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Marshall's new cans, the Monitor headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamesm, May 2, 2013.
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  1. Romani
    Nothing like a quick win :)
  2. mkmossop
    Yes... I was worried cause I have a thing for breaking cables and thought I had another bad one.
    Anyway... am I insane or do these sound better than ESW9's (only other pair I own)? I'm far from an audiophile, but they sound better to me. I'm just using them straight out of a Samsung Galaxy though so maybe that wouldn't be the case using an amp.
    The soundstage seems improved. No idea if I'm using that term correctly... basically there seems more separation between instruments and the space where music is coming from seems larger. Also the sound is a bit richer / deeper, likely due to the increase bass (which I've toned down on EQ). I think I also prefer the over-ear to on-ear. No doubt the build quality is about 1000x better. Thank god I finally have a sturdy cable which hopefully won't break.
  3. Romani
    I would not be surprised. They are an amazing bang for your buck. They do more genres better. They vastly improve with a slight boost in source. As for the cable, it is sturdy as. And best of all, let's say it fails one day, just buy another one from Marshall. Same with the ear pads. I've been using mine daily for mobile use and the whole package is bullet proof.
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  4. Ufasas
    Just found this thread, been wondering ath m40x vs marshal monitor, similar price 70gbp for new one vs 65gbp for used one, i love the soundstage comments and non overpowering bass stuff
  5. Romani
    I personally think these even outdo the M50X. Haven't heard the M40X.
  6. Ufasas
    hm, and now they are having akg k553 on massdrop, but cable is not detachable, pads replacable. Had k550, was a really nice non-harsh non-boomy sounding headphones, lovely for rock and metal and jazz, good even for fps gaming, but they were falling of your head too often when you were moving head up and down
    marshal monitor vs akg 553 anyone?
    PS. Thanks for input Romani
    Ok, i've lost my temper as i am an impulsive buyer, so i've bought Marshall Monitor ones in very good condition for 57quid, (new are 90to110! this is a steal), hopefully i will forget about k553 when Marshall's arrives
  7. Ufasas
    Just got Marshall monitor, just perfectly tight not overpowering bass, guitars sound is just how i like it, excellent for metal, not looking back, reminds me of motorizer a lot :)
  8. Romani
    They do genres really well. Very underrated cans. Enjoy :)
  9. DooberKnob
    Has anyone taken measurements for these?
  10. Polar1
    Has anybody used Marshall Monitor straight out of Sony A15 DAP? I'd be interested to know if they are easy to drive or they need external amplification. Thanks [​IMG]
  11. Romani
    Haven't tried it with that DAP but in general one of the easiest to drive. I can pump them sufficiently out of my phone.
    Polar1 likes this.
  12. Polar1
    Thanks Romani. I listened to these recently and I admit that I was pleasantly surprised. They are probably the best headphones in their price range.
  13. Romani
    Welcome :) I would have to agree, and one thing that you won't realise from the onset is they're bullet proof. Mine have been used on the road for the last couple of years and they're indestructible.
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  14. Polar1
    Thanks for mentioning that. By the way, how would you compare them to the Momentum's?
  15. Romani
    I replaced the original around ear Momentum with these. These are more comfy, sturdy and handle bass way better. The Momentum have a more forward and transparent midrange though. It's one of the best mid ranges I've heard on all the cans I've tested. I gave up on the Momentum because of longevity issues. They kept failing where the cable plugged into the cans.
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