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Marshall's new cans, the Monitor headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamesm, May 2, 2013.
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  1. turbobb
    @Romani - I see you previously had the M100, mind giving a quick comparo betwen that vs. the Monitor based on what you can recall? 

  2. Romani
    Sure Tim. I really think they share a very similar sound signature. With the filters removed on the Monitor, the M100s sound more veiled. They both have fast acting bass and have a slightly recessed mid range. I definitely found the M100 uncomfortable even though they had the larger ear cups.
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  3. turbobb
    Likewise, I had the XL pads but unfortunately still found them to be a bit uncomfortable. Really interested in these so thx a bunch for your feedback!
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  4. Romani
    No worries, glad it helped.
  5. inthere

    I also have M100's and Monitors. Monitors are more musical with a better soundstage  and slightly more forward mids than the M100, but I personally think the M100 is more comfortable, so I think it depends on the individual. Haven't tried the M100 with XL pads though. I also think the M100 has more treble than the Monitor, even without the FTF pads, but the Monitor doesn't sound muddy or murky in comparison, just sounds like it has less edge and harshness. The M100 isn't harsh, but feels a bit harder and more digital than the Monitor in the highs.
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  6. turbobb
    @inthere - thanks for the input! Also, that's quite a statement re: the MDR-100AAP. So the Monitors or the 100AAP?  [​IMG]
  7. inthere
    Hmmmmm, Monitor has much tighter bass, the 100aap has the better soundstage, but the bass can feel slightly bloated at higher listening levels. Monitor feels like a more crisp overall presentation, nothing distorts and it has great clarity.
    100aap is more musical and magical. Has more clarity in the highs and the Monitor has more clarity in the lows and mids. 
    If I had to choose between the two, I'd pick the 100aap.
  8. Tic-Tac
    I have Marshall Monitor and today I compared them to Beyerdynamic DT-770 250 Ohm in various music genres and in Far Cry 4 PC game. MM's have much better upper-bass and mids than DT-770's but also it sounds a bit more compressed compared to DT-770's. 
    Beyerdynamic DT-770 250 Ohm version have a bit deeper, more controled and softer sub-bass and they also sound more open/better soundstage that MM's and that's about all. 
    Marshall Monitor are way more immersive, live and kicking than Beyerdynamic DT-770 250 Ohm version imo. MM's definitely not lacking sound clarity, everything is precise and strong but not rough. FTF system makes slight to no difference in sound signature to me.
    One major flaw with MM's is comfort! They are not very comfortable headphones and in comparison to DT-770's they are not comfortable at all but they are made of very high quality materials, everything feels very classy and durable after all. To me, their build is better that DT-770's, they are just spot on beautiful.
    Now I wonder are there any headphones that have better comfort but the same sound signature as MM's?
    I would like to know how Takstar Pro80/HyperX Cloud are standing against Marshall Monitor in terms of sound. 
  9. snusBOX
    Just ordered a pair of these n yesterday and quite exited to t get and try them! Probably wouldnt even hadnt it been for this thread.. How are the cans holding up for you guys?

    I got the andoid version (other controller on the cable) to use with the fiio x3 i plan to get in a couple of weeks.

    Wanted something else on the train other than my koss porta pro xD
    I do have long hair and listen to rock, so i guess i'm creepy lol.

    I also have to say i have seen these many times before and been sure it was a huge gimmick...!

    Anyone tried a replacement cable on them? Looking at a handmade canare cable with sennheiser ends on ebay.
  10. Romani
    Mine are still going strong. The earpads are beginning to show signs of wear but they're replaceable.
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  11. snusBOX
    Great! Yeah those replacable earpads are some of the reason i decided on tese. And attached by magnets, that's just fkin Genius! I have imagined magnets for the cups so many times replacing pads that did'nt have it, and i hit the order button when i saw it lol. Also, are the phones as well built as people all over say they are? Because after my lovely AH-D2000 broke (regular place.....) And I found a production error in my brand new Fidelio X2/00 (gibson), I really longed for something well built and solid! Should get them someday before friday.
  12. Romani
    Genius indeed, and yes, they are well built. To me, a true representation of the classic Marshall brand.
  13. inthere
    These are my official "female" headphone. The women in my life like to workout with headphones and just toss them everywhere when they're finished..........these are tanks and they can't break them.
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  14. snusBOX
    Glad we got that out of the way :] How is the sound? XD just a joke, i'm pretty sure i know already and I haven't tried them. I am lookin forward to them breakin in, at lest the headband.
  15. inthere

    I've had mine for a few years now, but I do remember them taking a long time to burn in before they sounded great
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