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Massdrop x Liquid Carbon X Discussion

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  1. omniweltall
    Indeed it is lol.
  2. PopZeus
    Just got a shipping notice from Massdrop. Woo! I've been pulling together some other gear in preparation for the LCX's arrival. Like a decent but cheapish integrated amp/bookshelf speaker duo that I've been meaning to buy ever since my computer speakers kinda fell apart. The SE pass thru in the back of the LCX, along with rearranging my whole desk area, made the timing too tempting to ignore.
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  3. kushanukum
    Just got mine today. nice.
  4. kushanukum
    I meant to say I just got my LCX today. Still nice.
  5. Zbell
    Can't wait to hear the first impressions!
  6. PopZeus
    Ah what a beautiful amp. I'm feeding it from a Modi Multibit so I'm sure if I upgraded to an audio-GD dac I'd hear a bigger difference from my amp/dac combo. But as it stands, this is a wonderful improvement. So dynamic and musical. Even through the SE out, the E-MU Teaks really have never sounded better. The bass response is surprisingly tight, vocals aren't as recessed, and that peaky tip-top treble isn't as, well, peaky. I'll need to break in my XLR cable a bit more before knowing how different the balanced out is but I'm digging what I've heard so far when I've plugged in the Focals.
  7. donato
    Just received mine today (and received the SDAC + CTH yesterday...). I'm pretty impressed so far. I think I like it more than the CTH, but I also am running XLR balanced in and to LCD-X and the CTH in only single ended so that may be part of it.
  8. GuddoggEli
    Serial number 205 showed up on the 28th. Don't have much to say yet, as I plan to carefully burn it in. I wound up getting a set of Periapt balanced cables. (I like them, they're a little heavy, but well made.) ifi audio has recently introduced the Nano iOne, a Burr-Brown DAC with aptX Bluetooth. The typical "double, double" circuitry is a plus. At only $199, the device seems appealing. Does this sound like a good match? I'm starting off with HD6xx balanced, and T50RP (V1 Mod) for SE to begin with. (I would prefer to err on the side "musical" rather than "technical") I'd like to hear more about other's experiences, so please keep the comments coming. I'm still interested in the CTH, so comparisons will be welcomed.
  9. SteveM324
    My friend received his LCX a few days ago. He told me that the manual recommends burning in the amp without headphones. Did he misunderstand or is
    there a reason for this?
  10. donato
    I just posted this on Massdrop on the LCX discussion.

    I received my LCX yesterday and my CTH + SDAC two days ago. I'm pretty impressed with both amp sections and less so for the DAC in the SDAC. The CTH seems a little darker, bass less defined, and a little less dynamic than the LCX. I was also a bit surprised that I didn't hear any difference using SE or XLR input on the LCX (Black Dragon XLR balanced to LCD-X. Didn't try SE out). I could literally switch between inputs, even with different cables (Cardas Neutral Ref on XLR and Sigma Retro Gold RCA) on the inputs and volume and everything else seemed to sound the same.
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  11. runeight
    It doesn't matter too much. You can use headphones if you feel that's better. However, I think the Carbon burns in about the same as the CTH. That is, it doesn't really need a marathon burn in session. It sounds pretty decent out of the box and after 25 hours develops its signature. It will, of course, continue to burn in for a while, but for me, I would be listening during that time. :)
  12. runeight
    This means that the amp is working as it's supposed to. :)

    When you switch the input sources, you don't change the amp's behavior. It's still running fully balanced out into the XLR connector. The SE input simply converts the SE to Bal and feeds it to the amps. You shouldn't hear the switching transition (I don't) or maybe a very tiny bit on sensitive headphones.

    The CTH's tube needs at least 50 hours to clean itself up. Things should be a little different after that, though the comparison may remain the same for you.
  13. SteveM324
    Thanks Alex, I'll relay that message to my friend!
  14. EinZweiDrei
    How do you guys swap headphones with this amp? Normally with other amps I just stop all playback and turn volume knob all the way down then switch headphones. Manual of lcx says to plug in headphone then turn on device so do i have to turn off my lcx to switch headphones or are my usual practices fine as they are?
  15. runeight
    Your usual practices should be fine.
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