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Marshall's new cans, the Monitor headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamesm, May 2, 2013.
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  1. dailysmoker

    Hey dude i thought i saw myself haha and these look pretty cool,build quality seems a lot better too then previous version.....
  2. HiCZoK
    Question. I currently have cal! And been looking for a long time for new headphones and almost decided to get takstar pro80 as it is the only headphone which seems to cover my needs at a great price.

    but. I'vejust noticed tthat Ican get this marshall monitor cans for free if I decide to continue my phone contract without getting new phone. I have note2 and wanted to extend contract this month without phone. Seeing that they offer this as if I would get other phone is iinteresting.

    Just for few more bucks a month compared to non phone contract, Icould get those. Or just get pro80 and ddon'tbother with contract deals. How are they ?
  3. JPFrost
    I bought the Monitors quite a while ago and have recently rediscovered them.
    The M100's are my go to headphones and honestly get the most play. The Monitors however are a very nice option for portables. I think they look great, they are reasonably comfortable (cups are a little small) and the sound is good too. Don't expect anything neautral though. The bass is very present (which I like a lot) and the mids sound nice as well. The highs are pretty recessed though, so some eq'ing might be necessary.
    It really depends on your musical taste, but if you can get them on the cheap as you said, why not try them? You can always put them up for sale and make a little money if you don't like them.
  4. sixly
    I saw these on sale from best buy for $145. I had previously been using a set of B&W P3s and happened to have them with me so I was able to do a direct comparison. In my opinion, at $150 they were an absolute steal. $200... I probably wouldn't have paid full price, but knowing I can probably get $100 for the P3s off Craigslist I didn't hesitate.

    I found the FTF system to be a bit of a gimmick, I don't use them. In turns of construction, A+. My home cans are Beyerdynamic and the monitor is of similar build quality.

    Not providing a half inch adapter is pretty stupid, but also very minor. Inward folding cans would be appreciated to, as well as a hard plastic case.

    In terms of comfort. Wow. Light, flexible and soft cups that don't put pressure on your ears. Compared to the p3 (not technically over ear I know) these are just in another league.

    Sound quality. I'm not going to go into the details, but it improved upon the P3s in every way. I'm not a rich man so, in the $150 to $200 price range new, I I'd give these 5*s. Remove the budget factor and they probably earn a 4* overall.

    So happy with this purchase.
  5. ZorgDK
    I agree, they sound quite awesome and cool design. It seems to me there's a lot of reverb going on in the sound, but that's what I like about them. and the bass is very nice. I don't have them, but I listened to a lot of headphones in a store today, mostly portables, and they were among them. The only headphones that sounded better in the bunch I thought was the Denon D7100 and the Bowes and Wilkins P7. 
    sixly likes this.
  6. sixly

    I love the p3s I have and the p7s sound even better, but the Major and P7 aren't really in the same tax bracket if you know what I mean. If I could afford a pair of P7s I would be thrilled but I have to temper my expectations of any pair to what I can afford :) so I definitely agree with what you're saying but just it's a bit unfair to throw the P7S in there Haha.
  7. mkmossop
    Been a while since any replies to this thread... any one have any more reviews to add?
    I believe these original MSRP of these was about $200, but they're on amazon right now for $118 (not on sale)... so I'm not really sure what price range these fit in.
    I'm considering these or Beyedynamic DT 770 Pro's... is the sound of both of these around the same or would be DT 770's be way ahead?
    Edit: Found an amazon reviewer who compared these specifically...
    "I looked around and found a great deal on a FiiO Kilimanjaro2 E11K amp. This transformed the Monitor's into a set of headphones that rival my Beyerdynamic DT 770s. I run those trough a DAC with a USB digital connection so the amplification quality is certainly higher, but I'm seriously considering selling my Beyers and just using the Marshall's for everything."
  8. Romani
    I absolutely love my Monitors. They've been getting dragged on public transport and to the office every single day for almost a year and they have withstood the test of time. They still continue to sound awesome, have opened up more with time and have improved since changing my source from the ipod classic to the Fiio X5. For the price, you don't get better in my humble opinion.
    mkmossop and DCY77 like this.
  9. mkmossop
    Cool thanks... what do you listen to them with?
  10. Romani
    Fiio X5. If you're asking about music genre, anything ranging from rock, dance, jazz, world music all the way to classical soundtracks.
  11. mkmossop
    No I meant amp or DAP :). Do you find the X5 a big improvement over a straight phone or PC? Thinking of getting a Fiio X3K or iBasso DX50 with these as well.
  12. Romani
    I almost went for the DX50, opted for the X5 instead as touch screen did not override my need for a more exciting sound, longer battery life and dual SD card support for a total of 256gb of storage. You just have to be ok with the scroll wheel instead. The X5 is definitely superior to my phone. It goes much much louder and has superior sound quality. I have an external dedicated sound card on my pc, namely the Roland Quad Capture, and it sounds awesome with these headphones too.
    mkmossop likes this.
  13. mkmossop
    Cool thank you... I will likely get a DX50 or the new Fiio X3K.
    Just bought the Marshalls today... they're very comfortable and fit over my whole ear (some people say they're too small on sit on-ear). Build quality seems very solid... way better than on my Audio Technica ESW9's, as well as on other more expensive headphones. This includes the cable which is thicker and much sturdier than most other headphones you see.
    Only problem so far is the cable actually, which was posted in this thread too:
    Does anyone else have this problem with the sound changing when the orientation of the cable is different? If I plug my cable in the way it's supposed to be the sound is totally off... sounds horrible. When it's in the opposite way it sounds fine though, however that little pause/play button on the cable doesn't work (it does work when it's in the correct orientation however).
    Slight annoying issue too is if the plug gets twisted in the jack (in the can) the sound goes wonky (sounds totally distant) and also sound doesn't come out of the right can. The sound won't return til I unplug it and then plug it back in. Do I have a defective pair or is this normal for these?
  14. Romani
    Haven't tried putting the cable in reverse. Mic should be close to your mouth and that is the only orientation I've ever used. Never had the cable do anything funny with twisting either, unless it is semi unplugged. Only thing I did have a couple of times is uneven sound. Sure enough, it was due to the ear pads having come off slightly, not creating the perfect seal when magnetically attached to the drivers. Put them on properly and the problem was instantly gone.
  15. mkmossop
    Nevermind I'm a moron... the plug in the can wasn't in all the way... you have to press it really hard to get it in. I have a habit of breaking cables so I didn't want to force it and thought it was in all the way. Sounds totally normal now in the correct orientation lol.
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