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Marshall's new cans, the Monitor headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamesm, May 2, 2013.
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  1. snusBOX
    Really! are we talking 200H? How does it sound with the fft filters in place now?
  2. inthere

    Haven't tried them with the ftf filters in years, but yes, 200H I'd say easily.
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  3. snusBOX
    Got them today :D spent a couple of hours listening, and i have to say I like this sound, these are really perfect for heavy and EDM! Very pleasant indeed!.
    Machine Head - Buldozer.. Infected Mushroom - Noise Maker. Pantera - A new level... Metallica - Bad seed. ToveLo - Stay High, hippisabbo remix. They sound very good indeed but i'm looking forward to getting the FiiO X3ii!
    BuildQuality is better than what i expected. I had high expectations.
    I only have one concern I really need feedback on.. Have any of you encountered that "sticky" sound when you wear the phones and you push the cans against your ear?? Sounds like the mebranes get pushed by the vaccume..!? A little affraid they will blow if i hit my head against something.. :-/ And the noise is there if i only move the cans a little on my head.. anyone?
  4. inthere
    That goes away with wear, the pads get a lot softer and more comfortable, they were pretty stiff and hard when I 1st got them. 
  5. snusBOX
    Not the cups actually, but the "Membrane/drivers/speakers/elements" sound is still tere when i take of the cups and palm the cup pushing carefuly.. "Clunk clunk" Feels like they seal so good over my ears that the "speakers" actually get moved by tha vaccume...? heard that? lol
  6. Romani
    This does go away as you wear them in. It's the earpads, not the drivers. I wouldn't be concerned about this.
  7. Romani
    Now I'm confused, are you talking about the same "sticky sound" or something different? Are you suspecting something is loose within the earcups themselves?
  8. snusBOX
    Well trying to explain is not easy with my non native english lol.. If I cover the cup with my hand and pushing air inwards toward the driver, the airpressure pushes the membrane to bottom out on the magnet (or something else) Gives of a "sticky/cluncky" sound. It's not the cups as I removed them, and the same sound appeared when applying airpressure.. also tried carefully with a cardbord tube blowing air towards the driver sealed around the speaker "grill"/holes.. This would not been a big deal had it not been for that sound appearing every time i adjust the cans.. Or touching the cups ever so slightly lol.. First time i have experienced this in a headphone, but these are also the first that have felt like they actually are air-tight against my ears..
  9. snusBOX
    sry for the doubble post (in case of quote)
    I actually unscrewed the 4xT5 torx, and carefully removed the assembly "plate" holding the driver. Used a plastic disassembly pryer, and carefully went around the Assembly "plate" for the driver. was very little adhesive, came loose easy. cups was also slightly flexible, but it's a really good plastic/rubber indeed!.
    Red lines is marker for adhesive
    Green is where the magnets are
    Yellow = Assembly "plate" :p
    The driver is covered with normal white felt on the back, and is glued to the,, assembly "plate". 3x tiny shielded cables inside colorcoded red/green/yellow? can't remeber, but actually looked and felt like some thin OFC 4n, I have seen in another product (Can't remeber name) Cables also made it impossible to fully remove the "APlate" because the driver was glued to it, got it about one inch out.
    There was also foam covering on the whole inside of the cup (behind the driver) Easily removable and not glued, and would probably give alot more trebble if removed?? It was pretty thick and almost/was actually touching the backside of the driver.
    Other than that, these are, as said before, now also my oppinion some of the absolutely best built cans i have ever held..! Really tight size adjustment, almost to much to do it when on the head lol..
    And they ARE imo alot more comfortable than the Sony MDR-1A! also ridiculously better BQ. Does not at all clamp the head that much. sony's are worse.
    I will return them tho, because I want overall better quality in sound (even tho these where good!) But i'm gonna buy the FiiO x3ii, and i want to go deaf...... lol.
    If i had kept them tho, i'm pretty sure i would do a mod and remove the foam pad on the inside behind the drivers, and applied the f.t.f system back on.
  10. Armok
    How does the Marshall perform against the Sony mdr 1a in terms of sound quality? Which one should I get :wink:
  11. snusBOX
    Take the MDR-1a
  12. HungryPanda
    I have the sony MDR-1A and nice as they are I cannot wear them outside due to the wind noise, I recently bought a pair of PBS M4U 1's and they are comfortable and the sound is incredible. I'm surprised there is not much said about them
  13. viralcow
    These are selling at your local Costco for $80.

    They had a demo setup and I must say they sounded pretty good.
  14. Lvivske
    Hey guys, shopping for a gift for someone and trying to figure out, which are better: these or AKG Y50s?
  15. inthere
    If for a female, get the Monitor, I get it for female family because it's almost unbreakable
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