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Massdrop x Liquid Carbon X Discussion

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  1. matthewh133
    Tempted to jump on this. Has anyone used the Liquid Carbon with a ZMF Eikon? Interested in your thoughts.
  2. Skooks
    Now, let me get this straight... has anyone heard the comparison between the Cavalli LC and the MD LCX? I'm sure you haven't, if it's not out yet. Or, is it out? Would you think the LCX made across the ocean is as good as the one Cavalli and his boys make at home?

    And to Zachik... if you can indeed buy an undamaged Cavalli LC 2 for $450... you should not hesitate to buy it. I have been using my LC 2 for about 2 months plus with my Oppo UDP-205 DAC/Player and Audeze LCD-3F's in all balanced configuration... also with a great Norne Audio balanced headphone cable... and this is the best headphone sound I've had... and I've had components costing 4 times this! I promise you... I would NOT sell my LC 2 for $450! No way Jose!
  3. Zachik
    Alex Cavalli himself said the MD LCX is sonically the same! Do you need more endorsement than that?! For what it's worth, people were speculating the external power brick in the MD version might actually improve on the LCv2 sound... I personally doubt that, but who knows :wink:

    I am sure it is a great amp. I am also sure the LCX would be (to my non-golden ears) as good. Only reason I am seriously considering paying the premium for LCv2 is want to enjoy it next week, as opposed to next year... Other than power brick (which I dislike) - the LCX form factor would actually fit my desktop setup better! And I could not care less about LCv2's portability. I am not gonna move it.
  4. Marlowe
    I'm trying to decide between a Schiit Vahalla 2 in about ten days or the Liquid Carbon X in March. My primary headphone at the moment is the Sennheiser HD 700 and I have a 6XX coming from Massdrop at Christmas. (I also occasionally use the Hifiman 400i, but with a Magni 2U instead of the LD MKIII.) All my research indicates that the Valhalla 2 should work well with both Sennheisers (and not so much with the 400i). If anyone has any impressions of the Liquid Carbon with these cans, I'd appreciate it.

    I can't join the drop until I get a direct deposit on Wednesday morning, so this question could be moot by midweek. I was also seriously considering the Jotunheim, but Schiit tells me that I could not benefit from the increased power of its XLR output if I continue to use the unbalanced Mimby as my DAC, as I intend. Because of its different topology, the LC will output a balanced signal even from a DAC connected to its RCA inputs, so I can take advantage of the extra power of the XLR output. As long as I spring for balanced cables of course.
  5. Bazirker
    I'm going to ask the inevitable, which is: how do you guys think this bad boy would pair with the HD6XX that like 50% of the people on head-fi just bought? Would the CTH be a better choice? What about with the Grace DAC?
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  6. canthearyou
    I can say the LC paired with HD6XX is very enjoyable! An easy to listen to sound.
  7. 35FLE
    Just canceled the CTH for the LCX

    I see the LCX as an all rounder for iems and balanced headphones
  8. snip3r77
    I got an LCD x also. You did an extensive research on LC 2?
  9. Cet1
    Ok - Some ?'s --- I have a Jot with the DAC installed. I have the 650's coming along to add to my MD Fostex and AKG. Would love to convert the 650's to "balanced". Can anyone tell me which might pair better with the Jot? Pair better with the LCX? Also can I use my CEntronic's dacPort as a dac input to the LCX (at least temporarily)? Semi-neophyte and need some advice!! Will the LCX with a good dac be better than the Jot for the "balanced" 650's? Many here have beat around the bush, but I have seen no one really address the question directly. Thanks!!
  10. Voxata
    This drop is ridiculously tempting. Too bad I require mobility. Major kill to LC resale value but hey..
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2017
  11. chungjun
    Anyone have listened to LC with Sennheiser HD800S? Good pairing? Any impression would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. PopZeus
    Had to cancel the CTH order to get in on the LCX instead. Hopefully they'll issue the refund. The process is confusing. Anyways, I'm more interested in a balanced output rather than a tube sound. Also, the pass-thru is nice. For now, I'm going to use the m9XX for the DAC and pair the LCX with the Focal Elear. Might look into upgrading my DAC if the Elear would reveal a better source. I dunno, the grace's DAC section is very nice.
  13. Leo888
    Not technically inclined thus not able to comprehen the specs. Need to gather here the general expectancy based on specs from experience folks here of the match with the HD650. Any thoughts will be greatly appeciated. Thanks in advance.
  14. Voxata
    It's a laid back amp. Best with brighter tilting headphones.
  15. GuddoggEli
    Just a short explanation of my thinking. I started assembling a new audio system about 2 years ago, and I tend to investigate thoroughly. I like tubes (but not necessarily prefer tube audio to ss audio), so the MD resurrection of the Cavalli Compact Tube Headphone amp (CTH) looked to be a good deal to me. I joined the Cavalli Tube Hybrid CTH drop. Then I saw the CTH+SDAC drop. I was a little concerned about the Grace DAC (probably a good DAC, but the implementation as a usb powered DAC was a bit bothersome) and held off switching. Then the LCX dropped. Reading Cavalli's description of the circuit indicated audiophile-level balanced pathways are being provided at a low price. I figured I could find a suitable balanced DAC while waiting for the MD drop to finally arrive. I contacted MD Support who canceled my CTH order and refunded my money back to my account in MINUTES! The LCX order was immediately placed. I have beard the LCX sounds a bit warm, but not so much so that most people cannot compensate with a more "technical" DAC and perhaps a more neutral set of headphones...maybe HD650s or Fostex T50RPs.
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