against which to weigh the decision, but whichever one I pick will be my first stand-alone amp - besides my headphones, all I own is the AK100ii. If anyone has any "If I were you" type advice, I'm all ears.
  10. PopZeus
    I doubt it. You just won't be taking full advantage of the LCX's features. Ultimately, how much you'll be able to take advantage of the balanced out depends on how well your other gear scales up.
  11. gb21011971
    I have an Elear too, I am concerned the laid back LCX is not really compatible with the darker Elear. Any other opinions on this?

    Might be a great combo with the T1.2 though?
  12. snip3r77
    Ending in 7 hours
  13. JimJames
    How would the one that is on Massdrop right now pair with an AKG K712? And how much of a waste is it to not use the balanced output, given that AKGs can't use balanced cables unless modded?
  14. omniweltall
    Thr LCX has a warm character that i think suits AKG 7 series. I wouldnt worry abt balanced if I were you. Really depends on the amp design. LCX should be fine out of both, and its SE has more than enough juice for AKG. Schiit Mjo2, for example, is designed for balanced. Its SE sucks.

    LCTH and LCX have very diff tonal characteristics. Easy to choose which suits your cans. I would bet on the LCX for AKG cans.
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  15. SpeedSmith
    This is my exact hope, that the two Massdrop Cavalli amps are different enough. I like some others, stayed in the CTH buy after joining the LCX buy. Looking forward to pairing these with my collection of cans. This hobby is like a crack habit.
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