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Massdrop x Liquid Carbon X Discussion

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  1. abvolt
    Seems I've been posting in the wrong thread never knew we had an LCX thread. Got mine the other day and am very much enjoying this amp..
  2. EinZweiDrei
    there's a SE input and SE pass on the back of the unit. what is the SE pass for?
  3. abvolt
    Found an empty spot on my desk for my LCX's break in time, such a nice sounding amp if this is how an inexpensive Cavalli amp sounds I only wish I'd gotten one of their best amps when they were still a company Wow, The LCX is very well worth it's small price tag, I'm really impressed with this amp..enjoy

  4. everittroad
    I received mine on Saturday. Have burned since yesterday. Now listening it on balanced out with my lcd-2. Lovely details and soundstage.
  5. Ad-Astra
    how does it compare to the custard h10?
  6. kushanukum
  7. kushanukum
    That's what I'd like to know. It doesn't mention it in the user manual.
  8. kukkurovaca
    "Pass" usually means that it's just going to pass through the input without doing anything to it. This would be a convenience if you want to feed multiple amps from the same DAC. Functionally the same as using an RCA splitter.
  9. CEE TEE Contributor
    Correct, thank you!
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  10. buldogge
    It should be noted that the LCX needs to be powered on for the SE Pass to function as intended.

    -Mark in St. Louis
    kukkurovaca likes this.
  11. Zachik
    ...which means it is NOT functionally the same as using RCA splitter. :wink:
    Personally, I wish it didn't require the LCX to be powered for the SE pass to work.
  12. thebkt
    So I've had my LCX for a week or so now and am thoroughly impressed by it overall. I've used it with both my Mimby and iDSD BL to equally pleasing effect. At first listen it sounded a bit -- what's a not too flippant description -- wooden(?) with my Aeons and much more pleasing through the Mimby with my HE 560's. I'm not too fussed about dedicated burn in or any of that nonsense (if I like the sound out of the box and it's going to get better, then great, otherwise, whatever), but I have noticed it's changed a little with a bunch of hours of use. It sounds fine with the Aeon's now.

    It's noticeably more detailed than the amp in the iDSD BL and beyond the touch warmer tone, I'm hard pressed to hear much difference in detail compared to my NFB-1 AMP (bargain!). Some metal albums sound particularly nice with that warmer tint, especially through my HE560's. The Mimby tames the treble well, but the LCX takes that last little semblance of fatigue out of the experience. So all in all, it sounds fantastic and is going to be staying on my work desk for the foreseeable future.

    Beyond the sound however, it's not all roses. Perhaps I've been spoiled by the high quality elements (albeit more industrial grade than luxury in regards to the NFB-1) of my other devices, but the cost cutting is clear. It feels rough and unpleasant to connect anything to the SE port and the DC input. The switches are also a bit light and wobbly in their sockets; if I'm being pedantic about things. To be frank, these truly are minor nitpicks and entirely understandable concessions that had to be made to produce an amp of this quality at the price it was. Does it feel like a premium product? Not really; though it does look the part. Does it sound like any other ~$300 amp I've heard? Nope. It sounds much better. In the end, I plug my headphones in then out once a day kinda wishing it had the same reassuring click as with my iDSD, but then I spend multiple hours listening to a wonderful amp. Entirely worthy trade off. Oh and the volume knob is great!

    Overall, it's a great piece of kit and I'm glad I got one!

  13. runeight
    thebkt, thanks for the comments. glad you like it. And for everyone else's comments posted about the LCX.

    I notice in your pic that you are using the SE out. Not sure if you are only listening from SE, but I'd like to make a general comment for everyone who has the LCX and may only be listening from the SE out.

    As you all have read in other discussions the power output from the SE is 1/4 the power from the Bal. Or to reverse the math the Bal delivers 4X the power of the SE. In general, the LCX will perform better in fully balanced mode since this is its native operating mode.

    I would offer the suggestion that before anyone settles on the the sound signature of the LCX be sure to listen from the Bal output first. I think you will find a noticeable difference. :)
    spyder1 and CEE TEE like this.
  14. abvolt
    I agree I've tried the SE vs balanced and it's a huge difference..
  15. buldogge
    ^^^Out of curiosity...Are you guys using the balanced/XLR input or the SE/RCA input?

    -Mark in St. Louis
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