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Marshall's new cans, the Monitor headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamesm, May 2, 2013.
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  1. turbo87
    just got these from costco. so far i am enjoying the sound with the FTF on. Anyway to reduce the clamping force? They are killing my ears in about an hour of use. 
  2. Romani
    They will stretch over time. I have no comfort issues with them, considering they mostly sit on the ear in my case.
  3. turbo87
    ok, i will try it out for couple of weeks. thanks.
  4. musichead

    I think I saw these as well. No demo unit though. They were also selling a Marshall Speaker as well.
  5. shavala
    I have been away from music listening for some time. The consequences of working in a high stress high tech position that is ever-changing. I picked up these at the local Costco. The first few hours, I considered returning them, then they loosened up a bit. Wow. I really like these closed phones. They have a very good soundstage and excellent mids. The bass is tight and fast. I took out the pads and like the sound more open. I use a Fiio E10 on low gain setting, no Bass boost and they sound terrific. They are good for all types of music. I can get fairly loud with them and not worry about others.My wife tried them and for the first time asked for a set of her own. Amazing. They are 69.00 @Costco.
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  6. musichead
    Interesting. Have they gone down in price?
  7. SirMarc
    Just picked up a pair from Costco. They're 59 bucks now. So far I appreciate the built quality, but not loving the sound. I'll let them break in for a while and reassess.
  8. inthere

    Also try taking out the F.T.F. filters
  9. SirMarc
    First thing I did. They're actually getting better already
  10. SirMarc
    I'm getting that clicking as you adjust or press in the earcups. That gets better with time? I could see it being annoying if it doesnt
  11. inthere
    I've bought 6 pairs of Marshall Monitors and they all had an extremely long burn in time-like 150 hours minimum I'd say. Never noticed an ear cup problem.
  12. SirMarc
    With them on your ears, press in on the cup and tell me what you hear. Thanks
  13. inthere
    Hmmm, I hear clicking, you've ruined me forever!
  14. SirMarc
    Lol. Sorry bro
  15. SirMarc
    Wonder what it is? Not a deal breaker though, how often do you really do that? I think that's what the previous poster was talking about when he said sticky sound
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